What is: Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit – Universal Studios Florida

What is: Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit – Universal Studios Florida

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is a steel roller
coaster, located at Universal Studios Florida, in Florida USA. The ride opened to guests as one of the most
technologically advanced roller coasters of it’s time, featuring customizable on-ride
music, LED lighting, and onride video capture of guests as they hurtle around the track. Rockit opened to visitors on the 19th of August
2009, several months behind schedule and at the cost of roughly 45 Million USD. Construction of the attraction, originally
codenamed “Project Rumble”, began in May of 2008, with hopes to open the ride for April
of the following year. However, difficulties within the rides’
design led to delays surrounding the vertical lift hill. Eventually once it did open, the ride experienced
further downtime throughout its inaugural season. In spite of all this, the attraction we have
today wasn’t what Universal Studios Florida originally had in mind all those years ago. In 2007, ‘Hollywood Dream: The Ride’ opened
at another of Universal’s theme parks, Universal Studios Japan. This hyper coaster allowed guests to experience
weightlessness as they soared through the layout. And, similar to Rockit, it features customizable
onride music. After its success, Universal planned to construct
a similar attraction over in Florida. However, the coasters’ designer, Bolliger
and Mabillard, were too busy with other orders to fabricate Universal’s ride. As a result, a different company was chosen
to construct the new attraction, Maurer Rides. Except, naturally, they couldn’t offer the
same roller coaster. Instead, Universal Studios Florida constructed
the world’s largest version of Maurer’s flagship thrill model, the X-Car Coaster. This ride see’s guests seated in small trains
as they navigate a multitude of steep drops and tight turns – very different to Japan’s
Hollywood Dream. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit offers a unique
experience, which begins with the rides’ loose theme, music. After guests navigate the queue line, they
enter the station building. To improve capacity, the trains continuously move through the station platform, reducing dispatch time. Visitors step onto a moving platform, allowing them to board one of the 7 trains that navigate the circuit. Each one consists of two cars, which seat
riders in 3 rows of 2. This leads to a total of 12 guests per train. It’s here that the rides theme comes into
play. Once visitors are seated, they lower their
lap bars, and are each presented with a touchscreen. This screen allows them to choose 1 of 30
different songs, split across 5 various genres, to play throughout the ride. Each seat houses its own speakers within the
headrest, allowing each individual rider to listen to a different piece of music. Additionally, the track of the ride has been
filled with sand, reducing the roar of the train and making it easier to hear your desired
song. If none of the 30 songs appeal to you, by
pressing and holding on the rides logo for 10 seconds, guests enable a 10-digit keypad
which can be used to access a selection of hidden tracks beyond the original 30. To learn more about this ‘cheat’, head
to the link in the description. Once ready, riders dispatch from the station
building, triggering their song to begin. On top of this, guests start to be recorded via a small camera implemented into the row in front of them. This video can then be purchased after their
ride. The trains begin to ascend the rides vertical
lift hill, placing guests directly on their backs. Not only does this make for a more thrilling
start to the ride, but means visitors climb 51m (167ft) high faster than normal. The trains then quickly crest the hill and
plummet down the first drop. It’s here that riders reach their top speed
of 105kmh (65mph). Immediately after, the trains enter a world’s
first element, a non-inverting loop. Guests traverse what initially appears to
be a traditional vertical loop, before twisting to the right through the top of the element. Interesting, Maurer Rides patented this exact
shape of element. As a result, other companies must pay Maurer
to use that exact element, or create a mis-shapen version of the loop, circumventing the patent
altogether. Once navigated, the trains climb into one
of Rockit’s many mid-course brake runs. A short pause later, riders dive through a
hole in a nearby building, and enter another signature element, “The Treble Clef”. During this maneuver, visitors complete a
left-hand helix, followed by a fast stall turn. Another mid-course brake run later, the trains
drop to the left, fly through an s-hill, remain low to the ground, and snap into an overbanked
turn. At this point they ascend into another brake
run. Riders then navigate a series of quick s-bends,
before entering an inclined loop. The ride experience comes to an end after
the last mid-course brake run, with a small speed hill leading visitors into the final
brake run. Throughout the entire ride, the trains navigate
1158m (3800ft) of track, within approximately 70 seconds of actual ride time, that includes
all of the mid-course brake runs. Speaking of those, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit features 4 of them, breaking up the ride experience drastically. As hated as they are, these provide a necessary
function by allowing more trains to run on the entire circuit at once. This means that Rockit has a large throughput
of 1850 riders per hour, which is required at a busy Universal theme park. As stated earlier, Universal, and more so Maurer Rides, ran into difficulties when constructing their new ride. At the time it was alleged that Maurer were
attempting to implement new anti-rollback devices onto the attraction’s vertical lift
hill. This would have most likely allowed the train
to be safely reversed down the lift hill incase guests must be evacuated from the ride. Unfortunately, the company’s new designs
weren’t compatible with the heavier weight of the train. As a result, traditional devices were then
placed onto the lift prior to opening. However, because of this, Universal has always
struggled with routine evacuations of guests when the train stops in a vertical position
on the lift hill. Originally the park would winch the train
to the apex of the hill, before allowing guests to disembark and ride an elevator back towards
the ground. Though, in 2017, friction brakes were added
to the entirety of the first drop. If a train becomes stuck on the lift hill,
operators will winch it over the top, before using the brakes to cause it to stop at the
bottom of the first drop. Here guests can be evacuated, this time much
closer to the ground. Overall, opinions on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit
are often mixed. Some riders, particularly enthusiasts, dislike
the amount of mid-course brake runs, stating that they hinder the actual ride experience. While many others applaud the ride for the ability to choose a soundtrack, further adding to its uniqueness. Would you like to see more rides be built
with this innovative feature? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you all
next time! A huge thanks goes to our supporters over on Patreon, including: Jamie Turbill, and Simon Ward. If you’d like to learn more about how you could directly support the channel, head to patreon.com/coasterbot

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  1. I rode this, i didnt get the drop feeling, anyone relate? And i got stapled, i could barely breath and i really wanted the ride to stop which never happens to me.

