100 thoughts to “We Quit the Internet for a Month. Here’s What Happened.”

  1. If I quite the Internet for a month, I would be out of money… But I am not a social media person, I don't have facebook, instagram. Most news is irrelevant anyway. What is the point of getting told that someone gets murdered on the other side of the planet. You already know that, it happens everyday. Maybe I am just pessimistic I watch YouTube though.

  2. I laughed so hard at the oh I should tweet that, oh I'm so proud I didn't tweet that I should tweet that nooo.

  3. i really never did facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. although i'm old and i remember the predecessor platforms for those things so it wasn't too new and novel for me.

  4. Just discovered your channel yesterday, good stuff.. where do you two live? I'm guessing somewhere in Oregon or something?

  5. My husband does the NYT crossword every night before bed. And he's been doing it since he was 16 (he's 32 now). I don't think that's a bad addiction to have. 🙂

  6. Ironically this is one of the unintentional contents i'm watching. It popped on my Recommended.

    Also, "Mindless Scrolling" sounds like a nice term to use.

  7. Excellent 🙂 When I quit social media I built an online business. Well.. still in the process, but a real eye-opener

  8. The Swiss just developed a vaccine for cats that can reduce or eliminate the human allergic reaction. Will be on the market in a couple of years!

  9. I dont really have social media so a lot of this wasn't that relevant. I do have a Facebook but I only have 15 "friends" and they're all my family members. I don't think that everyone you've ever met in your life needs to know what you did today or cares. I don't even allow my best friend on my friends list because if you make more than one post per month I block you hahahahaha!

  10. The wife is really beautiful. I lost my Internet for a few days / week. I was shocked at how productive I was – I cleaned my whole apartment and did laundry.

  11. Turning off notifications is soooo freeing. When I feel like it I can sit and look but I don’t have that little red notification bugging me into opening the apps more.

  12. I've been off Facebook for over a year. Best thing I ever did for my sanity. I've read a bunch of books since and my stress levels are a lot lower.

  13. Don’t know if I can do that for a month but I’ll start small… no Facebook for 2 weeks, then no phone at all for a day every week and see how that goes… thanks for inspiring me

  14. Today is the first day I went online in 2 weeks. Don't reply I will not be checking for thumbs up.I'm going back to my life.

  15. I left my charger at work one day and went almost a full 24 hours without it, I was fully convinced I'd go batshit
    I thought I'd miss twitter and instagram and memes and Netflix but what I wanted the most was the interior design corner on youtube? I missed seeing people decorate and make their spaces cute. I thought about why I loved these videos so much and realized I wasn't happy with how I was living. In those 24 hours I cleaned, bought some houseplants, rearranged my room and felt way better. My roommate came back from work with my charger and I forgot to plug my phone back in. #wILD

  16. Is she still off the social media?? I hope she does a follow-up video! This was so inspiring! Now it’s time for me to get off the internet.

  17. Nearly a year has passed & I'm curious about Chyna's experience without social media for a year. Hoping for an update!

  18. Now that it's been nearly a year since you posted this, I would love to see whether the effects from this have lasted at all and what things are like now. Actually it would be great to see that for a lot of these experiments!

  19. The worst thing all this new technology procured is that it made people okay with being bored. It strips us of our imagination, and makes us forget about the things we love doing. So many people don't have hobbies because of it, and I feel like we as society are going backwards.

  20. I bailed from Facebook on NYE 2015 and felt a disconnection both good and bad very soon after. The initial few hours were tangibly freeing, but then came the FOMO and the outcast loneliness which I'd never experienced before – at this point I would like to emphasise that I am and always had been up until that point comfortable in solitude. In fact I regularly actively seek solitude. But for a couple of weeks after abandoning Facebook I did feel isolated and lonely. Moving forward I became much more interested in Twitter and the interaction with strangers rather than people I'd actually met. I was much more excited by the views of a random celebrity than the mundane brainfarts of someone who I could easily interact with on the street, but then the sheer irrelevance of what that person I'd never met nor likely meet became the overwhelming reason for not wasting time or energy over… I bailed from Twitter, too. I don't miss that cesspit one bit. That social media outlet is by far the most toxic environment I've ever wilfully been involved with.

    Bailing from the internet as a whole? At this point I honestly do not think it'd be possible, although I appreciate the reality of tangible interaction once again, perhaps even more than before.

