Weekly Japanese Words with Risa – Computer Words

Weekly Japanese Words with Risa – Computer Words

Hi everyone こんにちは。 (konnichiwa.).
Today’s theme is Computer words. Oh, oho Computer words. マック (Makku) it’s not MacDonald’s,
Mac computer マックコンピューターを持っていません。
(Makkukonpyūtā o motte imasen.) 本当です。(Hontō desu.) コピペする (kopipe suru)
コピペする (kopipe suru) means copy and paste. 画像をコピペする。 (Gazō
o kopipe suru.)コピペする (Kopipe suru) ファイル (fairu) file ファイルをメールで送信する。
(Fairu o mēru de sōshin suru.) クリックする (kurikku suru) click YouTubeで好きな動画をクリックする。
(Yūchūbu de suki na dōga o kurikku suru.) ウィンドウ (windō) is window.
ウィンドウ。。。なにこれ。 (Windō…nani kore) これこうやって、小さくするやつ?
(Kore kō yatte, chiisaku suru yatsu?) Window.. ウィンドウを開く (windō o hiraku) Okay everyone, that’s it. Have a good week
and see you next week. Bye bye.

41 thoughts to “Weekly Japanese Words with Risa – Computer Words”

  1. I know this is completely unrelated, but is there any instance when I should use wa instead of ga when using arimasu or imasu.

  2. はい 万事OK! 


  3. These are all transparent 🙁
    The verbs you used in the examples would have been much more interesting to learn 🙁

  4. Why isn't the Japanese word for computer simply: "コムピューター" (with a m)

    Same with coffee: "コーフィー" (with a f instead of a h)

    Wouldn't that be more logical ?

  5. "jyan.." "not macDonald.." "tururun.." "teng.." "chooo…"

  6. Can you make a sentence using these computer words?

    This week Risa will teach you five computer words, only she doesn't know what they are yet! Click here to find the words out: http://youtu.be/KNRhuRLwkeo

  7. so if "to copy and paste" is コピペする does that mean "to copy" is コピするand ’to paste” is  ペする?

  8. フォーマット、スーレギをフォーマットする

  9. haha, めちゃかわいいですね!!


  10. Do "Stock Phrases Frequently used in anime" since anime is one of the most common exposures people in the English speaking world have to Japanese.

  11. It seems to be a standard rule that everything that's modern in Japan borrows the English word e.g. computer-conpyuta TV-terebi.

  12. My Japanese teacher had a problem with her presentation in class the other day, so I go up to her all confident & all like "let me handle it 8-)". She smiles, promptly turns the screen around towards me and says: "Here you go!" I look at the screen for one second…


    … it's all in Japanese!!!

  13. Thank you, Risa! Using my computer just became way more fun! I was just sitting there copying, pasting, and clicking for no good reason because it was just a thrill to be able to say it to myself in Japanese. 🙂

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