What If We’re Living in a Computer Simulation?

What If We’re Living in a Computer Simulation?

What if your reality was nothing more
than a complex computer simulation? This is WHAT IF, and here’s what would happen if you were living in a simulation. This is what the very first
computer games looked like. And this is what they’ve come to look like after some fifty years of
technological progress. Today, it only takes a virtual reality headset to jump into a computer-simulated realm. Our future computers may be able
to generate entire simulated universes. And if we humans were able
to simulate complex realities, how could we ever be sure that our own world wasn’t
just a computer simulation designed by another, more
advanced civilization? Everything in the world we live in seems to be based on mathematical laws. Even our genetic code has
a mathematical model. Just like if someone had programmed
our reality with a computer code. See where I’m going with this? We may be living in a giant
video game without realizing it. But who designed this matrix? An advanced alien civilization? Maybe not aliens, but a future iteration of humanity
simulating the lives of their ancestors. Which would make you a living memory of someone else’s
great-great-great-grandmother. This future humanity would require
extremely powerful supercomputers to run the simulation
down to the subatomic level. Much more powerful than the most advanced
supercomputer we could imagine. If we ever got to this level
of technological advancement, and started running computer
simulations of our own, that would be very strong evidence that our reality was also simulated. A simulation creating their own simulation. Chances are, our creators would turn
out to be someone else’s simulation. In the many, many simulations,
from the original reality on down, each subsequent simulation would
turn out less and less advanced. They just wouldn’t be able
to match their creators in advancing their technologies. If your life was a simulation, you wouldn’t know. Just like there’s no proof that
you’re not living a simulation. But you could try looking for the glitches. If our world was some computer code, it could have software bugs. Every now and then, when our
simulators decided to roll an update, something could slip sideways. It could be a glitch like
meeting your doppelgänger – someone who looks like
you, but isn’t related to you. It might just be a mix up in
character appearance preferences. If we ever found out that we were a
program on someone’s hard drive, it could be because that
someone wanted us to. In that case, escaping the
simulation would be… well, simulated. We’d just end up on
another level of the matrix. Maybe, discovering the
identity of our creators would make them reboot the system. A big Ctrl-Alt-Del for the entire Universe. Reality might not be a
quantum computer simulation. But if it is, would it change
anything in your day-to-day life? Maybe one day we’ll discover
that we live in the multiverse. But that’s a story for another WHAT IF.

100 thoughts to “What If We’re Living in a Computer Simulation?”

  1. If we are then we are right the earth is flat and a endless plain

  2. This reality vr game probably runs using a Very powerful graphic card.
    ZTX 9080 ti (1024bit)
    Some of these gpu's are used in Real metals and mineral mining

  3. I believe that every universe is packed with all others in one huge outside of this multiverse a thing how you even correct discribe this has progammed everything with evry anomalies by something you easily can can Godprogammer because he also progammed all gods (that not progammed us this was still the godprogammer) Even if a quark or something smaller we can't see changed a bit his position then therer is an another universe.
    And its so well progammed that even a "glitch" is still planned.

  4. I don't believe this because if someone controlled my character, I'm pretty sure the console would've been turned off a long time ago due to the lack of motivation for me to do anything and pure boredom that I would bring to the table.

  5. I thought about these possibilities when I was maybe 8. And the answer is still the same.

    Who create us as simulation?


  6. No we are not. If we are then we have a big identity crisis and we are meaningless. But I am not meaningless, and neither are you.

  7. I SAID NOOOOOOOOOOOOO😂🙃☺️☺️😁😆🙃😂😅💬💭♦️🔳🔈🔜🔔🔘🔔🔊◻️💬🖱🎑🖨🌇🌇🖨💽🗜💒⛩⌚️🏞📱🌅📲🧴🔭🧽♟🧩🎖🎼🚕🎮🏎🏎🥤🕐🕕🕚🕚🕘🕟🕜🕐🕕🕚🕟🕤🕑🕛🕠🕥🕡🕗🕧🕡🕘🕘🕣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. well it's proven that in our known universe there are not enough atoms to sustain a computer program simulating the universe, so that means we can not simulate our universe in the future. which means there can't be endless simulations. if we were living in a simulation, the world outside it would be superior with unknown power to sustain such a program. So that means we're an extra terrestial creation, not even made on a computer because who knows what kind of technology they have, more likely to be hologrammed as Stephen Hawking claimed.

  9. -People say god created earth
    -Scientists think that earth was made by galaxy itself

    Me: Creative mode: On

  10. Q: Would it change anything in your day life?
    A: Yes it would change everything forever. What kind of stupid question every single channel ask this. Like no it’s not changing anything I will just continue to go to work and do whatever you want me to do. There is no reason to continue doing anything if this is a simulation, that’s why they don’t tell anyone the truth.

  11. Technically you can sorta have a world that you can control.
    Just try lucid dreaming 😛
    And have fun practicing for about a year to get to that level.

  12. Very interesting indeed, So when we discovered something new then, we are getting new patches? I really want to see the patch notes, or maybe we are just in Closed Beta Test?

  13. That is a proof of we all have one wise creator. Everything on Earth is doing so well accurately. Creator is running us. He is taking a exam in your present realitie. He recommended everything what we should do and shouldn't do. We should go for searching our creator as well as we're most intelligent creature.

  14. There is 10^120 of mass in the universe… 10^81 without dark mass, equal to a black hole the size of Switzerland 🇨🇭

  15. Update 2.03.5
    – Fixed a bug where you wake up but feel paralysed.
    – Fixed a glitch where you have increased deja vus.
    – Increased cooldown on sleep from 12 hours to 16 hours.
    – Added skill to walk at the age of 2

    Added Events:
    – Comets falling from the sky randomly (Survival passive skill required)

    Bugs to fix in the future:
    – Forests burning require immediate fix. Our team is doing its best to solve this issue. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

  16. This is like doki doki literature club. One girl realizes that she is just in a game and tries to break out but can't but she met you and she realizes that you are real and loves you and other girls love you too and she starts messing with files of those girls and coded them to kill themselves so she can have you herself cuz she loves you because u are real and she is not and the only way to communicate with you is to talk your character without you character she will never know what is outside her game and you need to literally delete her from the character files and she realizes all the bad things she did and confesses to you that she loves you so much and tells you how hard is to live in a world without free will and she said goodbye to you and just go jibberish. And she brought back all the girls except herself but one girl became the president of the club. Because if you became the president of the club you will get to know everything about this game. And she became aware that it's just a game and started to go fll yandere but the girl you deleted came back and deleted her and at the credits she sang a song for you and said goodbye and deletes the whole game.

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