What If We Had Working Quantum Computers Today?

What If We Had Working Quantum Computers Today?

Get rid of your old computers, because the future of technology has arrived! It’s not artificial intelligence or virtual reality; it’s something called quantum computing! And it could completely revolutionize
every aspect of our society, from healthcare to finance, and even national security. Basically, a quantum computer is a super-
efficient version of the regular computers you already know and love. When a regular computer
is used to solve a problem, it has to filter through all the
possible answers one at a time, whereas a quantum computer can filter
through one billion possible answers at once to find the correct one
in just a fraction of a second. The technology is so advanced that hardly anyone knows how to program it, let alone how to use it. So how much power–and control– would quantum computing give to
the first country or person who perfects it? All right, to understand how quantum
computers are going to change your life, it helps to understand
how they would work first. Today, computers are binary. They process information using bits, where every bit can only exist
as a one or a zero, and nothing else. A bit is relatively simple; it is the representation of one state
or another, like if a light bulb is on or off. In today’s computers, a bit is represented
by a current pulse or an electrical voltage. Are you still with me? All right, we’re almost there. In the case of quantum computers,
information is processed using qubits. These are similar to bits, but they can
be ones and zeros at the same time. To understand the difference
between bits and qubits, picture a sphere and give it both a north and a south pole, where the north pole represents “1” and the south pole represents “0.” With a bit, the poles are the only usable spaces on the entire sphere, and only one of them can be used at a time. With a qubit, the whole sphere becomes a usable territory. You don’t have to grasp the
complicated physics behind it, but the main point to take away is that
qubits can deliver more complex data, and allow us to encode more
information into much smaller computers. Some of the most progressive
tech companies, like Google, NASA, and IBM have already
made versions of this technology. Now, they’re racing to perfect it. Once they’re perfected, quantum
computers will offer lots of benefits. For one thing, they’d be a game-changer
in the field of cryptography, mainly because of their ability
to enhance security protocols by generating truly random numbers. Because of this protection, communications
devices that are quantum-based could be used to transmit
medical and government records, defense data, or other sensitive materials without fear of them ending
up in front of the wrong eyes. Being able to calculate and process
so much information so much faster would help us to find
new drugs to treat diseases. It would speed up the development
of life-changing medications. Quantum computers would give us the power
to better deal with climate change by allowing for better software models describing what is
happening to our atmosphere, and that could to help us reverse
the adverse effects of climate change. But it’s not all good news; as we said before, no one’s perfected it yet. If the first person who does wants
to use the tech for ulterior motives, we could all be in trouble. As soon as a working
quantum computer exists, our modern cybersecurity methods
would become almost useless. Today’s encryption algorithms
use huge math equations and problems that are
virtually impossible to solve. A quantum computer,
with its zero and one dualities, would have the power to solve
these algorithms with relative ease. So I guess we’ll just have to cross our fingers
that one of the “good guys” figures it out first. Maybe we could even use these
early-generation quantum machines to perfect future models and
make them even more powerful, but that’s a topic for another WHAT IF.

100 thoughts to “What If We Had Working Quantum Computers Today?”

  1. It's possible Elon Musk will be the first person to perfect quantam computing so that we can remotely control Tesla's on Mars :).

  2. The Chinese are said to have a quantum computer. But the real high tech stuff will be cybernetics.
    Cybernetics and the singularity of A.I. will bring an entire new dimension to computing.
    A cybernetic quantum A.I. computer.
    Faster than light space travel.
    Time Travel.
    Even interdimentional travel.

    Plus the military are always between 50 to 100 years in front of whatever the public has now.

  3. WHAT IF the the world's Top 5 Hackers had already made a quantum computer's which made them hack banking programs and other files of high security?!!!!!!

  4. What If- September 11th happened again?

    I know there is a way to suggest a video in the discription but I feel that this is such a good topic we could get it seen by getting enough likes!

  5. Listen buddy, anything that has ever lived, will die. And nothing and no one can change that unless you are the creator. And don't tell me that we need Quantum Computers to figure out how to stop the increasing effects of climate change, for that we would need to make change to our lifestyle as a whole, not saying that you need to be vegan, but consume less you wasteful animal! We humans are a curse to this beautiful place we call Earth. Money won't matter in the end, as God judges all of us accordingly.

  6. I just want to say, Computer Engineers and Programmers should not watch this video. This video is for normal people. If you're enthusiast, you'll get the completely wrong Idea of Quantum Computers. Only thing that is exactly true is the photo. It is like those guys in chain marketing, who promise that you'll be rich within seconds.

  7. You look at the rail gun and you look on Google and look up old magnetic devices I'm back in the 1920s we already have the railgun so if they're talking about quantum computers they already have them the government just ain't giving them to you they only give their hand me downs when they come up with new s*** and remember they keep things classified for at least 40 years

  8. Acoustics is *r **tt* and limitless, just when someone knows how to harness the right frequency of **s and s**** necessary for its function including perpetual **ge that benefit us in so many ways and avoid our cyc**** ******tion.

  9. Why the hell would some one go to the extent of wasting money time materials design engineering etc. If you can’t even use the damn machine.

  10. It's not a fuckin movie that one random guy from no where will figure it out. It will take at least a team of thousands with billions in total budget. That is why only few big companies are working on it and not every random millionaire.

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