We saved you a seat… Now put your name on it.

We saved you a seat… Now put your name on it.

We’re about to take a quantum leap
forward in Laurie’s history and we’ve saved you a front row seat.
My name is Shawty and I’m an economics student
here at Wilfrid Laurier University. Let’s go check it out. I’m walking through this construction
site. The Global Innovation Exchange. The new home of the School of Business and Economics and department of Mathematics. This 215,000 square foot building will boast a bold and forward looking
presence on University Avenue in Waterloo. sure, the exterior of this
building will be impressive but what happens on the inside will
redefine Laurier and business education in Canada. Picture this, technology that connects
this auditorium here in Waterloo with students, teachers and business people anywhere in the world. picture people from the community coming
together to hear from an international thought leader. Imagine thousands of
students in caps and gowns walking down these very halls as they
graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University. As this building rises Laurier’s
ambitions to build Canada’s best business school is transforming
from a vision to a reality But, to truly cement Laurier’s School of
Business and Economics to go from being great to being the best that’s where we need your help.
That’s why we saved you a seat now we want you to put your name on it.
With your generous support you’ll be making a lasting mark by
contributing to this new an exciting future for Laurier students
and to recognize your support you’ll get to put your name on a seat
in this very auditorium so join us we saved you a seat.

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  1. With this extraordinary bio, WLU will be #1 Business School on earth very soon! Save my seat. I will write my name on it soon.

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