What it’s Been Like to be on YouTube

What it’s Been Like to be on YouTube

So I’ve been on YouTube for a bit now. My 3 year anniversary, is July 23rd, which, is not that much to other people who’ve been GRINDING ever since YouTube was invented. But it’s longer than I thought i’d be doing it for, so…it’s an accomplishment for me. When i first started, I didn’t know a THING about animating. People ask me all the time about “animation classes,” and “special courses” they should take, but I mean…I didn’t do any of that… You wanna know how I learned how to animate? I searched on YouTube: How to animate. …that’s it. You’d be surprised at what you can learn from YouTube. …and how unprofessional I am. If you think I’m some sort of “ANIMATION EXPERT,” Ssssstop that… I still have no clue about anything. I could be doing everything wrong…I probably am. I always thought: “Man…doing YouTube would be SO fun! But…nah…it’d never work. I’m just me…there’s nothing special about ME.” I never even thought that…it could be a possibility. Y’know? But here we are, 3 years later, with 2 million subscribers, a great community, and pretty much surpassing ALL my expectations. Which were…pretty low to begin with, so that part’s not as impressive… BUT IT’S STILL CRAZY! YouTube even sent out a little yearbook to all the channels with over 1,000,000 subscribers. Which…I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WAS A THING! So it came…in like this, like…package here. Then you open it up like that… and you…open it you open it up like…hold on. (Good job, Jaiden…) Like that. I didn’t even know YouTube does this thing. I’ve never seen any other channels kinda like, talk about it. The front has like a bunch of all the names that are in there. OOOOP. THERE I AM!! Right next to…YA BOI. *LOLS* Stop this please. Open it…it says: “Hey, Jaiden Animations!! You started your—” Okay, so that’s when I made the channel… but I didn’t post anything until July, so…that’s what I go by. And it says: “Since then, your channel’s hit some SERIOUS HEIGHTS.” “Keep reading and relive some of your biggest, and most amazing moments.” You open it…and WOAHHH. WHAT IS THIS!? IT’S LIKE THIS HUGE TIMELINE! “Who could forget your first video? JaidenAnimations Intro!” *LOLS* Oh, I wish I could forget it. “Up to now, you’ve uploaded 47 videos. That’s an adverage of…1 videos a month! *LOLS*…this is 2016 as well…so it’s not as up to date on things. During that time, I was in college, so I only posted like…3 videos in the span of the entire college year. It sounds WORSE than it actually is. Like…I post more now. 2 videos a month… And then it says like: “This is the class of 2016. Who hit a millionnnn…” You can read that if you want…I’m not…well…I already did. And then it goes through all the channels that like, hit a million this year. Or…in 2016. OOP THERE I AMMM. That’s DOPE. And also. I tweeted about this…I do have the 2 plaques. That…YouTube sends at the 100,00 and, of course, the 1,000,000. Yeah…I haven’t shown them in a video. But look– LOOK AT THAT. Thats insane! Yee! Putting yourself out there in front of so many people is a bit intimidating, and, a lot of people can get stuck at that part. YouTube is…unique. And I can’t really think of any other careers that are like this. You’re flat out EXPOSED to the huge spectrum of different types of people all at once, and they all have the freedom to say anything they want to you while hiding behind a computer screen with almost no repercussions… Like WIMPSSS!! I think YouTube, as a real life cubical job, would be…ridiculously hilarious. You’re at your cubical, minding your own buisness, doing work on your little computer, and some random co-worker person peers over your wall and goes: “Hey.” “You suck.” “And I hate you.” And walks away. “And you’re GAY!” I’m self-conscious, and have low self-esteem, but even I’ve been able to get desensitized to meaningless hate comments and ignorance On the surface, a lot of people probably think: “Wow…that must be hard, constantly dealing with an entourage of stupidity and ignorance. But, in a way, I REALLY respect how YouTube is helping me grow tougher skin. It can be harsh, but you can learn to TAKE IT. I can tell the difference between a meaningless, “YOU’RE STUPID!” and a genuinely helpful critique that I can use to improve my content. Another thing is that when I first started YouTube, I had no idea that people could seeing me as more than just…an average person. He–Okay, wait, that might have sounded SUPER pretentious! What I’m tryin’ to say is, I don’t see myself as, “famous,” or anything other than just…me. I grew up as an average kid, in an average school, doing average things, literally nothing “special” or “stand-out.” And the fact that a lot of people watch videos I make on the internet, doesn’t change the fact I’m still that average person… Don’t…put me on a pedestal! I just talk about the way I see things, and my opinions. It doesn’t make them more valuable than yours, or anyone elses. And if you disagree…you can…GET OUT! Pssfftt…Just kidding. 😀 I’ve gotten comments and messages from people actually saying I’m a GOD THAT CAN DO NO WRONG. And that…Yeah…DON’T DO THAT. *Laughing* It’s not healthy to view anyone than more than just a human. ALL I DO IS DRAW DUMB CARTOONS ON THE INTERNET IN MY PAJAMAS AND PEOPLE WATCH THEM… Yes……95% of my videos are created in pajamas. You think I’m joking, but I spend like, 2-3 weeks in the same clothes. One more point about being considered a “big channel” now, is how, meeting new people and friends on the internet is actually more difficult. You think it’s the complete opposite right?! Like: “Uh… hey, Jaiden? You’ve got like, at least 2 million people who would probably be willing to be closer friends with you… why would you even have the balls to complain about this kinda thing?” …Right? But this ties in with the people start seeing me as more than an average person, thing. It’s getting harder and harder for me to be able to meet someone new without them seeing my sub count, and either: Seeing value in becoming my friend for personal benefit, or…being intimidated. Cuz’ I’m SO intimidating. It’s strange how it can go in completely different directions like that, isn’t it? I miss being able to talk to someone new, and not be sad the hear that they brag about “being my friend.” Because thats not friendship. In my opinion, at least. I see friendship as a mutual, balanced, respect for each other. One person shouldn’t see the other person in a higher light, or something, ya know? Because then I wonder if you’re my friend because of me, or because you like the idea of being my friend. I once was in a situation, where I found out someone all gloating like: “Oh yeah! Me and Jaiden are besties! We’re such good friends…” To a bunch of people, and an actual friend of mine asked me if that was true, and I was like: “I’ve…never even had a full conversation with that person…” I didn’t even know their name. …Sorry…person… I’m sure you’re cool and nice…I still don’t know your name. You probably don’t know this, but when I meet new people, I definitely hide the fact I do YouTube for a living. Mainly because, how the FRICK do you even explain: “I post post videos on the internet as a job!” Without them either getting confused, or VERY concerned… “Yeah, so I put college and getting a degree on hold so I could make YouTube videos.” Also, I still can’t stand when people watch my videos in front of me. You think I’d get desensitized after 3 years…butttt… Noooooppppeeee! Whenever someone plays one of my videos in front of me, I still wanna slam my head on the counter. And Frisbee the computer away. Frisbee the computer away, and THEN slam my head on the counter. So when people ask me what I do, I just go: “I do… …Animation…” “Oh cool.” And also, it’s weird to talk to someone and find out, right away, that millions of people watch their dumb internet videos. That’s something I’d prefer they find out AFTER they get to know me a bit. …So they judge me less. But even within all the weird difficulties YouTube comes with between trying to explain to your grandparents that you’re not becoming a failure by dropping college for a bit to post internet videos… …and dealing with stupid people, leaving stupid comments, and generally being…stupid. I really, really am grateful to be able to be in the spot I am. “BOOOOOOO TOO CLICHE” Yeah, I agree. You’re probably super desensitized from YouTubers always talking about how grateful to be where they are. So I’m gonna say I’m totally NOT thankful and lucky to be in the spot I’m in, And I’m NOT going to always be in debt to you for watching my videos in helping my impossible dream come true, That I TOTALLY thought I could reach in a million years because I’m SOOOO full of self confidence. It’s not like all of this has changed my life forever and I’m doing what I love with amazing friends I definitely would have met otherwise, and I can make people happier which is all I ever want to do. Yeah, I’m definitely not grateful at all. Pssht! You think I’m grateful? You’re grateful. I’m not grateful. Get outta here. Yeah, well anyway, congrats on 3 years everyone! We should all do something! Like, uh…i don’t know. I could say I could post another video…but I just posted this video…so I wouldn’t have time to make one that isn’t…crap. *LOLS* Sorry. *gasp* What if we did a toast? Like at a certain time, we all pour a drink of something, could be water, could be juice, could be…hard liquor. I don’t care… And then we all have a massive long distance toast to our anniversary! That’d be cool, okay lemme think of a time…Okay so at July 23rd, 12:00 PM mountain time, we all pour one out together! Mountain time is just my time zone, so you have to translate what that is for you. When I set up the 1 million livestream, I said it would start at whatever time it was in mountain time and people didn’t know how to convert it into their own time zone. Just…Google it… Anyway, at 12:00 PM Mountain time, July 23rd, we all do a toast to celebrate my first video…which was very bad don’t watch it. Tweet me a picture of you doing the toast k thanks love u byeeee!

