What’s the Best Value CPU/Graphics Card Combo?

What’s the Best Value CPU/Graphics Card Combo?

Wow, there’s as much caffeine in this as there isn’t a cup of coffee. It’s 4:00 a.m.. So perfect So today on Twitter I set up a Qa I wanted to know what all of you wants to know either about myself or the channel or the tech industry in General and a Few of you asked the exact same question that if that was very intriguing it’s a subjective question I get asked this a lot But I’ve never actually thought about the perfect combo the perfect graphics card cPU combo you could possibly conjure up in This current market now I’ll admit the cPU part for me wasn’t all that complicated when it comes to Bang for the buck how much you get how much performance you can squeeze out of any given cPU for the price? I think that ryzen of this current state is the way to go I think that intel I5 lineup is pretty much dead at this point I think the I7 still have a competitive advantage in some cases a 7700 K is still the best gaming cPU on the market but it does cost around 300 bucks so it’s difficult to justify that cPU for a marginal FPS increase in most games over a CpU that on amd side has more cores more threads not the highest frequency which is its achilles heel at this point But is much cheaper as well which is what most people consider when they’re buying a CpU how much money do I have to spend to get the performance that I’m looking for so let’s do that let’s talk about the cPU choice first the one that I think is the best bang for the buck and then we’ll throw in the graphics card I’ll talk about why it shows that when it’s kind of an all-around contender just in terms of resolution and refresh rate it will do Okay 4k gaming light 4k gaming 1080p No problem again refresh rates up to 144 Hertz and most of those resolutions as well But for the cPU I think the best value chip you can currently buy is the amd R5 1600 now I say that for a variety of reasons Not only is it a decent gaming chip obviously. It’s got six cores 12 threads an okay overclock It’s not going to get anywhere near Kaiba lake but until been refreshing the exact same crap for the past three generations, so yeah They should be at 50 hertz by now, but the 1606 cores in 12 threads will do it justice You won’t find a thread bottleneck for the most part I think Battlefield one off the top of my head is one of the only games it will probably get somewhere close to Max utilization on the six core cPU that’s an exception I don’t expect that to become the norm anytime soon, so yeah Don’t worry about that not only that though the risin 5 1600 is proven to be an excellent content creation CpU as well Which is pleasantly surprising my daily driver the I7? 6700 K. Which is a $300 cPU mind you renders of five-minute 1080P 60FPs file in around 4 minutes? It’s usually around a minute per minute of footage to render in that resolution and frame rate now the R5 1600 Did a really good job keeping up here? I was very impressed with a 200 ollars cPU Almost outperforming 300 of our cPU in a task that it’s pretty intensive for all cpus in general I expect that the R5 s of render time was more dependent on the cPus frequency than it was the core count nonetheless I can Say with 100% confidence that if I had 300 bucks right now on the table And I had to choose between an i7 6700 K and an R5 1600 I would choose the R5 1600 any day of the week at pocket at extra hundred bucks or spend it elsewhere Maybe like a better graphics card and that leads us very smoothly into graphics card choice now Please it’s a pet peeve of mine if you’re going to say which GpU should I buy that that’s incorrect you don’t say which GpU should you buy because that implies that you’re only going to buy the graphics processor itself and not the whole Pcb like the whole car, but the cooler on it, too. That’s called a graphics card folks that’s not a gpu but I think the best bang for the buck graphics card right now is actually from the green team is a GTX 1070 now I know the graphics cards in general right now are extremely hard to find especially at semi Decent prices because of Miners everywhere thank you, but if you can get your hands even on I used GTX 1074 around 300 bucks That is gold my friend that is an excellent graphics card Let me tell you I used a 1070 for like 6 months straight because I was also could afford and that card Was a workhorse it did so much for me at Grin and I paid 400 bucks for it back then But it was still worth it at $400 keep in mind. I’m stating this without taking into consideration Resolution and refresh rate those are the two things I think it should look at always first and foremost before deciding on a graphics card to Buy but in a general sense, I think that the best thing for the buck card right now if you can find one is a GTX 1070 NVIdia really did this was solid here even upon initial they gave us a $400 card that was on par with a 90 DTI which mind you months earlier was a $600 card the pascal architecture gave us an excellent performance per dollar Ratio We weren’t paying as much money to get the same performance as we were out of maxwell and on top of that we weren’t Putting as much power into our cards to get the frame rate that we wanted so efficiency went up That’s always a good thing again This is entirely circumstantial This assumes that you don’t have a fixed budget that you’re just looking for the best bang for the buck out there That’s what a lot of people ask me about they don’t assume that they only have 400 bucks to spend they just say well How much do I need to save up to get the most for my money? That’s a very powerful question and I think I hope at least that this video kind of answers that for you I think that an R5 1600 is a solid middle ground Cp. It’s actually above average I would say in the current market the GTX 1070 is also an excellent graphics card that you could probably find used for around 300 Bucks even if you can’t find it used buy one for 350 new it’s still an excellent graphics card I would do it all over again that way well by Dr5 1600 in the GTX 1070 and be Completely fined with almost any resolution in gaming solid refresh rates up to 144 Hertz and most importantly I won’t feel the Buyer’s remorse like I didn’t get what I? Expected for the money that I spent so if you’ve got let’s say a $400 fixed budget you Can’t go over that you’ve been saving it for two or three months And this is what you have to spend You obviously can’t go with this combo here these two units alone would send you over that budget But I do think you should consider the R5 1600 kind of like a goal for a cPU choice like this is I hate using the term future-proof But it is it’s a future-proof cpU for 200 bucks And that’s insane like five years ago that didn’t exist amd is giving us What intel’s been giving us at a significantly higher price? And that is powerful intel can do one of two things at this point ignore Everything happening on the Red Team which I think would be unwise Or they can lower the price of their six core cpus in which case competition and you know capitalism at work. So that’s it That’s where I stand on this issue I think people are still going to probably say oh, he was paid off by Amd, or well He has no choice now because everyone’s pretty much ditching until at this point X2 nine nine What the heck was going on there? I just point to value where I see value And I recognize that a lot of you originally subscribed to the channel for that budget orient In process right you want to know what the best bang for the buck configuration is Look money is just as important as the products on which you spend the money with that if you liked this video be sure to Give it a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite click to subscribe button if you haven’t already now We’ll catch you in the next video. This is science studio. Thanks for budgeting with us

