Windows 10: Disable Startup Programs & Startup Services (speed up computer with msconfig)

Windows 10: Disable Startup Programs & Startup Services (speed up computer with msconfig)

In this video I’ll be showing how to
speed up a computer by disabling startup programs and services. If you search the
internet, you’ll find tons of articles telling you quick tips on how to speed
up your computer. But truth be told, many of these tips are obvious or they tell you
things that don’t actually help. I’ll be showing you one thing you definitely can
do. When you turn in computer programs have a habit of wanting to start up at
the same time. This slows things down and if you don’t use a program, then you don’t
need it to start up so you can just disable it I’m starting up in the first
place. So here’s how to stop that from happening. Hit the start key or click
start in the bottom left and then type ms config for Microsoft configuration
press Enter when it highlights the system configuration app or you could
also do start our to open the run box and then type in ms config. That gives
you the same place. If this is the first time you’ve done anything it’ll probably
be on normal startup but as soon as you uncheck a few things it’ll be
on selective. Go into the services tab. Services are processes that run in the
background to help other programs work. They’re not graphical like google chrome
is but there may be many Google services running in the background to make that
program work. First thing I’d recommend is hide all Microsoft services this make
sure you don’t accidentally turn off something that’s important to the
operating system. Now I would recommend sorting this by name and then just going
through and unchecking anything that you think you don’t need. For instance, I’ve
done this before but I don’t need Adobe Acrobat Update Services. I don’t need avg
watchdog I don’t know why that keeps popping up or avg MPs. Or iPod service so
these are the services and it’ll tell you hey if they’re running already and
when you disable them before. No you go into start up. This is the actual
programs. In windows 10 it tells you to open task manager but on other versions of
Windows you will simply have to check a few boxes in this ms config app. But you need
to make sure you save these changes so click OK. And then they’ll say it can’t
apply these until you restart so if you want to restart now that’s ok but most
of the time I’m in the middle of something so just exit without restart. This will save and next time computer reboots hopefully it goes a little
faster. These are actual programs not surfaces there are fewer of them and
they’re easy to recognize what they are. You can sort them by name and then same
thing you just go through and say hmm I don’t need lenovo phone companion
go to the bottom right and say disabled or iTunes helper and I use itunes that much.
I don’t need it every time the computer So you can disable that. You can
rearrange the by name but I often find it very helpful to sort them by status
and then you can see hey all the ones at the top these are things i disabled and
is there anything here left that’s enabled that I want to disable. Not a
complicated process to turn off things. You might want to go periodically and
check once you’ve installed new apps if you wanted to go disable them. This might
just help give you a little faster boot time

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  1. I disabled all of them and I can’t log into my account when I press a button it just stays on the picture:(

  2. Guys U can't disable them all It will obviously stop ur pc because Some programs are needed to run your pc!..

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  3. Hey,my brother disabled something in the task manager which said:If you turn this option or this thing off;the windows isn’t going to work good

    But I don’t know whats it and I face problems opening my games

    Do u have an idea what that is?

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