What “The Sex Talk” Looks Like Now – Alternatino

What “The Sex Talk” Looks Like Now – Alternatino

[gentle music] – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on just a minute there,
buster. – Dad, I’m supposed
to pick up Emily in, like, ten minutes.
I got to go. – Well, Emily can wait
for a little bit, can’t she? You got a minute to talk
to your old man, don’t you? Have a seat. [groans] ♪ ♪ You know, son,
you’re not a kid anymore. – Oh, no.
I go to health class, Dad. I already know all this stuff. – Well, they don’t teach you
about everything in health class,
okay, Mr. Smarty-pants? So just listen. When boys and girls
get a little older, they start getting interested
in one another, right? – I know, and nonbinary people, agender, intergender FTX, genderfluid people… – What? – There’s more than just
boys and girls now, Dad, and they’re not girls.
They’re women. – Yeah, okay, sure.
[clears throat] My point is that… Sex is a–
it’s a very important decision. – How are you defining sex? Sex is different things
to different people. – Mm, I guess when– when a penis goes
into a vagina. – What if there’s two men
or two women, or more? – More?
– How would you define sex with multiple simultaneous
partners, or what if somebody’s
undergone genital reconstruction, or is intersex? – No, but I’m just talking
about normal, straight– – “Normal”?
Come on, Dad. – Okay, here we go.
Let me ask you this. Son, are you attracted
to women? – Yes, but I’m–I’m young. – Is Emily a woman? – Biologically. – [seethes quietly] Okay. You’re attracted to women.
Emily’s a woman, so if you were to have sex
with Emily– – I wouldn’t just have sex
with Emily. We’d have to make
that decision together. Homecoming’s not an excuse
to ignore consent. – I’m not saying
to ignore consent! I never said ignore consent! You and Emily, right, consensually decide
to have sex. – Vaginal?
– Yes, vaginal. – Just the two of us?
– How many people do you want? Yes, just the two of you,
Colin. – And I’m playing
the traditional male role? – Go to homecoming. – You seemed like
you really wanted to talk about this. – No, no, I don’t want
to talk about anything ever again.
– So I can go? – Please do. Out!
Thank you. Don’t forget your corsage. – Hey, Dad. – Yeah? – H-how do I look? [tender music] – You look very handsome, son. – That’s gender-coding, but– – Get out of my house!

100 thoughts to “What “The Sex Talk” Looks Like Now – Alternatino”

  1. My parents never talked to me about sex. Im thankful to them coz the amount of cring would hunt me in my nightmares for rest of my life.

  2. Dosen't Arturo Castro look like Peña Nieto🤔? If Peña Nieto whould have actually spoke proper English.

  3. A very sad [but true] comedic example that deviant sexual behavior is being taught to our children as a societal norm . Pay closer attention to your school curriculum.

  4. This one is saved in the archives ! FUCKING MILLENNIAL SNOWFLAKES F U F U F U self absorbed narcissistic cry baby bitches we still love you even though you still don't know who the f you are keep coming up with things you might be and avoid the obvious!

  5. fuck this shit, i say to my boy there's ONLY BOYS AND GIRLS, respect ppl's choices, good night you good to go .

  6. If the child actually talks like this, the father has already done a bad job. 2 sexes, 2 genders, no one says you shouldn't have consent first. Deal with it.

  7. Lmao, all this genderfluid, non binary, etc. Is ruining our society. All of you mentally deceased pricks can't tell me otherwise.

  8. We are not women.. Its condescending to call us Wee-men.. Down with the patriarchy.. Just because we have Vaginas doesnt mean we are inferior.. Call us future mothers

  9. Am I the only one who thinks Arturo Castro and Zac Efron look alike?
    You could slap some makeup on Zac Efron and make him look like Arturo Castro lol

  10. I wanted to laugh. I really did. Buuuuuutttt… ..this skit is something I would actually hear today as a norm. I also want to say this is just sad. But then I would be considered a bigoted, chauvinistic, toxic-masculinated, non-conformist.

  11. Standards are necessary in order to properly communicate. Otherwise were playing the guessing game because everyone wont agree on on the same definition.

  12. now i'm afraid if this happen to my kids… but if i'm saying that i'll be called homophobe, bigot, chauvinist, sexist, racist or whatever they call with "ist" at the back…


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