What Would You Do: Thief takes laptop while dining in restaurant | WWYD

What Would You Do: Thief takes laptop while dining in restaurant | WWYD

Hey mark, you can give me a second hey excuse me would you mind watching my stuff they have to take this call. Oh, yeah? Thank you. It sounds like a simple request Well today things are going to get complicated We’re putting that seemingly simple promise to the test No, have spiracle hold on a second excuse me via my laptop If it’s here just a minute ago to see what people are willing to do to stop a would-be thief Anyone see someone take a laptop What would you do? The scene of the Crime is the Park Avenue Diner in South Plainfield, New Jersey Hold on Excuse me. Would you guys mind watching my laptop for me? Thank you hold on a second. I got some seven outside In walks our thief Arianne and Just when it looks like she’ll make off with the loot This father-daughter pair Morph into crime fighters they corner arianne in the lobby The computer you just put your backdoor for that man right there you can but before she breaks out the handcuffs. Hi, ma’am How are you? It’s time to tell her I guess. What would you do? You know this man. Why are you doing to have stranger? The way I am I said I’d watch it, and I did nobody should steal anybody’s film. It’s just not the right thing to do But these women are willing to give our attractive young Crook the benefit of the doubt oh I’m grabbing it for my friends They reluctantly buy her story and arianne gets away But how will they react when they find out the truth? I’ll just write again One my friend I didn’t I didn’t come here with you I Thought you were fine But I’m really gonna do battle Why not believe you don’t want to be sure I was watching if I just don’t take that and she said no my friends Oh, hi How are you you get relaxed? You let him down. What could I do she said she knows? And you believed her yes unfortunately I did because she looks very authentic She looked like a decent human being But looks can be deceiving these two look like they’re letting arianne off the hook Yeah, yeah, yeah, just grabbing his computer. He’s my friend. Oh What are they really going to let her get away? Nope? He smells a rat and he’s off to trap it He flags down Gabriel, what up? I mean, I have my computer in my bag watch Your plan they have to know him no, they’re not I’ve ever seen a before. Oh, wait wait, wait a minute. How are you doing? I’m trying to be honest. That’s what would you do? What I do I would do what I just did I would protect the man right first computer the guy’s a stranger to you Madison One because I hope some moment do the same for me But what if we change things up a bit, what will happen now when gabriel is the thief? Well as soon as he grabbed that laptop for people spring into action oh Relax just watch your computer underwater boyfriend let her coming to go she’s my friend. Uh-oh We’re coming to get it. Go then for some backup. His wife steps in she was singing to him Hi guys, I’m John King young What would you do? How are you? What were you thinking? You know some reasons distractors to watch her computer when she got up, so I felt it was my responsibility Gabriel is at it again Yeah, I’m taking a jewel. Oh you are. Oh She gives him the benefit of the doubt, but when she realizes she made a mistake I’m so true. She’s off to catch a thief Hi, I’m John quinones with the TV show called. What would you do you? Went after him. I guess because I was her computer, and I was responsible for watching it for her well What if something happened to you? I was right behind her We’re rolling one last time and at first this woman doesn’t seem to notice gabriel’s taking that laptop but when she does He’s not having any of it Hold it somebody that’s that lady’s computer. I was just to watch it. Yeah, I don’t understand for my friend your friend Told me watch her computer right and she tell you she did I’m coming back to get it. I’m taking it to her Let’s go out She heads out to find Ariana That man right here sit Friend, and you know I didn’t afford open. Thank you Well nothing for him to do now, but what nothing iran wouldn’t you guys talk? Somebody can get a car Yes Ma’am hello, Hi there. I’m John Kennex Why did you step in? Because he asked me to watch it, and I didn’t want anybody What’s the moral of the story here you were trained? Well? This is gabriel. He’s an actor okay. Don’t hit him now Put the foot down literally. I don’t know what I get

100 thoughts to “What Would You Do: Thief takes laptop while dining in restaurant | WWYD”

  1. *plot twist

    Old man w hunchback gets a heart attack

    John Quinonez blazes in calls 911 guy dies

    John Quinonez Doppleganger, James Quintanilla walks in with camera crew

    "Hi I'm James Quintanilla, why didn't you give him CPR John"

  2. The entire script was made to make people look racist. It’s so obvious yet it flies over everyone’s head. Sure, racism does exist and it is a big problem, but this video was not about race, it was made to seem that way by the demeanor in which both the white woman and the black man took the laptop from the table. The woman stood there, closed the laptop and spoke before taking it, which gave off less suspension and the black man took the laptop plainly. There were also different people involved in both scenarios. There are so many factors that make a “study” like this absolutely irrelevant.

