why I dropped out of college as a programmer

why I dropped out of college as a programmer

(hype music) – Hey you what is up? How is it going? This is Qazi from cleverprogrammer.com In this video I’m going to talk about why I dropped out of
college as a programmer. So without any further ado,
lets jump right into it. There are many factors to this. I recently made a video called, “do I need college to
become a programmer?” Which is a great video. You should check it out we’ll
pop it up here somewhere. With that said, I do wanna talk about the pros and the cons of college. And when you should decide
which route you need to go. Okay, some I’m gonna talk about all those concepts in this video. First of all, I’m gonna start off with, you have to know why it
is that you are actually going to college in the first place. That’s something important for
you to actually understand. Because if you are trying to,
like I said in my other video, trying to become a doctor
or a lawyer then you might need college and you might need the degree otherwise it’s impossible. Right you need to have that bar exam as a lawyer to become a lawyer. Now when it comes to computer programming. If you’re trying to
become a data scientist. It helps to have a degree. A lot of data scientists have their PhDs. But if you’re trying to
become a full-stack developer, a front end developer,
a back end developer. Now look if you wanna become a doctor or a lawyer you’re probably
gonna need to go to college. But if you wanna become a web developer, a full stack developer,
a front end developer, maybe it’s not so necessary. Right? When it comes to programming. So it depends on what
you are trying to do. But I think, what’s deeper to
understand about this question or this video topic if you’re
clicking on and watching it and you’re thinking “why did
Qazi drop out of college?” my hunch is you’re trying to
figure out what might justify it for you to drop out of college. And what are the conditions where you can make that decision, because it’s a very important
decision of your life. It one of the most important
decisions of my life. I dropped out of college after I went about two and a half years. I went to a community college,
Oakton community college, for two years. Then I went to UIC, which
is a university in Chicago, and I essentially ended up dropping out of that after going there for 1 year. The biggest point that I
want to get across here for you is earn your
way out of college okay? Please don’t feel privileged
enough to just pack your shop and drop out
at some random point. Understand that you actually need to earn your way out of it. So what do I mean by that? If you’re considering
dropping out and you’re like, “Hey there are a lot more
practical things I could do in the real world I can
work on real world projects, get real experience instead of maybe sometimes just learning theory.” Well, don’t just pack up
your shop and drop out. The first thing you need
to do is prove to yourself that you’re capable of
surviving on your own. Personally, for me why I
dropped out was because I started getting free
lancing opportunities and I was already doing
software development work outside of college while
I was going to college. I had other developers who started working under me as well that I started managing. I hired them from Upwork
and then I managed them. They were brilliant developers, they were really good
and I was the middle man between them and the client. Because I was a good enough programmer. And then I could just handle
the clients expectations and I could handle communicating between the software developers to make sure the project was moving forward. What ended up happening
was I was started to earn over six figure income while
I was going to college. And then I remember my professor at UIC, my computer programming professor, he came up to me and he
started asking me about career advice and he actually sent me an email as well asking about that. So I thought, okay if my
professor is asking me about career advice then
maybe it might be a good time for me or maybe it’s a sign that I’m already doing something right. So I thought, let me
just take one semester off and start pursuing this on my own. But please keep in mind
that I was already earning enough I didn’t just randomly drop out. So it also depends on
your level of tolerance to say how much risk you can handle. Some people are really risk averse. Ahem, ahem Aaron. No I’m kidding, he’s right there. He likes to play it a little safe. So maybe for him it’s
better to go to college and he would still go
on to kick ass in life. For me, I had just a different
way of going about things. Everybody has their own way. So decide what works for you. That’s really important. But for me it was, if I’m
working on end of projects already and I’m making an income, maybe I can just drop out. So I took one semester off. In that semester off I wanted to see how I would do on my own. And also my channel, Cleverprogrammer, it started to get a few more subscribers. I wasn’t making any money off of it, but it started to get more subscribers. Okay, because I already
have clients and have already figured it out
then I’m gonna be safe. And that’s kinda what
happened in that semester off I started earning more income, I started getting more
software developing jobs And my channel was also growing more. At that point I decided. I believe January of 2017
was where I really decided I was going to be dropping
out of college completely. So that’s when I really decided, when things were already taking
off I was getting results. I survived two or three
months after taking a semester off and then I said
okay so January of 2017, I’m like around that time. January or February is where I decided Okay cool, I’m gonna
drop out at this point because I think I can handle myself. I am able to not only survive, but thrive and I essentially ended up
dropping out of college. Also, I found mentors
who I was learning from. So for me it’s also really
important to understand that school is just one
resource you learn from. When I talk about dropping out of college and why it helped me so much. People think I’m pro not being
educated, being stupid, no. That’s not what I’m promoting. I am learning every single day. And for people who’re
learning on their own every single day and you’re self-taught. Which I know a lot of
you have the capability of doing and a lot of you probably are. Who are learning programming and who are getting into this field. You’ve even shown enough interest to watch this video on your own. Which 90% of the world
isn’t ever gonna do. You can start to- Once you’re learning on your own, then you just start to see
college as one resource where you’re getting a little
bit of your knowledge from. That’s essentially it. So if you’re learning on your own. Making progress, growing every day then it’s not really necessary right? But if you’re somebody who is not learning on your own everyday and
that’s your only place you’re learning from
then you kinda need it. Right, because if you don’t go then you’re not going to become anybody. You’re just going to be useless in life. Those are my thoughts on why I dropped out of college as a programmer. Please understand just to recap. Earn your way out of college, number one, which is the most important point. So prove to yourself while you’re going to college that you can actually drop out. And two, you need to see
which field you’re going in. If their is a field that
guarantees that you cannot get a job without a degree then you need to probably get a degree. But for example people who become, let’s say if you want to
become a cinematographer, you want to become a videographer, you want to become an editor. You could go to school and get a degree and you will learn really
well and you’ll be amazing You could also get jobs on your own. Right, so that’s one field
where whether you get a degree or not you’ll
still be able to find work. So just pick and choose figure
out in programming world, what are the fields that need a degree and then go from there. With that said thank you
so much for watching. If you liked this video,
give it a little like. It really helps out the channel. Drop comments below. Let me know your thoughts and then I can jump in there and engage with you. Subscribe to the channel
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49 thoughts to “why I dropped out of college as a programmer”