  21. i think disabling your phone notifications (and also desktop if you have them on) is a great way to start or to use internet in a better way — at least, it is helping me!

  22. Honestly other than my YouTube use for entertainment. I'm barely online. I don't find it to be a great learning tool honestly. I still prefer books, mentors and trial and error to online resources. There's just so much junk online that is difficult to trust any info that comes from it.

  23. Their rules:
    1. Allowed to use google maps
    2. Uploading is okay
    3. 2 movie nights a week
    4. Download all music
    5. No podcasts
    6. No other internet
    No tv

  24. I am thinking about doing this. But my life is just so sad and boring. without my computer and ps4.. I may just go insane without them… At the same time I have this feeling inside of me, that If I were to spend less time with these things. I would actually finally see how shit my life has become and finally want to change shit about my life and move in a better direction. Right now, I'm 22. Jobless, barley any friends or family anymore, Live with my parents.. Slightly agoraphobic and very socially anxious at times.. I do believe that my heavy internet use pushed a lot of my friends away. I used it as a way to cope and deal with my depressions. And I thought that interacting with my friends online was easier to do than in person. I just created a bad relationship with the internet. And it is really just time for me to grow the fuck up and grab life by the balls this time. I'm going to try giving these things up for a while. And quit making these excuses.. Cause right now all I feel like is a prisoner locked away in my room 24/7 staring at these damn screens. :/ I just want out!

  25. It's been a long while since I've actually watched this channel, and I forgot how much I like listening to his querky voice.

  26. I am on day 18 of quitting porn and have no desire to go back. I don't use social media, but I do spend about 2-8 hours a day on youtube and have been doing it for 8 years. I am going to quit it for a month and see what happens.

  27. We are all draining our will power on the internet, porn, sugar and other drugs. I think that if we were to get rid of these things, we would do much better professionally and personally; getting promotions, being healthier all just by having more drive to change.

  28. I think people are suffering from anxiety and depression more then ever before because of social media. I think we all should try to stay away like half of the week every week

  29. Type this into utube 'social media facebook feedback loop' and watch how quick u dramatically reduce ur social media usage………u can thank me after u recover from the shock!

  30. This is a old video now but I just watched it today. I'm a young person and frankly I can't imagine a life without social media and YouTube has existed basically all my life. Maybe because you lived when it wasn't a big thing but really reading a book every now and again isn't special. I don't care for Tv and can't be bothered to watch Netflix or movies but I love to consume books, everyday I read. So if I looked at it your way I should watch more Netflix and Movies and read less books. I don't feel your point translates. Sure sleep quality would improve but you could say I should put the book down and not binge it until 4a.m in the morning. So that's just more self-control.

    I guess you could say YouTube is my TV/movie/Netflix. In that case what else should I do, read more book? I already do, I even use the internet to read webnovels. I guess it might make me less fat but…meh? Also sure the paper is good news except good news can be found on the internet just as easily. Maybe it is more local based then the internet.

    I am probably an outlier as I'm bit of a loner and a bookworm but many of your problem seem very self-inflicted rather then the big bad social media, not that social media isn't a negative on someone's mental health.

    I don't know. Also the kick your wife feels over response on post feels very kinda mind fuckery. If you posted a picture of a vacation and put it on ya wall and people commented on it would she also feel gross that her picture on a wall she put up makes people compare it to themselves. I know the example doesn't translate perfectly but what I'm trying to say is that maybe her problems are once again self inflicted. Then again I don't have nearly as much social media presence. i would get maybe 10-30 likes on a post or whatever.

    Anyway, kinda became long and convoluted but this seemed to follow a narrative of before social media people were better and more productive, or maybe " before the internet we did more" or maybe even then " TV makes people zombies and not do anything". Well back fore basketball and soccer were invented people did more productive things.

    What I'm trying to get is that it's all entertainment and every new entertainment can be seen as a take away from something more "important" or "productive". I can argue that other entertainment is healthier but reading over twitter? If it's non-fiction sure but really a science based or education based twitter account might also be just as productive.

    A bit long.
    I guess I needed to vent a bit. Toxic internet making give opinions? Or do I just like having a conversation even if no one else wants to reply? I'm 14 and this is deep.

    I feel a tad silly. Love ya videos and me and my sisters used to watch you when we were kids, love the clones.

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