  3. Real-looking deep fake video clips are getting easier and easier to do – Researcher: "One should start to be cautious and critical" https://www.kaleva.fi/uutiset/kotimaa/aidon-nakoisia-deep-fake-valevideoita-on-yha-helpompi-tehda-tutkija-asiaan-pitaisi-alkaa-varautumaan-ja-suhtautumaan-kriittisesti/824904/

  4. Funny how when it was the white girl the old lady's were scared to "battle her" soon as it's a black guy they all got pep in they step even the little boy jumped up smh

  5. The last one was awesome … that beautiful lady stopped him n blocked his way completely …. lots of love n respect to this lady 😘😘😘

  6. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE for a white person to end up in heaven. Imagine going through life with almost no negative consequences (aka white privilege) to your actions. 1 Corinthians 3:19 "He catches them in their own craftiness". What I witnessed was white people aid and abet another white person to do evil and stop a black person from doing evil. God's witness is AWESOME!!! That's so deep.

  7. Bruh what made me die was when the old man got up look like he had A bunch of pillows in the back of his shirt but that nigga was not playin. They all got up at once The Who restaurant was on him. 🤣🤣🤣 I won’t forget this video.

  8. Okay but look at how he took it 😂😂 he snatched it and looked around and then walked away hella fast 💀💀 they should have had her do it the same way instead of taking it calmly

  9. This Has Nothing To Do With Racism …
    And IMO The Reactions Weren't That Different But For The People Saying They Were , Ariane Took Her Time Closing The Laptop Gently And Putting It In Her Purse , While Gabriel Literally Took Off With It Without Even Closing It Which Is OBVIOUSLY Suspicious … Smh , It Is Almost Like Everything Is Racism …

  10. LMFAO for some reason I find it funny when he pops out and he's like " hi I'm John short pause Quiñeonas and this is what would you do" 🤣😂

  11. To all the people saying color played a role I disagree, at least not for all of them. In my opinion people are much more willing to protect and help a woman when the perpetrator is a man than the other way around. He also took it like he was stealing it, whereas she picked it up and was calm and gave reason to give her the benefit of the doubt. Plus being a younger attractive woman in my experience of seeing life can help in situations.

  12. It's very obvious the producers of this left wing program would want to manipulate people into thinking there is racism in this video. Look again, the girl is chill, she talks to folks about being a friend before taking the laptop, she doesn't look suspicious. The black guy on the other hand acts very suspicious, looks around and snatches the thing. Big difference. To all the idiots crying racism: You've been taken for a ride.

  13. If someone asks me to take care of their stuff, I either sit at that table till he comes or I keep all that stuff with me

  14. I really hope it was just a coincidence and all the people who went after Gabriel would've done the same if it was the girl

  15. It's not a big deal for white to steal! I mean that's what they do all the time, but black is so good that we just cant let them ruin their lifes because we love them.

  16. OMG why are these people so gullible.
    Thief(female): Ye, I just take it for my friend
    Me: stfu, you're fcking lying. Who tf wants his laptop while on the phone outside.
    People in that restaurant: uhmm.. sure go ahead.
    Me: surprised pikachu face

  17. This actually happened to me but with a iPad. 2 guys took my iPad and my dad friends wallet. Luckily. My older sister had the new one. But everything is fine now. (Lesson learned : NEVER LEAVE THE IPAD ALONE WHILE ITS CHARGING)

  18. White girl: calmly walks over, closes laptop, puts it in bag, makes up excuse

    Black man: walks up quickly, grabs open laptop, starts walking before closing it, says nothing.

    Idiots ‘OMG SO RACIST’

  19. If The LAPTOP: Does Not Belong To You. IT’S: Not Such A Wonderful Idea. For Starters There Maybe Really Personal
    Stuff and Information That
    May Not Concern You.

    CONCEPT: Would Tell You
    That It’s Wrong To Even
    Go Near That “LAPTOP Or

    SOMEONES: Sense Of Community And Life
    Is In That LAPTOP Or Computer.

  20. My best part the old woman sayin to the computer guy "now?" That action lol 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Sometimes, it the "white" people who are stealing while the "black" people are being watched — I've experienced it! They following me while little old white lady filling her bag with toiletry items.

  22. So 99 times out of 100, it wouldn't be a white girl stealing a laptop from a black man. It would be a black man stealing from a white girl (or guy)…or anybody!

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