Watch us build an Xbox One X PC live!

Watch us build an Xbox One X PC live!

I’ll be alive oh hey there we’re live
hey everybody welcome to PC world xbox one x pc build we are doing a live build
with the entire full nerd crew so I’ve got Gordon right here and for the first
time or ability have Brad the boss and of course we have our amazing video guys
Adam and Dan on hand should use the microphone here we go yeah and if you
have questions comments be sure to chat in I will be asked no matter I’m sure
people want to say things this microphone work at this time it’s
working yes no buzzing no buzzing all right so
first of all we’re gonna introduce you to the alcohol we have with us today yes
I have a hard cider which I probably won’t be drinking much of though I’m
sure everyone’s gonna egg me on I think Gordon has the most hipster of hipster
beer I have what is this this is a Half Moon Bay Brewing pumpkin harvest ale
yeah for the for the season season I prefer in 40s personally but Budweiser
and a few 40 put in the freezer you get it just like almost a turn nice TV beers
that sounds like that sounds like Courtney and P for everybody wondering
cuz every complaining little water you drink beer when you build a computer
we’re at work we’re getting paid to drink beer we’re gonna go the computer
at work okay so if you haven’t you into in our live builds before this is for us
it’s just really casual we get together we have
boos and we put together system this time the matically it’s going to be xbox
one x pc so let’s get started yeah let’s do it
I have a feeling we may have people in Smash that are joining us who are more
console fans than PC enthusiasts so I’m expecting to field some questions today
about why do we even try what’s the point
can’t see the next box lot X for the price well be relevant an article that I
did that priced out different bills that is true it’s a great article currently
you cannot build a PC that is relatively similar in specs for $500 that doesn’t
mean it can’t change in the future but for the moment the answer is no you
cannot why are we doing it because we’re like pcs and why don’t you tell the the
audience this this case that you picked up and why so if you look at the build
it’s actually not gonna be exactly this once when I bought this one it was on
sale oh and most of the the build lists are pretty much comprised of parts
composed parts that were picked for their sale price this one I got I think
about $35 it’s a micro ATX case it’s small it’s relatively compact and it’s a
double thing it does Thermaltake I think it’s the age 15 it has a five and a
quarter inch base lot on the front which is where we’re gonna put the blu-ray
drive nice if you’re going full PC Gamer you don’t need an optical drive so you
could get a different case I actually wanted to get the other if you all can
see it behind me is this Corsair that’s white it’s a pretty one access it’s
really pretty yeah have an optical major so it’s 35 bucks
no no sale was like 40 45 yeah bread picked that up though that’s
a pretty it’s a pretty case for sure also I’ll say that yeah we have a plenty
of people in here that are console fans that are either play both or they you
know maybe left PC by the wayside and you know just seeing what it’s like to
get back into it harder for y’all to see the build so I’m going to just start
with the motherboard outside sweet fun let me get it yeah I realized I need to
pop off my beer I’ll let you guys do that because I should introduce it from
the parts first so the bill is based around a rise in 3 1200 CPU so we’re
going Rison and the original article I did I picked an AMD FX 8350 but now that rise ins out and there’s a
budget version of Rison I didn’t really see a point in building with the holder
chip although for our benchmarks I have put together an FX 8300 M
so I will grab a benchmarks from that just so people who want to see the
difference in performance can see and that is a quad core with SMT versus an 8
core FX bar right but since we’re building a PC the whole 8 core thing
doesn’t really mean the same thing on PCs so I’m going with the actual
performance and not necessarily what it sounds like on paper now how are you
gonna judge the victory here because is it is this so I you got a look at the
purpose of the machine whenever I’m configure anything or giving people
advice what are you gonna use the thing for this is like a 75% gaming box then
for 100% gaming box I I don’t believe there is such a thing
as hundred-percent personal I think it’s gonna depend on who’s building it I mean
if we’re talking about console gamers or former console gamers who are thinking
well I either want to go with Xbox one X or I could build a PC then for them most
likely it’s gonna be anywhere from 90 to 100% gaming if you’re talking about
someone who is a PC gamer who maybe wants to upgrade a really old rig then
it’s gonna be more mixed use all right you’ll see maybe more of that 60s I’m
slowing you down sorry to ask this questions you want me to do something we
okay last time from the computer but they’re asking if we’re gonna give the
PC away after I I would love to but we haven’t yet worked out with our legal
team while we’re doing the giveaway stuff so unfortunately answer for now is
no if you actually go to a dictionary I’m not making this up and you look up
no we put that into the system so from the motherboard I ended up picking an
a320 board which if you follow rise of all the stuff with Rison and all that
you know that it’s not overclockable or i mean that you can’t overclock the CPU
and I did that primarily for price there there were people who tweeted at me and
said hey why don’t you like put the extra fifteen or twenty dollars towards
be 350 boards so you can overclock and get more performance out of it and my
