What is Computer-Integrated Manufacturing?  | PTC Academic

What is Computer-Integrated Manufacturing? | PTC Academic

So computer-integrated
manufacturing, or CIM is kind of what it sounds. We would take a bunch
of machines that are, we can talk to with a
computer over a network, for example, and connect them together. We can run them by sending
a command from the computer, so we can tell the
robot pick up that part, put it into this machine
and then get out of the way. And then we can tell the
machine to cut it out in a certain way. So that’s how we are able to
run part A and then part B and perhaps switch over really
quickly between the two, is by having a computer, not only managing just the machines and what the parts do, but also the stock and raw material and the inventories and
the flow of material through the factory. And perhaps it might
even connect more broadly to the purchasing of the
parts and the design. And so you can connect this
computer-integrated manufacturing system, to the other computer-based systems
that might be involved in the product development lifecycle.

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  1. It's nice to finally see what we had thirty years ago in-house created our own customization programming. Finally, the start has the old guard retire and give new ideas from the past finally offered in a one-stop shop solution. Where I suppose it all just works like plug and play with simple rules to integrate thousands of parts process and assembly from web sale to ship with automatic site prep and permits all parties in contract terms kept in real-time on demand. Can not wait to see in action.

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