What Are The Most Creative Industries For Programmers?

What Are The Most Creative Industries For Programmers?

Hey, what’s up, John Sonmez from simpleprogrammer.com. I have a question here about being creative. I thought I’d answer this question here. It’s from Dennis who is one of my favorite
question askers. If you watch my channel you know that I often
answer questions from Dennis here and Dennis says—he says, “According to _______[inaudible
00:00:35] the survey showed that it’s not new technology or training that makes employees
happy, it’s the ability to be creative at work and having the flexibility to use whatever
technology you want.” He gives a quote here and he says, “When
we look at people’s sensation of feeling creative and how that translates to happiness
at work there is a longstanding perception that creativity is for a few. What we saw in the survey is it’s much broader
than that. You can find creativity and happiness in a
whole array of industries.” He says, “Being creative is very important
to me. I told someone just yesterday that I enjoy
working, especially when I get to solve difficult problems (it’s even more fun when other
crashed and burned and they have to call me). So what industries have the best opportunities
for a programmer to be creative? How do you let everyone join in the creative
process without egos getting trampled? I know of one owner who pits people against
each other (which I think is wrong). A real leader will inspire everyone to contribute. Dennis.” Dennis I would say here that it doesn’t
really matter on the industry itself as far as creativity for a programmer because it’s
really the approach that you take to solving the problem. I think that any kind of environment you can
be creative because it doesn’t—the industries themselves, maybe some industries present
significant problems in the business domain that a programmer would have to solve, but
in general, a programmer is going to be figuring out solutions to a wide array of problems. You can be in an environment and be creative
simply by how you approach the problem. I think that it’s really what you decide. Some people go to their job and they decide
that there is no creativity in it and that they’re just a cog in the machine and that
they’re just going to do their work and do their job. They don’t see any opportunity for creativity. That’s their attitude. Other people they look at even the stuff that
might seem mundane, maybe—let’s take this out of the programming domain. How about a boring job like, I don’t know,
mopping the floor. You could be creative with that. You honestly could. If your attitude is one that everything you
do, I always say: it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. How you do one thing is how you do anything. If your attitude about how you do your work
is about trying to do the best that you can, you’re going to get creative. It’s going to be a creative process because
you’re going to take whatever you did and you’re going to try and improve upon it
always and that’s going to involve creativity. You’re going to come up with new ways of
doing things. You’re going to come up with ways that you
can take this boring job or take this mundane task and make it into something that’s creative. I think that opportunity always exists. One thing I would say also for programmers
especially is that programming, the idea, is automation, but in any programming environment
one way to be creative, especially if you feel like you don’t have a lot of creative
outputs is to go and look for places where you can actually build developer tools that
will help you to automate some of the tasks that—maybe you’re outside of the main
program that you’re working on itself. There’s always a way to be creative. I don’t think it really depends on the industry,
like I said. Anyway, I hope that helps. If you have a question for me, email me at
[email protected] I have a request for you. If you like this channel, go ahead and click
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13 thoughts to “What Are The Most Creative Industries For Programmers?”

  1. I agree that you can be creative just about anywhere, but in a lot of places there are limits placed on creativity. I don't think it's an industry thing. It's something that varies from company to company.

    I've worked for companies that view software development as a sweatshop for people to implement the "creativity" of the non-technical business staff. It's not a pleasant place to work for anyone with technical ambition or creativity and the only way up is to move into management.

    Currently I am trying to work my way into data science. It's a very creative field and you have a massive number of languages and tools at your disposal. It's not a field where you're likely to have a specific language or tool thrust upon you, even in a stuffy industry like the financial services sector, and right now it's one of the highest paid professions.

  2. And that's what I call quality! Maybe the intro is kinda old now, but this is now great! The new UX lol or whatever it's called in the video.. it's great! John Snomez and such.. that's awesome!

    Colors, you are well feed lol work out etc.. this is just perfect. How to be a great leader and talk no bs, be one for real lol if you were fat and talked about fitness on how to get fit lol you get my point

  3. I think you're right, John.
    I work for a company that develops software for brokerage firms and yet I feel I can be creative in my work.
    The thing here is how much autonomy you have. If your work environment is too rigid then creativity is at risk.

  4. Saw you filming this when I went for a walk around the pond with my girlfriend. I've been watching the channel ever since waiting to see what the video would be about. Great job!

  5. great inspiration but comparing database programming to game programming in games there are more problems where you can mix rationality with emotions

  6. Hey John, I would love if you could make an video on Competitive Programming. How to become Yellow Coder(Or Red) in 5-6 months
    . Please guys, like this comment if you also want John to do an episode on Competitive Programming

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