answer to that is that is an excellent point well made however where I was
going for cost with this build so I was basically going as low as I could go
without actually sacrificing too much when it Lelaina knows
you know actually overclock either that’s true but there are definitely
people who like to buy overclockable parts just so they know that they have
the option so cool LSD I see you in the box sweet so the the chat saying we
should have got a bunch of colt 45 for everyone to drink here’s a good question
from Antonio Viper anyone know if the if the X will have liquid cooling does
anyone know not liquid cooling as you know where you assume there’s a pump
which is what we sort of see what CLC’s but you know phase change kind of like
where changes from a vapor or whatever but I wouldn’t call it liquid cooling
but it’ll probably using and and we got it we got a question straight for Brad
from todd todd did you did you switch your old gaming pc for rise in there did
you stay with the old one with your old Intel nice for your personal gaming
machine on streaming and making videos in the future so figured a few quarters
for it the commander do you think but for test bed still is it still has elite
a core yeah 60 X 8 core but we’re gonna be switching that out sometime soon in
that’s nice ok there’s a triangle so right now Elena is looking for the
triangle to insert the rise in CPU into the motherboard I don’t know why they
never make it more a lot more obvious but there’s so you don’t mess this up
this is the most dangerous part of any build you screw up and you bend pin
it’s not good I will say as much as people sort of crap on these older style
CPUs that still have pins on them I brought that CPUs that I’ve had serious
serious pins been in doing the mechanical pencil trick oh the new LGA
systems that are used in you know the Red River and you know of course until
for a long time it’s really hard to come back from a couple really badly bent
pins and those he is so I actually do kind of like the depends on the CPU we
got a good question from diamond– he’s asking what what cooling will this PC
have what kind of cooling cooler so this is a point that I wanted to bring up
while we were talking about just a second ago I definitely had some
comments from people who are primarily against console fans that were saying oh
you know like Xbox one axis so superior because it has that vapor chamber
cooling so that I would say that is not necessarily an equal equivalent to
compare the types of cooling we have here and one of the nice things about
having a PC is that if you want to you can always upgrade your cooling upgrade
you want to spend more money you can definitely get liquid cooling and I will
say if there’s one thing Mike yourself knows how to do what to do now is to
definitely cool the Xbox revering of death I mean that was like a ninety nine
per item I do not know one single person who owned an Xbox that actually used it
it was 360 right the ones that are all dying yeah original generation there is
nobody there’s not a single xbox 360 there’s a planet that is still running
if they asked to use it as far as I know cuz everybody I know that’s ever used
one favorite place at least one of them I have personally you want the six
three disparate Drive i-i’ve been through something I’ve been through two
disc scratch Xbox 360s and five red rings so yeah yeah second gen not the
not the the slim not though like the redesigned body but like I can’t
remember the different process yeah yeah so man that was good
another question from sergeant nor der why didn’t you use a smaller case to get
the same form factors the Xbox one X again primarily for cost there are some
really cute little mini ITX cases out there that are about the same size as
the Xbox well maybe slightly larger but I’ve roughly called Sol sized but those
costs like sixty to seventy dollars so again because this build was primarily
built around the question of what can you do for as close to the price as
possible that’s why I chose to go with the bigger case and while you put the
cooler on here’s a good one for Gordon yeah we’re only putting weight well hold
up no this is this is somebody in the chat named Adam Murray hold up
That’s not me I’m right here so I hope man they’re maybe they’re trolling me
anyway Adam Murray not me says that we’re gonna put eight gigs of DDR four
in here but the Xbox one X has 12 gigs of DDR 5 yeah yeah please please talk
about this if you watch the live build prep video there are a couple of things
that even quite say right in it and one is that I said that there are
eight gigs of RAM on the Xbox one X which is not true there are 12 gigs of
shared ADR GDR sorry guys G taking a hard v ram and it’s so the
thing is about the Xbox one X is that it’s it’s a custom system and so the the
CPU and the GPU are actually I mean for lack of a better term to put it simply
it’s combined it’s a it’s an APU so it’s all one unit it’s very different than
what we’re building here and because of that the RAM the memory is shared
between the two components so you have 12 gigs overall but I think it’s only up
to 9 that a game can use so there’s still some being reserved for the system
the operating system itself to function otherwise everything would just run
incredibly slow and I think what I read was that if a game doesn’t use the full
nine gigs the rest goes back to the system resources so that things a little
faster you have a fairly smooth seamless experience overall if you ate too much
into that additional 3 gigabytes you really wouldn’t have enough to run the
variant of Windows 10 that’s all the Xbox one X so I mean you could argue
that you only get eight versus the ninth maximum for Xbox one X but you know
again it’s it’s not pure apples to apples comparison here no all right
Gordon you’ve done this more often I have when you a should I position this that’s a different kind of fans just so