  1. College isn’t for everyone and people who are the top entrepreneurs or ceo didn’t even attempt college. It’s great to share your inspiration . Glad you shared your stories you should check my page I do advise young youtubers to start for what they believe !

  2. Clever qazi you are a true inspiration, because of you and your 30 days challenge i got inspired to start my own youtube channel on javascript, thank you so much for the push with all these amazing videos keep wining.

  3. I would drop too, but to be a JS dev it is not required to junior to be as dumb as possible. So whatever why you did it, I would still go for CS.

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  5. Do you have any student debt? I do. For me, college was a big risk. It is definitely not a "safe" choice.

  6. if two guys comes to you , one is a programmer , who takes 4 years of college , and the other one , cames to you , and talk : " i didn't do college , but i have an website , and i already launched 5 games " the second one would be " better avalied ?"

  7. I am from India and I hate the education system in my country it just focuses on theory and they just care about the grades u got and no one talks about skills and what student like to do not even teacher are supportive hear expect some. That's the main problem in my country so I decided to not to go college and do self study I really love u r channel 😍.

  8. Love this video Qazi! I would also love to know more about how you started freelancing and consistently getting clients and more about how clever programmer got started 🙂

  9. Thank you Qazi for the video. If a person doesn’t build his foundation of exactly what he or she wants to do then it will be a very wrong decision to quit the current work. There is a need for evidence that person can develop good software and develop web site.

  10. You are in right when you live in a big city or country like US, but when you're not there, you need a college degree to learn how it works in computer science… Process can be found interacting with other around and specially an University. But I like your videos, and see you.

  11. can you please tell me how did you started and how many views did you get on your first video in a week, was it very hard for you in the starting to get views and subscribers, Please tell me

  12. can you please tell me how did you started and how many views did you get on your first video in a week, was it very hard for you in the starting to get views and subscribers, Please tell me

  13. can you please tell me how did you started and how many views did you get on your first video in a week, was it very hard for you in the starting to get views and subscribers, Please tell me

  14. this is could be good or bad advice depending on where you live
    for example, where I am from it's not uncommon that employers ask you for master degree for just let's say web development post, I think it would such a bad decision to drop out in such a bureaucratic papers-loving environment
    so, yeah
    you should definitely look at your local job market and figure out for yourself what employers are looking after

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  16. I don't know if I'm making the right choice but I sure do know that I love working Web development and here I am trying to get a degree in Computer science.
    Already wasted 2 and a half year and I don't know what to tell my parents.

  17. Bro, you are awesome ,you changed my perspective about coding,I would love to learn from you.
    Bro, how can I get that portfolio ,that link you mentioned in your awesome masterclass is not working.plz help me bro

  18. French system will always prefer diploma over skills to recruit people … By the way, there is also french diploma to mop the floor. (at least French school system is already paid by (heavy) taxes).https://www.education.gouv.fr/cid2555/le-certificat-d-aptitude-professionnelle-cap.html. "No diploma = No work for you" simple as that :/, you have to build your own company to make your living

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  20. I also dropped out of university in january 2017 and went to another one in the same field of study in october 2018 both in Tunisia but switching from a public university to a private one

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