Weekly Korean Words with Jae – Computer Words

Weekly Korean Words with Jae – Computer Words

Jaehwi: Hi everyone. I am Jaehwi. 안녕하세요.
이재휘입니다. (Annyeonghaseyo. Ijaehwiimnida.) Welcome back to Korean Weekly Words. I haven’t
seen the topic yet but let’s see what kind of words we are going to talk about. Computer words. Yeah, now we have 키보드 (kibodeu) which
means “keyboard.” 저는 무선 키보드가 더 좋습니다.
(Jeoneun museon kibodeuga deo josseumnida.) which means “I like wireless keyboards more.” Okay and next we have 노트북.” 노트북
(noteubuk) doesn’t mean like notebook. It’s laptop computer. I can make a sentence something like 저는 노트북을 육 개월에 한 번씩 바꿉니다.
(jeoneun noteubugeul yuk gaewore han beonssik bakkumnida.) which means something like “I change my laptop every
six months.” Yeah that’s…. Okay and now we have 마우스 (mauseu) which
means “mouse” for the computer I think while for the animal mouse, we can use this word
쥐 (jwi). So don’t call the animal mouse as 마우스 (mauseu) because that would be
only for the computer mouse. 무선 마우스가 편리합니다.
(Museon mauseuga pyeollihamnida.)
which means “Wireless mouse is convenient.” and here like 무선 (museon) means “wireless”
because it literally means without the lines. Next one 헤드폰 (hedeupon) like I said,
it’s almost the same as the English words. 헤드폰 (hedeupon) means “headphones.” With
that, I can make a sentence like 저는 헤드폰으로 음악을 듣습니다.
(Jeoneun hedeuponeuro eumageul deutsseumnida.) which means I listen to music with headphones. And now we have – let me see 마이크 (maikeu).
Can you guess what it means? Yeah you might think it is about a guy named Mike. I can
call Mike as 마이크 (maikeu) or 마이크 씨 (maikeu ssi), “Mr. Mike.” But 마이크
(maikeu) can be used for microphones. 저는 노래방에서 마이크로 노래를 불렀습니다.
(Jeoneun noraebangeseo maikeuro noraereul bulleotsseumnida.) “I am singing a song with
a microphone at the karaoke.” Okay these are all words for this week. Now
we talked about computer words which might be very easy to remember. I will see you next
week. 안녕히 계세요. (Annyeonghi gyeseyo.)

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