you want to point us to this we’re using a stock cooler it has the stock thermal
interface material or pastes right as people like to call it we’re just gonna
pick wall this is the top right no way so we’re gonna be in this case yeah
that’s that’s the top because this will be a top so you’re gonna want to be able
to read what it doesn’t really matter the logos are it’s just sort of just I
would probably place it depending on where you’re gonna plug this yeah keep
accident switching them in place sorry stream at a play gotta go vertical oh so
it is a rectangle about a square so when W is is saying he heard that it’s nine
gigs four games and three gigs reserved for the system I don’t know how true
that is but he’s saying that it’s nine gigs for the games and three gigs for
the system okay cool sorry I wasn’t paying attention I was
drinking this this yummy beers yeah this pumpkin harvests ale for the good well
California kid says why not match the specs you clowns are bums oh yeah you
know what it’s all about being exactly the about the space and matching it that
makes sense because that’s the only thing that matters like higher frame
rates would be better on a certain platform right if that’s which is which
is true just kidding no oh no I was just listening to bread burn you know I’m
gonna I’m gonna do the final torque on this are you okay no go ahead and plug
it in plug advance rookie move always plug in your CPU fan
it’s a rookie move everybody makes as they forget to plug that in or you plug
it into the wrong one you plug into the wrong one the motherboard goals
sometimes halt and say there’s no fan plugged in so
just as years we’re getting to take protective
oh yeah that’s so this is there’s it’s nice there’s no torque wrench this is
not the red ripper there we go this is a small board so another reason why I went
with a rising bill for our live builds and our total primary benchmarking is
because with the with Rison motherboards are newer and therefore you have built
in MDOT to support so again nice thing about PC if you wanted to upgrade down
the road to booting off with SSD you can and it’s gonna be nice and fast
you can get a nice nbme drive off so I’m actually gonna reverse this out because
this board is so damn tiny little AMD logo overhangs the dim slot one of the
dim sum oh you’re right are you running one or
two Tunes – okay so we’re gonna we are gonna reverse this some people get
freaked out by like oh my god the thermal paint whatever it’s fine do you
have a minute I do have a mini ITX board suppose no way to dims yeah this is no
no this is this is my crazy oh well what the hell is this thing I think this
might be a mini ice yet this is not a DC X is it no I’ve been getting a little
mixed up with all my parts because I’m building the two simultaneously so I’m
pretty sure I know my SX 8300 is a micro ATX that has four slots I think this is
a mini ITX as always a dream this do you want to read my face it’s
fine we’re not overclocking can you uh reiterate why you bought this Ford Kyle
font or wants to know why small yeah yeah yeah to build the smallest box
possible because again the the question that I wanted to answer with this build
was what can you build for five hundred dollars that in an attempt to replicate
the Xbox one X and when I was pricing out the build the cheapest ones were the
tiny boards which worked out well in terms of size so people didn’t accuse me
of building just this gigantic ugly PC but it wasn’t my specifically set out to
find the smallest board possible so in Leslie lies saying that the Xbox one X
uses a customized Polaris based 580 plus with 40 compute units instead of the
desktop base 580 with 36 compute units breadward does that matter Brad tell us
if that matters it’s bigger than the motherboard oh I I think so but I do
have a backup case on hand when you’re when you’re actually pricing
this out and when you’re building it and if you actually look at the build list I
have the 580 I have in our build list is not nearly so behemoth
however us availability and the funds available to this build for low I had to
go with what we had on hand which was actually brought had on hand and sent to
us Tasha is wondering was there no room in
the budget for a small SSD I think this came out to 693 ish oh that would push
with us 693 with OS yes and with controller no six $700 with OS for 580
class gaming so that’s 1080p gaming at you know high that’s pretty damn good
for PC gaming are you and with the ramen yeah but we want we want a 4k machines
sure so I chose eight gigabytes of RAM mostly just to ensure that there would
be smooth system performance that’s not actually trying to match anything or
show up anything this is ddr4 just for compatibility
reasons I picked I think twenty eight hundred megahertz for speed not again
for any particular reason but just it happened to be the cheapest one at the
time Korean prices rise and likes faster speeds so I thought it was nice that I
actually got a little bump in speed over what I was originally looking at because
I thought I’d get you know 21 33 or 2,400 in terms of trying to find the
cheapest but it wasn’t the cheapest which is kind of weird actually but you
know ever case prep the case the power supply we got a good another good
question I catch my favorite kind of powers
but bug Zulu 36 verses 40 but higher clock I mean annex but you know of
course Xbox does I mean it is a custom OS right it’s and their games are closer
to the metal supposedly or they actually all just DirectX 12 of these these days
I’m no console hand so I have no idea so let’s say actually could be more of a
loss of anything right uh Adam Murray but not me
I’m Adam Patrick Murray is asking can you confirm the harddrive speed for the
