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  1. Hi Steve, As a volunteer math tutor to adults trying to get their high school certificate, I typically teach with a whiteboard or on a pad of paper at a meeting room at the organization that brings students and tutors together. With COVID-19 and not meetings anymore for now and likely for a few months.

    Is there a device that would connect into Zoom that would show the student the process of each operation on their screen? Example would be solving geometry and algebra problems.

    You showed the whiteboard feature but doubt I could efficiently use my writing skills using it. Is there a way to go from pen to this whiteboard on my iPad? Or my Windows desktop? Perhaps a digitizing board? Thanks, Rick

  2. You also have to be careful with Zoom with public meetings if one enable "Screen Sharing" which should be Host only. As well prevent people from joining a meeting before a Host joins is something you should enable to be able to control trolls. Zoom can also track participants to see if they are paying attention or not so that may be privacy issues depending on what you are using Zoom for.

  3. The backgrounds are really useful! For team meetings it can be a fun start, but also during this time that not always is the best spot in the house free, having the opportunity of putting a background to cover the real place, it's super useful!

  4. Thanks, Steve. Just about to start my first Zoom conference with Board of Directors for the local senior's society. Perfect timing.

  5. Steve I am having audio issues with Zoom. I sound mechanical and static. I have tried so many things. Any thoughts? Please help!

  6. Elaborating on Shannon’s question, I under stand you can set up separate Rooms for each student so you can work one on one, or join together. Correct?

  7. Great tutorial, Steve! I noticed you didn't have "enable sound" ticked, but you had sound on your video. That's the one that always gets me when I do screen sharing. Love Zoom and use it nearly every day.

  8. I am an Executive Director of a teacher’s Union in Ohio. Been looking for something like this! I have set up an officers meeting for this afternoon to see if it will work for our situation. Thanks! Hopefully the free version will be unlocked for Canadian teachers. BTW, Your Prime Minister is taking this situation much more seriously than our embarrassment of a President…..

  9. Another great tutorial Steve, as always. Love the dog interaction. I believe that any participant can share his/her screen with the group, right? We are going to use Zoom for our camera club meetings and competitions, hence some members may need to show some pictures from their desktop. Be safe at the castle.

  10. Great video! What do you do to enable students to hear the sound from a video? I thought I had enable sound, which I checked and I did, but they couldn’t hear it. What other steps must I take.

  11. Nice, Steve and perfect timing as folks are seeking to maintain some levels of contact during these times.

  12. well done steve been doing zoom as a participant since google plus packed up I hang out with DearMyrtle as I am an obsessive genealogist of 50 years a class one silver surfer nice to meet Shannon too

  13. We are using Zoom for our meetings. As a attendee, do I need the administrator to give me permission to record or can I record on my own. Purpose is to share with some without internet access but have a device.

  14. Even though this was focused on Zoom, it was very helpful in general. We are required to use Microsoft Teams where I teach. Same fruit, slightly different flavor.

  15. Pleased to see the updated information on ZoomBlog that as of yesterday the 40-minute meeting limit on free Basic Accounts for K-12 schools in Canada, Germany & the UK… congrats '-}

  16. Hi Steve, Great Job! I would stick to Show And Tell because I don't think art is your strong suit. I sure hope your wife isn't an art teacher but the hair did help 🙂

  17. Another GREAT VIDEO! What are you using to edit all of your footage together so elegantly? LOVED your little circle face in the corner of the screen… so like how'd you do that?

  18. My wife is using Zoom used for counselling sessions for a while now but is almost full time on it as F2F meetings and travel are banned. If you speak to folks at Zoom please give them our great thanks for keeping thi service running at this crazy time.❤👍

  19. Hey Steve, my wife has been using Zoom for the last two weeks with her class at a local Vancouver college (shes the instructor). The challenges she has worked through are: 1) recommend that if you are teaching a larger group you use mute all participants once you get going otherwise everyones background noise overpowers your presentation or speaking. You need to setup some sort of way to have someone unmute. Can be done by teacher through chat or through video if class is small enough by putting hand up in video screen. 2) When sharing video you MUST turn on share sound (two radio buttons on the bottom of the share screen) before you run the video if you want sound. 3) Breakout rooms can be a great way if you have the class working on a group project and you need a 1:1 with a student. 4) Sharing documents is fairly easy, just gets tricky if you are trying to mark assignments or correct. You need common tools, programs or apps and file share via chat or email. File security can kick in and make file sharing tricky at times. 5) Highly recommend asking class to use earphones to lower background noises for students homes (others may be watching TV or doing other household chores or playing nearby) or to even hear your class attendees. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN NUMBER 1, Don’t forget to setup your home work place studio. Consider what your background is showing. Perhaps your dirty dishes, laundry or last nights TWO empty wine bottles ☹️ are not what you want to be projecting …. and also who else in your household might need to share that space, ie if your class is over several hours, perhaps there is somewhere better than dining room table if others need the kitchen and table. Also if you take a break mute your mic so you don’t have a hot mic moment 🙂. Look at all the new skills we are learning out of necessity!


  21. Lockdown in the Netherlands is a fact, moving us to zoom. Thx a million for your video. Helpful and comprehensive . Stay safe for you and your dear ones.

  22. Thanks, Steve. Timely — and delightful as always. So great to see Shannon, and Farley's cameo was perfectly executed.

  23. If you going to share other media, make sure share computer sound box is checked. Otherwise they won't hear the audio.

  24. Thanks Steve! I'm a member of a local U3A and we used to meet weekly to help each other learn various things. Having had a look at Zoom and your video I think we can use it to keep up or social and intellectual engagement. Keep up your excellent work and optimism, the latter is one of the most important weapons to get us through this.

  25. Hi Steve..thanks again (and to Shannon too) for doing this video! QUESTION: Can a limit be set on how many people can register for the meeting? I see the FREE account can take up to 100 participants, but in my case, I only want maximum 20. Can this be done?

  26. Good video! I have used Zoom for about five years. The Chat can be saved and sent to your participants afterward. It's saved as a text file.

  27. Steve! Shannon! Our PE teacher sent along this video for me to share with our staff, and low and behold, it's you! lol! Great to see you both. Thanks so much for putting this together – just shared it with my staff! Going to come in handy for sure. Take care.

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