Wired remote volume control

Wired remote volume control

Construya su videorockola Wired remote volume control. Next we will see the second part of our video control of tones and volume controlled by voltage in which we will show how to place the volume away from the amplifier. Materials A quarter inch, stereo plug 20 K, simple potentiometer Two pair phone cable They can be up to 30 meters And a small plastic box Construction The first thing you should understand that what we are going to do is simply to move away the volume potentiometer of the card by means of a cable and with a plug that allows to connect and to disconnect the remote volume. The pin one of the potentiometer corresponds to the ground pole or larger ring of the plug. The middle pin corresponds to the center ring of the plug And the pin three of the potentiometer corresponds to the tip of the plug. Knowing this proceed to perform the following steps: We will begin by preparing the box that will contain the potentiometer. This protects it and allows its easy placement on any surface. A hole is drilled in the center with a quarter inch, drill bit. Through this hole the axis of the potentiometer will come out. Now, on one side of the box made a hole, with a 5/32 drill bit so that the cable comes out. Let’s look at the position where the potentiometer will go Then, with the same potentiometer mark the point where the hole will go for the safeguard that prevents the potentiometer turning. And drilled. Now, grab the stereo plug and removed the lid And the cable is introduced into the back of the lid Are four threads and only three are needed cut the excess thread. Measure the cable over the potentiometer to know the length the three wires. Cut the wires to the exact distance so that when welding there are no excess which can cause short circuits. Now, remove two millimeters of insulate to each wire Tinning the ends of the wires Tinning the three terminals of the plug And proceed to weld the wires to the plug. You must start with the ground pole which is the black wire. Now weld the red wire in the terminal that goes to the tip of the plug And the green is welded in the terminal that goes to the central ring of the plug. The clamp of the plug has as a function to trap the cable in the part where it has the general insulation. Now, insert the other end of the cable through the side hole was made earlier into the plastic box At this tip end must be place the potentiometer. Then proceed to peel the tips of the three wires. Do not remove more than two millimeters from the plastic Tinning the tips Tinning the potentiometer pins Weld the black wire or ground on the first pin of the potentiometer. The green wire is welded to the center pin And the red wire is weld on third pin of the potentiometer. Now we will test our control. Well, let’s see how the control works, Here it is We connect it here And We leave the volume a bit open. From the amplifier, and here we begin to look at how it works. Now that we see the volume working well So now we can apply silicone And close the box. Now that the control is known to be well assembled and working properly apply hot silicone between the plug terminals so that the terminals do not come together when the cover is attached. And screw on the lid. The potentiometer is placed inside the box taking into account that the secure pin, it enters the small hole. Leave the cable loose inside the box. Now, place the round washer Place the nut it secured The potentiometer is in place. Now, apply hot silicone to the cable input and in the path to the potentiometer. This is done to prevent disconnect the potentiometer in case of cable pulling. Apply a minimum amount of silicone on the box edge, where the lid will go. And put the lid on. Let cool. Finally, place a knob on the potentiometer axis And now is ready the remote control for the previous video Control of tones and volume, plus microphone preamplifier. In the next video you will see how to build a 400 Watt amplifier which carries as a complement the tone and volume control and this remote control. Success! We invite you to subscribe to our youtube channel Go to the tool Botton And check the box, send me updates Join us on Facebook And follow us on twitter Visit our website Construyasuvideorockola.com

9 thoughts to “Wired remote volume control”

  1. It's just a potentiometer on a cable.. a long cable. Which receives all the noise very well :

  2. This is a great idea to control volume from other side.
    I think this can also control by Arduino using digital potentiometer.
    By using Arduino you can use more way to control the amplifier.
    e.g.(bluetooth RS232 IR Remote controller.rotary encoder…)

    Sorry for my bad English
    Have a nice day!!

  3. ATTENTION: This project only works with our Voltage Controlled Tone and Volume Control, which uses the TA7630 IC.
    The remote potentiometer modulates a voltage, so the TA7630 controls the volume. So the signal NEVER travels through the cable to the control, as was done in traditional circuits.
    This allows you to control the stereo volume, with a simple potentiometer.

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