X versus what’s in your PC which is what I actually ended up picking through the
build in the part list originally because at the time they just said it
was 50% faster and I said I don’t really know what that means y’all I’m just
gonna kind of strike a middle balance here and pick what’s actually commonly
available to PC DIY builders and just grab a 7200 rpm Drive which turns out
that’s what actually it is in the Xbox 1x which i think is a little weird to
say that’s a 50% increase of bandwidth this is a family show so I’m not going
to use the correct word technically correct word but that is a bunch of
baloney ain’t no way if anybody’s ever used up
54 5400 rpm hard drive and then the use of 7200 they don’t go like oh my god my
life has changed it’s so much faster yeah you know the most laptops though
most laptops I mean of course not today but like they were all very low rpm
drives right so Taj points out that Gordon was so careful with the thread
Ripper build but now he’s just slapping things in slow
nobody has mentioned anything about a slow build yet so Oh slow it down slow
this do longer we can hang out here and drink and actually collect money for it
is better yeah how’s it how’s your PPR oh wow they’re not mounted I hate that
case man you gotta do everything yourself
so what Elena is doing is is is putting in the motherboard mounts
so there’s wholesome for a rookie that he’s never done this before and actually
we do like we want to make sure the the PC crowd is open to everybody you’ve
never done it there’s holes in the motherboard you put the mounts in you
screw the motherboard down but of course you got to make sure they all match
what’s in the motherboard they wouldn’t help the fact she held it the right way
yeah well we’re gonna do one two what are these extra one for when the world
is at one two three what the heck weird that’s kind of the fun of it though just
kind of seeing how each build is kind of also a side note Geoffrey and the chat
is saying you know you did an unboxing for a dell all-in-one and the other
review hasn’t been posted in a couple months can I say this I don’t throw down
to a bus my review unit had issues and it took a long time to work them out and
by the time I got the second one I was just slammed with other things it
is still at my desk I am still trying to finish it because I
it’s a really cool system and I want to finish that review so I haven’t
forgotten about it it just gotta got caught up in the review quantities that
sometimes problem also another you know pushing DIY laptops they actually had
they were trying to standardize components power supplies so you could
actually build your own laptops I actually have done a couple of those six
to seven years ago you know they were you know laptop five six seven years ago
they were big ugly pieces of plastic but you could you know you would buy a white
box it would have a motherboard you drop in a CPU RAM storage and you’d be good
to go really that really wasn’t that much building they kind of gave up I
know from what I understand it’s mostly because you know vendors would sell
these white box kits they seuss was one of them somebody would screw up
installing the the CPU they returned to the store and then now
they’re stuck with a very expensive laptop that they can’t do anything with
so it was kind of a he was kind of a problem for the people who were trying
to sell the system’s themselves so that that’s over in Sullivan tried to do
build your own all-in-one which didn’t go over that well I so yeah it was kind
of cool but I mean they were just you know the internal connectors use those
really really super fine ribbon cables and I let me
you want them yeah it’s gonna torque these down this is there are definitely
even if you build systems many times they’re definitely a few places where
you can forget to do something and you do all the rest of the steps and then
you go around but putting in the IO shield is definitely one of those things
we had somebody mentioned that we’re not wearing our protective wrist straps you
know what’s why the electronics and the components are not as sensitive as they
might have once been as long as you’re careful and not you know purposely
rubbing your hands over carpet to create that electricity usually pretty good yeah also high humidity day but you know
if you’re building one or two computers it’s not gonna really matter yeah if
you’re working again I think we said this awesome
if you’re working in a factory yeah you want to take a st protocols you’re doing
here in your garage it’s not a problem and earlier what I was doing I just want
to mention we torque down the motherboard mounts that is a very very
important stuff to do make sure you get those things in there tight because
you’re gonna screw down into the into the case from the motherboard and then
when you back it out it’ll back the actual mount out and you’re kind of
screwed yeah bad things you have to do crazy things with pliers and rubber
bands so that you can grip one thing and not the other I actually like this because they go get
their optic way you know CPU coolers yeah you know that stop cooling it’s
awesome for that because I gotta say aftermarket air coolers aftermarket seal
sees it heads there’s like another 15 steps for those things but we’ve had a
couple questions in the chat that I think bread you can help us out with and
I personally have no experience with this either but how is the screen
capture on AMD cards you know cuz uh the GeForce experience screen capture is
actually pretty damn good the shadowplay stuff nice so Brad I have a question for you
have used the capturing option for Xbox one at all or I guess okay I guess the
rough equivalent would be Windows tens native capturing how does yeah how does
that compare to real I’ve um mixer it’s called it used to be called beam and