  2. This coaster isn't great, but it does have my favorite element. That non-inverting loop gives nuts ejector!

  3. Unpopular opinion but I like it and think it's better than the Hulk. Now don't get me wrong, the break runs suck and I wouldn't try and compare this to coasters at parks with higher thrills. But if you think of this as more of a family coaster then it's pretty fun. The non-inverting-loop is really cool and the setting, as well as song options, make it a fun coaster. Yes, the break runs ruin the momentum. But it's still a fun coaster in general. You have to think of this as competing with other Universal and Disney coasters and not competing with Sea World or Busch Gardens. In that way, it holds up well and isn't nearly as rough as the Hulk. So while it obviously isn't on par with the flagship coasters of Six Flags, Herschend or Cedar Fair, it is still really fun and allows the line to move faster (which is neccessary if you've ever been to this park.)

  4. Yay, thank you for doing this!!! I'm going to Universal next month, and I'm so excited to ride this and Hulk! My coaster count is 47 rn. It'll go up a lot when I get back from the trip!

  5. A ride that enthusiasts claim have a horrible rattle but is actually amazing, and confirms your theory that enthusiasts complain about a rattle on everything!

    Just kidding, well, kind of. 😉

  6. Expedition Theme Park:
    "The History of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit"
    Coaster Bot, a week later:
    "What is Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit"

    P.S. I get that this could just be a coincidence, videos take a long time to make.

  7. Anytime B&M says they’re too busy to build a coaster for you, you’re screwed

    BGW: can you build something for us?
    B&M: no we’re too busy
    Result: Drachen Fire

    USF: can you build something for us?
    B&M: no we’re too busy
    Result: this

  8. Coaster Bot I love ya, but you SOOO failed to mention the most noticeable part of the ride… IT'S 👏🏻 SHAKY 👏🏻 AS 👏🏻 HELL 👏🏻

  9. What is Rip Ride Rockit to me? My 70th coaster!!! I visited Florida for the first time end of April/beginning of May and Universal was my third major park on the trip. I personally thought this ride was amazing, yes there are too many MCBRs lol but I didn't find it to take away from the experience that much. I've yet to ride a Gerstlauer so this had my first vertical lift, quite an interesting experience. I found this ride to have crazy ejector everywhere, including into the midcourse runs, and those tight turns and the (non-inverting?) inclined loop were crazy forceful. Overall just a phenomenal ride and definitely a great fit for Universal. Did not know about the secret playlist so I'll definitely have to try that the next time I go back. Thanks for another great video, Harry!!

  10. The last time I rode this coaster was in 2011, and I was a member of the G.P. back then. Now that I have ridden way more roller coasters, I'm curious to see how different my thoughts are now the next time I visit Universal Studios.

  11. this is the only X-car ive ridden but i would absolutely love to ride Shock. it looks like a very intense launch coaster.

  12. Would I see a roller coasters look like this? Sure! Just as long there’s not too many mid coarse brake runs also, what’s the best song in this ride?

  13. I don't know if I would like having the music, I have never experienced it so I can't say for sure but I think I would just want to hear the sounds of the coaster and the wind. Nice video

  14. Note: the lap bar restraints are so weird. They are connected to either the right side or left side and rotate around. So, whenever you're going through the ride, one side lifts up a bit which makes it a little weird to ride with.

  15. Is it a great coaster? No. Is listening to Rainbow Connection while riding a coaster one of the most magical experiences you will ever have? Probably.

  16. Nice one Harry , love this coaster . We will be back on it in 9 days 🤩🤩. It’s a must do in studios as it’s the only outdoor coaster there . It is spectacular at night . Favourite tracks when I ride
    MARRS pump up the volume
    CYPRES HILL insane in the brain
    BEASTIE BOYS inter galactic.
    Never a dull moment on this one and it looks so cool to 🎢👌🏼🧱👍🏼

  17. The mid courses don't kill the ride for me and the non-inverting loop gives hella airtime. I think this ride is under looked by most enthusiasts.

  18. I'd like more rides with on-board audio, but not well-known songs. I'd rather have a piece written specifically for the ride.

  19. Another midcourse break run…seriously i quite like this coaster but the on ride audio is nothing special to me

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  21. Been looking forward to this video, Harry! Honestly love this ride. Universal managed to give the Studios a bit more variety with its own roller coaster lineup by the time Rip Ride Rockit opened imo. Plus, Motley Crue's Kickstart My Heart works so well for the ride!

  22. Hey, as a newbie roller coaster enthusiast I have a non-ironic question – why would anyone instal a mid course brake run on a coaster?

  23. Yet again, I'm totally immersed into your roller-coaster videos. Thank you for making interesting and factual videos!

  24. I call it "Hollywood. Break run. Rip. Break run. Ride. Break run. Rock it. Break run. F*** this ride hurts." Love it's looks but hate riding it.

  25. I bet they replace this with cable cars to their other parks judging by their love for downgrading since they replaced Dragon Challenge with a family coaster

  26. Q: What is Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit?
    A: The shittiest, most uncomfortable rollercoaster I have ever been on in my life. Only the GP loves it.

  27. I just saw this. Great video! I love seeing different versions of the same topic. It is so interesting to see the differences.

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