Windows Virtual Desktop intro

Windows Virtual Desktop intro

(soft piano music) – [Narrator] As the working world changes, the workplace is becoming
increasingly flexible. Employees often bring their own devices, and many work remotely.
(music swells) IT needs to create a
secure desktop experience, so that every employee
can be more productive in the way they choose. And virtualization has been a key tool to address these changes. Introducing the best
virtual Windows and Office experience delivered on Azure. Windows Virtual Desktop. Provide your users with
the only full multi-session Windows 10 experience
virtualized in the cloud. It’s always up-to-date and
available on the device and platform of their choice. And it’s optimized for Office 365 ProPlus, so you can deliver the
most productive experience to your users. Windows Virtual Desktop
works with your existing remote desktop service’s deployments, so you can migrate to the
cloud and with unified management in the Azure portal, you can deploy and scale in minutes. Unlock best-in-class
productivity across devices and platforms with
Windows Virtual Desktop. (soft piano music)

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  1. is this a hypervised instance running in the cloud on a client machine? if so would that not be a massive overhead but I could see the management and authentication benefits.

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