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  1. i didn't realize i made it a bit confusing in the video but i'm only going to be tweeting about the toast.. lol. there isn't gonna be an actual livestream :V i just mentioned the 1 mill livestream because timezones were something people kept bringing up. but yee. thanks for 2 mill though :)))) appreciate ya!

  2. 4:44
    What the hell Jaiden..!
    You say that you don’t stand out like
    You have hair, a face and a tee shirt on like the other ones are just nudes with no face

  3. Hi I looooooove your vid. And I don't judge you make videos in you're pyjamas and ya it's a little funny how you and your family are the only ones that have hare😄

  4. I would never want to have a channel so big that people would want to be my friend and think of me as amazing, I just think it would be nice to have a small channel where I can share my opinions and stories.

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    sorry I'm a pretty awkward human XD

  8. I’ve always wanted a YouTube channel and now that I have one I am lazy and don’t post good stuff- saying that no wonder I have almost 0 subscribers

  9. Tip to anyone out there who's trying to explain why they make YouTube videos instead of finishing college or whatever to your grandparents: just say you put your educational/academic/career-based life on hold to persue what makes you happiest.

    Because most grandparents want their grandchildren to be happy, so yeah…

  10. I respect your animation skills because it’s dope and you should respect me because I waste my time watching your entertaining kaboodles of nonsense of videos so are we friends (say yes or im unsubscribing)

  11. is love to meet you and be your friend but for you not because your sub count (Its gone up a lot tho) but because I want to meet you……i think you would be a great friend because you make my days a lot better😀

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