Your Best Desk Setup – How to Be Smart about Making Your Desk Setup

Your Best Desk Setup – How to Be Smart about Making Your Desk Setup

Full disclosure: I’m no desk setup expert. I just wanted to make a video about my new
desk. I do, however, have a few tips for you that
I learned along the way. So let’s do that, and then I’ll show you
my desk. Step 1 Build as you go. Unless you’re loaded, you’re probably
not going to be able buy everything you want right away. So go into it with the mindset that, hey,
this is going to take some time. It took me a couple years to get here. It certainly won’t take everyone that long,
but don’t expect to have your perfect desk setup overnight. Step 2 Figure out your actual needs vs wants. There are so many cool things out there. 4k displays. Killer speakers. Cereal that’s basically dessert. But what do you actually need? You can always upgrade later. So for me, I knew I wanted a second display
for editing. And there are some really nice 4k displays
out there. But I don’t actually edit anything in 4k right now, I certainly don’t watch anything. So as much as I want one I don’t actually
need one yet. So I bought a 25” HP display for under $200
bucks. It fits my needs right now. And at some later date I’ll make the upgrade. Step 3 Write out everything you want to buy and then
set a budget. This will help you see just how much everything
is going to cost and what you actually want to go through with. For example, Maybe you’re willing to spend more on a
nice desk or display right now, so you’ll just have to make do with those old speakers
for the next few months. Having a list and budget will help make these
decisions easier. So those are the things I’ve learned from
making this setup. It isn’t completely finished
yet, but it’s almost there. Let’s take a closer look. So, my big purchase here was the desk. I wanted a solid, sturdy desk with shelves
and plenty of workspace. It’s clean, it’s simple and large enough
to fit everything I want on it. I was willing to pay the bigger price tag
on it because I think it’s a good investment and it will last me a really long time. Next is the display. This is an HP Pavilion 25 in display. As I said earlier, it’s not 4k, but it is
full HD which is good enough for me right now. It’s got a thin, sleek design and hooks
up easily to my MacBook Pro with an HDMI cable. The extra real estate the display gives me
when editing is perfect. Speaking of editing, sometimes the laptop
speakers aren’t quite enough. So I wanted to get some bigger ones to put
on my desk. I went with a pair of the Mackie CR3s. Again, they’re not top of the line, but
they have really good sound for the price. $100 bucks for the pair. It makes editing voice over and music a lot
easier. I also added an LED light strip on the back
of my desk to give it a little something extra something. I used to think these were cheesy. I still do if you go overboard with them,
but they do add some nice color and contrast, especially at night. And finally, a few swap outs… a few additions…and
this desk really comes together. So there you have it. My new desk setup, and hopefully some good
ideas to help you make yours. I’ll put some links down in the description
below. And if you’re making your own setup, let
me know what tech you’re excited to get. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you guys in
the next video.

10 thoughts to “Your Best Desk Setup – How to Be Smart about Making Your Desk Setup”

  1. They sell a Vesa Mount Adapter on Amazon for 20 bucks for your display. I have 2 HP Pavilion 21.5 inch cwa monitors mounted on a vivo monitor stand.

  2. I like your style. Really surprised by your Sub count. Great advice too, It's something I keep forgetting, myself. It's not an overnight process, it can take a minute.

  3. maaan, this setup and especially video is so cool. it's not just about desk as bloggers usually do, you telling a story, it's so great. desk is also great, not super overpriced 4k monitors etc. also filming so professional, i just loved this video!

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