became into what those things creators update it’s really great in figured
advanced into streaming because it’s a real nice simple interface that let you
get up and going quickly and dancing the console but it doesn’t have a lot of the
in-depth detail and options that you would get something like it would be s
so it’s good for getting that quickly when you start doing it but not good for
advanced users okay those are for auto drivers just how Brad how much overhead
does that the the AMD screen capture put on on your GPU detail awesome marker diamond wants to know if you have a ps4
bread nice but so which of us are your console gamer do you have a Wii and you
have what so that makes him a console gamer should be the course I’m glad
Gordon got distracted on that one he was gonna go on a console rant good one red Mile the debate because I didn’t consult
the manual like I normally do Oh Wow they really do I think they really
do to use those damn things those are the ones using the optical drive oh I
just I think the bit you have in your screwdriver it’s not the right size
that’s why it’s not screwing it easy oh no you something and Elena you what
kind of console do you have at home Wow no no I have here comes a reasonable
SNES NES classic a Wii PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 elite version Xbox 360 slim
version Xbox one original version I have on the way yeah take that Gordon what
you have at home there Adam Oh God are we doing this gamers you guys are
because clearly console gamers that are watching I’ve a gameboy color Nintendo
DS and Nintendo 3ds a PlayStation Vita a X Xbox 360 I recently sold my xbox one
ps4 pro a retron 5 are retropie build a Super Nintendo and a Genesis dude oh and
my switch – yeah yeah you know I should bring my switch in here and just play
some Mario while you guys build this wow that’s cool and and what what kind of
coffee you have yes and I brought my yeah he does evidence 64 here
oh yeah he’s cool cool wait on the Swiss house in Great
Council yeah Gordon what consoles do you have I have none no your kids have yeah
only in Jensen’s dreams this Nvidia shield count as a game it’s an awesome
Cody box it’s like the Cadillac of Cody boxes oh that’s not a game console
that’s like calling Android gaming gaming so the Android gaming is not
gaming it cannot be there for a game Council how about you racer yeah yeah
which by the way I’ll be too I have one of those yeah I do I see I have steam
link you have to a network Fergie I bought them as gifts so no I I don’t
have any game consoles at home the behemoth all right let’s see this
drumroll will it fit you anyone do that SATA Drive there though cuz it’s gonna
block and any blood from the case yet yeah at least port to plug the cable in
I guess yeah so guys that console awesome yeah
prefer game consoles over question Gordon actually in some ways I would say
yes because my switch man I play that all the time here at work on the train
at home sitting on my couch plug it into my monitor and my computer
you play everywhere so much you play it well you play PC gaming
sometimes yeah I’m waiting for a game to and so looks I’m in a minute I’m I’m not
a PC getting fat or I’m not that is also true I’m not betting at all
so dreaming what is the attraction don’t forget the motherboard headers do
you prefer the the steam controller do use a hex box force whatever the force
if the force is gonna speak to me also what do you guys think about VR do you
think the Xbox one ex will eventually get a VR headset this is coming from
Kyle this year laughter I think it was 2015 where they talked about it and then
it was like like not a word hi hi if it’s coming it’s not gonna be for a
while I think I think they looked at the numbers on psvr and how that thing is
like it’s the equivalent of a Nintendo light gun in the mount of use it gets so
I think they said why waste money on this this generation I don’t think it
makes sense I had a friend that said look I need to get my son he really
wants VR and the cheap route is to get PSP are right we just do a ps4 we do VR
and I said any ghost should I get that or vodka will survive and I said I
honestly think you’re already PC gamers I really think psvr is just not it’s not
up to snuff rather this is still a urine of bleeding edge of technology if you’re
gonna sink any money into it you Mazal sink money into something you’re gonna
play which is a vibe right maybe but yeah just too underpowered cuz now
he’ll be are in my opinion man you get sick of that stuff you not really hope
though is that Sony has looked forward and they said yeah we know this is
underpowered hardware for VR but next generation we’re gonna come out with our
next generation you know super duper PS five it’ll have the power to drive this
headset I’m gonna hope they’re not gonna pull a Sony and say oh you need to buy
the new VR headset for the PS 9 right I mean that wouldn’t that be the ultimate
screwing I’m surprised you need to say Google
cardboard so we all know how much you love and during the yard stuff the
cheapest I don’t get my kids barn and stuff it’s like so he’s the equivalent
of a card trick you’re like what’s hard you pick okay that’s it on my trick you
know that there’s a lot of pretty impaired to me anyway so in he’s at did
you what console do you run that on you know there’s a lot of there’s not a lot
of love for VR in the chat but there is a lot of love for consoles you know a
lot of people think they can coexist yeah but I’m just saying yeah I do think
the arts very much bleeding edge it’s not for everyone right you’re an early
adopter at this point but if you’re gonna do it do it in a system that is
not gonna just kind of collect dust right and be worthless I think vibe
still has a lot of legs you know you know the 4k obviously is a big deal
surprise they’re getting set up solely to run VR headsets if that takes off I
