World Wide Web Turns 20: A Retrospective

World Wide Web Turns 20: A Retrospective

happy 20th birthday World Wide Web the Internet has been around for over half a century but the world wide web as we know it has only been around for 20 years now notice how I said as we know it that's cuz in 1989 Sir Tim berners-lee at CERN in Switzerland the same CERN that created the Large Hadron Collider invented the world wide web HTML and a text browser fast-forward to April thirtieth 1993 and CERN decides to make the world wide web technology available to everyone for free with that decision the world instantly became smaller and way more awesome so let's take a look back at the World Wide Web shall we take it away educational Internet jingle mark get set we're riding on the internet cyberspace sex3 hello virtual reality the 90s were a strange time for the World Wide Web people were experimenting with all sorts of web pages and interesting design choices especially since HTML coding in the early days only allowed things like sparse colors graphics and text choices basically everything looked like Craigslist also it was next to impossible to find anything before primitive search engines like web crawler and likos launched but even then people didn't really know how to use them alrighty then let's do a search on the internet in order to surf the net we use a search engine or navigational guide hey I used to use a board to surf thanks pops that's right kiddies we used to surf the information superhighway or net for short 1995 saw the release of HTML 3 netscape navigator and internet explorer which blew the web wide open now web pages were solving all sorts of everyday problems in seconds I've got to send something for my mom's birthday it's tomorrow I'll then book plane tickets for our trip next week and my kids got to go to the library to look up dinosaurs hey we can take care of all that before we go Yeah right Oh with America Online a fun fact before the World Wide Web elementary school dinosaur projects took 17 years to complete soon everyone and their mother was experimenting with a web site of their own especially on geo cities for those of you who don't remember geo cities it was the place for looping MIDI files of my we'll go on animated under construction banners and star wars episode 1 rumors then macromedia flash at the scene and sites were actually able to utilize smooth animation video and interactive components instead of looking like a brightly colored puddle of Lisa Frank's vomit I'm looking at you still operational website for Space Jam also it gave us strong bad getting good dear strong bad how do you type with boxing gloves on Mike Bend Oregon oh that's in the one no way do I get this freaking question all the time I suppose I'll probably answer it right now dead haha now there are over 644 million websites on the Internet flash has been replaced by html5 and geo cities lives on as screen caps on a tumblr blog but if it wasn't for CERN's generous decision to make the world wide web public 20 years ago this show youtube and pretty much a good chunk your daily activities probably wouldn't exist what are your favorite World Wide Web memories let me know in the comments or better yet share them with us on video in this week's episode of tech feedback and if you haven't already please subscribe to the channel for TF Adam Scott bromley saying seriously the internet in the 90s was like seventy percent sites dedicated to making dinosaur projects

20 thoughts to “World Wide Web Turns 20: A Retrospective”

  1. That made no sense to me… maybe because Lynx is a deodorant and I haven't watched the rest of the video.

  2. the internet didnt get good till about 2000, when computers began to get fast and faster modems and graphics, etc, and dsl about 2005 for many people, before that it was slow, crude for most

  3. I remember AOL having what amounted to different channels you would click through when I was a kid. Switching to IE was a big deal too because I used to use Netscape. I suppose if I had one question it would be, what happened to all the old AOL CDs that they would give away in magazines?

  4. Why is the World Wide Web the same age as me? That's weird

    When the W W W turns 50, then I'll be 50, and when it turns 100, I'll be 100

  5. Little correction. HTML5 still didn't fully replace flash, most sites still use old fashion flash and most of them don't want to evolve.

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