Wymiana lutowanego procesora w laptopie Acer. Lutowanie procesora BGA.

Wymiana lutowanego procesora w laptopie Acer. Lutowanie procesora BGA.

Today we will show how to upgrade soldered Intel CPU. We will replace Core i3 to Core i5. This is the new CPU thah we will solder. So, let’s do it! Mounted CPU symbol is SR1EK this is Core i3-4005U. The processor that we replace is soldered to the motherboard.
To disassemble and assemble the new one you need a special BGA soldering station,
which you will see in action right away. Motherboard is ready for desoldering CPU. Let’s start! After few minutes tin reach reflow temperature (about 220*C)
and we can take off CPU. And… it’s done! Now we will clean solder fields from old tin. However, we will not use the suction tape and
we will leave a little bit of tin on the soldering fields
– it will facilitate the assembly of the new processor. Now it’s clean! Now we put a flux for assembly of the new processor. We distribute the flux thoroughly. Put a new processor… …and we set it in right position that his fields contacts soldering fields properly. After a few minutes, the tin is in the reflow and the processor is soldered. If, with a gentle movement, it “springs”, it means that it is ready;) Now it’s time to put everything together and check the results. Why do we need a stopwatch? We will measure the time of launching the laptop. Every Intel processor from the “i” series has something called Region ME. It must be compatible with the ME Region version in the motherboard BIOS. If it is not, we have an effect as you can see – a very long launch. There may also be other effects – turning off the laptop after 30 minutes,
fan running on max. speed … To fix this, you need to “implant” the correct version of the ME Region in the BIOS. Cleaning the ME region requires desoldering BIOS chip, reading its contents,
replacing the ME Region section, uploading the modified content and re-soldering it.
Here we will show what the process looks like. Putting chip in programmer. Reading contents. We open the file with the original BIOS and file with
the relevant Region of ME using the HEX editor. We typing an offset with location of the fragment containing the ME region. We paste the correct code with the ME region into the marked place. We reopen the old BIOS and the new one modified. We can now see that the BIOSes is differ from each other.
So the modification of the ME region has succeeded. We upload the modified BIOS back to the chip. It takes a while …;) But in the end it’s done. So let’s solder the chip. Let’s see how it will be now. The laptop turns on much faster, and it would be faster
if the laptop had a hard disk. Let’s see how a new processor is reported in the system. Everything is correct – there is i5 instead of i3 – successful operation! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Szkoda czasu i pieniędzy na modernizację takiego strupa bo koszt takiej operacji przekracza wartość tego sprzętu.

  2. Wymiana scalakow bga to chyba najtrudniejsza rzecz. Niestety bardzo duze ryzyko niepowodzenia, czyli uszkodzenia sprzetu. Potrzebna jest ogromna precyzja, cierpliwosc, praktyka i wiedza..

  3. Wzrost wydajnosci….moze 7% wartosc laptopa moze z 600zl koszt cpu oraz uslugi pewnie z 500zl…..bardzo ciekawy film pokazowy ale w 95% przypadkow wymiana bga sie raczej nie oplaca….

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