mean obviously the PlayStation is because PSP arms already out
you know Kyle’s asking a hundred bucks these days and that blows the pants off
of psvr yeah and that runs on which game console we could use that with this machine gun
probably fine maybe I’m so just to get back to the topic a little bit of Elena
what’s going on here tell us tell us what you’re working on because we’re
getting put in this mammoth freaking gigantic video card in next where’s the
there we are so let’s see how large this is relative
to the beste system because of that it’s likely gonna block these connectors
right here so we’re doing this first before inserting the video card so those
are the pins for the front of the case so that you can use your power switch
and the LEDs light up and everything over here and then this is the
connection to the storage the SATA connector it’s not a connector never
pronounce that right I am that person that only ever learns words they’re
reading them and then I butter them and everyone looks at me like what it’s like
data and data Scaasi what is it it is scuzzy snazzy it’s also Jeff I’ve
never heard scheduled the worst argument on the Internet I agree with you I say
Jeff is a little bit I mean we’ve had a couple questions earlier after this is
built what are you gonna do with it and what games are you gonna test so
what I’m gonna do with it is benchmark it and I’m gonna do a hand
of CPU benchmark suggests so that I can compare it to the FX 8350 M
but for games I’m gonna try to do games that also will run on the Xbox one X
obviously we can’t benchmark the Xbox upon X but well hat we can at least get
the numbers on the PC side and then do the well based on how we’re looking at
it this is roughly what the difference is so for that I’m thinking rise of the
Tomb Raider 4 to 7 and Gears of War 4 oh nice ok yeah if I can get code for that
then I’ll try that throw that one into maybe this asin’s Creed have a built-in
benchmark I don’t think it does right so maybe that it depends on what codes I
can get my hands on and what like people own in the office and are willing to let
me run on the system Corey’s asking is Wi-Fi on board or are you gonna use a
USB stick a good question so when you get a dirt cheap motherboard
it doesn’t include Wi-Fi yeah so that that is what is it 10 points to Xbox one
X Y Phi so if you want Wi-Fi on the system you’re gonna have to get an
either an adapter extra adapter or an internal part but word of advice don’t
do Wi-Fi gaming that just sucks just run a 300 foot get you know cat 6 cable to
just don’t know Wi-Fi is the worst thing like I sort of God if he like went and
looked what was wrong with PC gaming Wi-Fi would really be like the number
one blame people trying to play games over Wi-Fi
so just string it throughout hopefully a little wider Dan no yeah I think
there’s this thing right here that won’t let it’s not no it’s not gonna let see
oh no oh no do we just grab that for a card reference card can you guess what
no it’s got this weird limp to it it has this thing right here I think this is
for SSD smashing SSDs you can’t pull it out I don’t think so I think it’s welded
in looks like take it out oh but I can’t cuz then I can’t that’s
probably rivet in place I might ya know it’s it is it’s actually won’t at all no
no well those it journal well I don’t have
it here we breathe trembling yes just for people who may be in the chat saying
automatic fail when you actually have control over what parts you buy you
couldn’t actually account for this picture of purchased parts and that’s in
the office which doesn’t always work out as well as you would hope put this in
there we can get it to posts you grab I can go around the reference 481 the
reference 480 just so we can finish this build but for the actual benchmarks I’m
gonna move this into a system or a case that will accommodate this vickima
or we’ll get out the welding tools will get out there welt welding tools and you
know make a little one of the things I would do is learn how to mod cases do
that really slick liquid cooling with all the lights and the different colors
of liquid but I haven’t won the lottery yet so that dream is so far from the
distance well would you go I mean it depends on
the theme I think real quick bugs Ulla says he’s used this case before and it
should fit he says unscrew the bay and just put the
hard drive on the ground for now getting the way it’s not this it’s the it’s the
lip right here that’s they’re gonna not allow the car
to seat I don’t think I want to come see it all right this already hits that lip
and I haven’t even got a chance to even begin well I upgraded my card at home and buy
a new case for that but this is a good lesson though because you know the one
thing is people they love these little small cases in case you never worry
about like always anything can get in the way have a these small cases this is
a very common problem so instead of it being blocked in the case that’s why
your case fit on your desk yes you don’t worry about like is again a fit with
this cup on it but you do like any me in the ITEX build do you sometimes you
screw yourself and like on everything carefully go check them in do this he’s
so cheap look at this I can’t believe this alright and just to reiterate for
for the end of this build we’re just gonna make sure it posts we’re not
actually gonna install anything or all the testings gonna happen after that and
then we’re gonna have a follow-up video after all the testings done to kind of
go over how the build went so how much prep in practical impact how much faster
is a 580 over 40 that overclocked hard 10% maybe yeah so that’s the difference Robert Dyson says they should make a PCI
riser card there you go oh that would be interesting I’ve never
seen just a straight riser card but I have definitely all the awesome flexible