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  1. nice affirmation that my research and conclusion was correct in buying the 7700k with the 1070. I have to say, so far I am loving it. And the price point was right there, for me.

  2. I'm regretting buying an FX8350 to upgrade my current AM3+ system rather than upgrading to an AM4 system. The 8350 runs hot, even with the AMD wraith cooler, and the wraith cooler fan sounds like a shop vac on speed.

  3. I bought my i5-6500/Rx 480 in January. Guess I got in at the right time as far as gpus are concerned wish I had money for ryzen now

  4. It's not wrong to say gpu. If i ask what gpu i should buy and you say a gtx1070 I can look at the evga card, the msi card etc and get the one that suits my needs best.

  5. I paid $340 for a gtx1070 NEW lol..
    And 32gb of ram for $140 NEW
    All last year NO tax/Free Shipping

    Ohhhhh those were the days lol. Now ram doubled in price, sad day to build a pc lol

  6. I am going to buy Asus TURBO-GTX1070 GTX 1070 Graphics Card for 580 USD here in Pakistan -_- fucking everything is so expensive outside US

  7. I know this might be a bit outdated, but with the coffee lake CPUs coming up, do you still think that a Ryzen 5 1600 is going to be the most efficient CPU or do you belive the new Intel CPUs will be on a similar level valuewise? (I know this speculation, however I am building a PC for the first time myself and I want the most for my budget (~1.100€) I can spend right now)

  8. Great video man. 🙂 i know the 1070 is a great card, but what if you pair a 1080 with the r5 1600? (That's my plan 😛 I found a 1080 for around $450)

  9. Hey man, just a quick question. I'm on a kind of tight budget, and I was curious about whether or not a Ryzen 3 1300x and a MSI GTX 1050 ti OC would be a good combo?