PCIe tables these days well could you stack the risers for the motherboard the
i/o is lined up on the back of the case yeah I guess they really never expected
someone to put a card this small the reference that’s nice 10 inches nine
inches this one is like probably like 12 or 13
so Saudi I can confirm that it’s not just a an SSD Bay it’s actually the the
whole case it’s it’s machined out like that there’s there’s nothing to take out
it’s it’s one big piece yeah you would basically have to Dremel out that that
drive bay area to be a larger car be able to take off the cage here but
that’s it heart of the cards channel weird name
says a 480 graphics card is too weak compared to the Xbox 1x let me
understand this because I I don’t really follow the whole console worst thing
because I’m a PC gamer but Oh when PlayStation 4 was faster than Xbox
the frame rates matter so frame rates if I understand it right a lot of people
because I’m not that Elena was one of those people that said it didn’t matter
that much but console a lot of some consoled Xbox fans said like it doesn’t
matter Xbox vs PlayStation fours it’s not about the frame rates it’s not about
the resolution is not for the frame rates so now that Xbox one is faster are
you being consistent I just want to make sure that people are being consistent
there because people need to to say like if they said it didn’t matter when Xbox
is slower than PlayStation 4 it shouldn’t matter now right you might get
that straight getting that right I like that whole
person in front of the liquor store you going yeah just sitting outside the
liquor store kind of like and I think the Xbox one x2 is that even though you
spend all extra money on this console as opposed to a baseline PlayStation Xbox
you don’t really know for sure what games will actually support it and if
they do support it what did it do like there’s no base expectation for them
they won’t say hey you get these games of a run at 4k resolution at
30 frames per second and they don’t say hey 1080p games are running at 60 frames
per second it’s kind of a crashing you know what I hope they don’t do though is
it I hope they don’t feel like hey you bought X game for your Xbox one
we know you barely ran 1080p resolution at any kind of reasonable quality I
would hate for them to come out and say oh my god remastered it for HD which is
they’ve gone in and they said recompile to run at 4k with you know I mean I hope
they don’t like sell that you–that should just be a given like if you have
an older game you should simply run it at the higher sorry about any interrupt
you yeah they actually have a they have a list out online about the games that
are getting updates so and it’s included oh really yeah so um we have this 480
here and I say substitute for the brand-new gtx 1070 TI card if it fit if
it’s a if it fit in this game and i was playing on pc how do i get the new
content to run on that faster card Brad or Elena I’m not answering this very
obviously a setup I don’t have to buy a new one or wait for somebody to add it
to a list to say remastered for a higher resolution it’s just kind of like so on
the PC you can play that with the Xbox and PlayStation either never really seen
updates for the existing games but I believe Gordon’s point is that you have
to wait for those updates put on the PC you do – I mean or will
you just go into the control panel and set it for 4k or I mean sometimes it’s
buggy I mean if you have a like a wide aspect ratio you know I mean there’s
there’s definitely things that that aren’t always there
if you’re trying to play you know boss box games and manic conquer or something man I love that game
sidenote Kyle just so you know we’re using a four eighty a reference for
eighty it’s just so we can post and then for the testing the five eighty will go
back in also just in case nobody knows I’m Adam hi I’m the producer here I’ll
answer your questions questions yeah personally here my feeling is this is a
cheap bill cheap wiring don’t worry about it
just like you would do you expect like a voodoo class level of wiring right here
I might like zip-tie this or something just so it’s not points
don’t worry it’s already waiver actually zip-tie it because I have to move this
between cases anyway don’t worry it’s already way prettier than Gordon’s red
river built so let’s break that out it’s all war another nice that I’ve got that
I need to own core I’ve got a drop in yeah yeah where’s that but yeah too many
other things they could basically hit let’s say 1430 right 60 frames per
second on a TV or on a monitor I would say I’d probably go for 1080 60 is a PC
gamer but at the same time TVs are just so such bad gaming interfaces I don’t
know if it really matters I think you could probably play for 4k 30 is it 30
therefore 8:30 you probably would not be able to be able to tell you know they’ve
probably compensated for just how crappy televisions are isn’t for latency and I
think so what’s your playing already playing in now front USB you know even
on so I’ve a 4k monitor at home you know and I’m running a 1070 I still try to
get as much resolution as I can I’m okay if you know I’ll hit like 40 frames a
second you know it doesn’t bug me I don’t need the highest frame rate are
you I’ll still try to know huh I’ll still try to to get a good resolution
out of it above frame rate really yeah I mean it depends the game if I’m
playing a competitive shooter you know then I would want higher frame rate but
I mean if I’m playing a really pretty game like I’ve been playing hell-blade
lately and the ha man that thing is just beautiful
and it runs 4k on my but I mean 60 frames it’s around 30 or 40 you know for
that game because what are they doing this though is it today
bleep party Xbox yeah but you see you would then have any you’d have to have