  10. Excellent, however…all the advice and content for this is always for gaming, how about work and productivity benchmarks and videos, I don't game and millions are like me, but very little resources on that out there…!

  11. I ended up getting an OEM pc with an i5 3470 in it for 160 CA$ shipped and throwing in a GTX1050 for 140 CA$. I have my monitor overclocked to 74Hz so there was no need to buy fancier hardware, i'm hitting 100+ fps on the battlefield and everything is good so far.

  12. I'm getting a PC from Ironside, the "Fiend" advanced version. I don't know if I can change the Intel cpu's for a Ryzen. This is my first pc ever by the way, not sure if anyone could assist me.

  13. Intel i5 3470 CPU O/C at 4.5ghz gets roasted by BF1. Nothing over 60fps. The Ryzen 5 is going to get me 144hz with a GTX 1070?

  14. Hey Dude, great video, Im definitely looking for minmum bang for buck upgrade right now.
    SO, in your opinion, whats the fastest video card i should upgrade my old system to before it starts to really bottleneck in my system which is currently a GA 990XA-UD3 with 4GB ram and QUAD core PHENOM II, witha radeon 6870 right now.
    I have a 750 w antec earthpowrr and antec kuhler water cooler that im not sure would be future compatible with a Ryzen system so Im trying to just squeeze out a a few more years on this system.
    I was considering a whole new system because of frequent freeze ups i thought were heat or ram related but are now 95% gone except maybe when running multiple windows of Brave and Firefox which seems to max out cpu and memory usage. but thats fixed now with new OS install. So back to just a video card upgrade to get max performance from this old system.

  15. I have a 1600x which was only 10$ more than the 1600 where I live. I overclocked it with the mother board settings to 3.9 and stress tested it and ran perfect, paired it up with a 580 and I have yet to play a game that doesn't do 60+fps on ultra settings.my total build cost 600ish$ on top of that the 1600x is a multi task monster.

  16. I've had the FX-8350 for about 3 years now, any opinions on whether or not I ought to upgrade? I mean right now I cant afford to. As I type this, my GPU died on me right after I updated drivers…. Ive tried everything to get it back, she's gone. 🙁

    Anyway, when I am able to afford it, should I stick with it or just go with a better GPU? The card that died is the EVGA GTX 760 SC , at only 2 GB.

  17. This guy is so wrong about games not starting to use more cores that's why buying a 7700K is a mistake in my opinion I'd rather be future-proofed with higher cores just look at games like mankind divided 7700K is ass on that game

  18. I totally agree on the CPU and have been telling people this for several months since I bought my R7 1700. The 1600 is by far the best value in CPUs atm even with the new 8700K. Just out of curiosity why did you setting on the 1070 vs the 1060 or 580 (provided you can find one)? What's your thought on the 1070 ti?

  19. For 1080 gaming, an old Haswell i5/i7 with 16gb and a GTX 1060 or you're bent over, touching your toes while the God of technology is banging away behind you lol

  20. so i have currently an amd a8 7650k r7 10 compute cores4c+6G and it is constantly overheating would i have the same problem if i upgraded to the r51600?

  21. Okay so it’s been almost a year. Has your opinion changed on this given the price hikes on graphics cards? Perhaps same CPU but paired with GTX 1060 6gb?

  22. Of you are talking about budget where is the price consequence of the g-sync monitor for the nvidia card?

  23. Ryzen 5 1600 and ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, is it a good combo and which motherboard would you guys recommend for that pair?

  24. If one can get a used reasonable X58 board on Craigslist or Offerup I'd say to go with x58 and grab a very cheap I-7 950 or if board supports it the xeon equavilant to the 990x Beast and pair it with a gtx670 by Asus or 680 sli but that's adding to much so single, a Asus 670 will do as well as 680 or 690 as well as 770, 780ti or 1050+ depending what the budget is… these systems I am speaking of I basically have them all, they kept up with my 8700 non K when overclocked on 990x paired with a gtx 980, maxwell is a beast of technology. 8gb of ram does it, 12 is the sweet spot but 16+ ideal. X58 with that triple channel memory to beat latency issues is spectacular 'again if you can find a board cheap which are out there! I grabbed a gigabyte -U5 the other day for $60.00 with a cool SOLID older case that is rare and I fancy. Allot of X58 stuff running around now a days. Allot of videos on it to by modstek and tech yes city as well as a few others… great stuff! They just did a new run of the mill x58 boards for reasonable price, refer to amazon as a few videos are out there about it, hmm, wonder if they run xeons as I didn't check but you can get a xeon equavilant to a beast i-7 990X for cheap if your 1366 sock acces them…. I have a 1060+ and been using my itx raidmax atomic build with my 4690k and the Asus gtx 670 jammed in there (purchased on ebay for just $77 shipped to my door) and even my son with his 1080 was overpriced and felt slighted "considering"… this itx system has 16gb ddr3 mushkin and I am a medium to heavy gamer yet I could live quite happily with this setup and again I use it over my supior software as I love to push older hardware but mostly because it is my only itx rig which I prefer now a days and the rig really is a great lineup.. I will be pulling out my old 775 sock with ladles q9650 soon to see what it can do paired with a 780! BTW: Can the maxwell technology sli? I really think software wise, it's a beast!….

  25. I was building my mom a budget computer as small as possible with a overclocked AMD hexacore 6350 CPU black edition and a GTS 450 (you heard right, it's the last GTS ever made and it's a great card that beats intels graphics from that Era and at least takes load off CPU 'as well) and the thing can even game. I would recommend the GTS to somebody who is really broke,broke but wants to game for the most part on low and even medium without frying their board like the 500 series cards do!…..

  26. 1050 fx 8350 is still getting me alone fine. I'm able to play and enjoy pretty much any game that comes out that interests me. Even Mass effect andromeda on low runs at 60 fps, which is good enough for a kid with not much to spend. Well, ive had the 8350 for like 8 years, so all i had to do was get the 1050

  27. Just watched this a year after building my first PC. Feeling very happy considering my rig rocks a Ryzen 5 1600 and a Zotac 980Ti ($300). Good stuff

  28. Yes you are right about it. I agree with you. I've been getting a lot of problem for my $300 i5 4670k which is a headache.

  29. finally got a 1070 for $232 to upgrade the 1060 3gb for my ryzen 5 1600. i'll put the 1060 with my FX8320 backup rig

  30. Cool video…and just asking to you have a newer version of this video for March 2019? Thk you for your time

  31. Best Performance/$ combo is the Ryzen 5 1600 and RX 460. Source: Passmark
    For the more serious gamer, a GTX 1660 or RX580 (depending on budget) and a Ryzen 1600 or 2600 (again depending on budget).
    A 1070 is not a value card – the RTX 2060 or Vega 56 is a much better "bang for the buck" in that price segment (c'mon Greg, get in touch).

  32. I know this is old and if anyone is actually watching this old video I have a question. Is a Ryzen 5 2600 a good pair with a GTX 1660 ti? Like Is the CPU took weak for the graphics card and will it bottleneck?

  33. Funny i came across this vid bc that is what my most recent (2018) build uses. the question now is how would you answer this same question in 2019 and at what price point do you think the new ryzen release and rtx cards would need to be at to be your top choice? i'm still keeping my asus oc 1070 $220-ebay Yoink

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