an HDMI a current like a brand new HDMI 2.0 smaller
yeah but he had an older one that was DisplayPort because freesync precinct
one was all despite part right just like g-sync and then they did he come out
with the HDMI right but I’m just thinking that the most of the monitors
themselves though it was yeah it wasn’t until they rolled it into HDMI which
came out early this year right so like you have a lot of the older generation
precinct panels you’re not going to work over over DisplayPort no because you’re
not gonna build it so the the chat it seems to be about a maybe 6040 split on
people want higher frame rates would choose the 1080 60 yeah so yeah I’m
actually yeah thanks I almost either the TV handled the upsampling then right I
mean that’s just yeah well in depend on yes I got a Lena so Gordon hates modular
PS use he’s modular power supplies and so he’s plugged in every single favor
this case is if you had the campbells come out like they used to
without the modular smashed up against the page will be up top easily talk to
her damn small also there’s a there’s some
people in chat saying that there’s some people in chat saying that you know us
PC gamers just you know we’re just showing that we don’t know anything
about console gaming zone I don’t know anything about it I don’t I don’t I want
to understand I’m I’m in the interest of interstellar diplomacy I want to know
what the appeal is I mean yes but you sound like someone from 1950s Britain
visiting the Amazon for the first time or Star Trek it can beam down to that
planet we’re all there all dressed up we go but you like your ancient Rome can
you take take the cage out I mean also can you take the cage out I don’t think
we need to we’ll just write it past it okay Oh Brad earlier somebody asked you
to talk about Volta and any new tip for pcs if you need something now just get
it now so well speaking and now you’re 1070 TI
review went up today really really good yeah well we’re gonna talk more about
that on the the full nerd tomorrow yeah be sure to turn into that terry is
asking are you guys factoring in labor costs into your bills so it’s another way that the xbox is
just superior I mean really the chat really are they really saying the Xbox
is superior we’ve we’ve got some console lovers in here
but yeah everyone’s saying that hey you know if you want it if you want to
convenient if you want it cheap and if you want to have a you know it’s not
it’s not worry about stuff and then Xbox one X is a way to go I mean there is no
such thing I believe as a 100% gamer like given my kids to play PC games they
do their homework in Google Docs on their PC so light now I’ve never sat
down an Xbox to fire Google Docs or Excel in Photoshop so yeah although I do
have to tell you antidote so what once upon a time when I used to work for
official Xbox Magazine we no joke we would get letters from people telling us
that they would actually use Internet Explorer
I think it’s an explorer on their Xbox 360 to watch porn why would they tell you that I don’t
know I’m actually not entirely sure but I am not kidding when I’m not making
this up actually it’s funny I’d like to go to my the statistics on my personal
website and there’s there’s always there’s always like a couple hits a
month from either a PlayStation web browser or even a we’re at web browser
I’ve got a couple times and I’m like who the hell is browsing the web let alone
my personal site on the console it’s crazy to me but I just I just I mean
maybe we can just agree I I believe there is truly a social aspect with with
game consoles you’re gonna stare around your buddies you know your gal buddies
drinkin beer playing a football playing bat and whatever that’s that’s a great
experience that is a real strength of console games fighting games are a
strength to console games but I mean I think even I want to ask the chat
because it would there’s clearly more console fans there and you clear a lot
of you you folks are the console people but can we can’t we agree PC gaming is
superior and graphics quality and generally the you know the multiplayer
aspect of hey I can play battlefield 4 on a 64 player server you know well yeah
I think we can go this way core to the middle but that really weird because it
puts I don’t think I put these on backwards oh no that’s not correctly all
right let me let me figure this out give me a second sorry Dan don’t you don’t
have to move just yet I see this is just yeah you put it in there we’re gonna see
if it works also for the the people that are asking
we’re gonna do the full nerd tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. Pacific time we’re gonna talk
about all the fun hot topics coffee like 1070 I you know see how so 10:30 10:30
a.m. Pacific time tomorrow if you want to know for the full nerd also we had
the random person asking about the PC world show I’ll say that yeah you know
timing and scheduling just didn’t end up working out though we continued it but
we have some ideas to bring it back but for now the flight of the full nerd is a
PC world’s flagship podcast talking about PC hardware so tune in but yes
everyone in the chat Gordon can agree that the PC is super superior but you
but you have to pay the price yes but at the same time that price includes the
ability to run office Google Docs a browser all kinds of other things so
what is the value of you being able to buy to be able to actually do work on yes you could still buy a console for
the even the Xbox one X at $500 and then buy a laptop which these days aren’t
that expensive relatively speaking for another say like $600 and you have your
gaming experience you have your experience and you don’t have to do a
lot of work I’m just saying there is a use case for that yeah the use case is
and on TV and on TV there’s a lot of people who like to game on with the full
HD screen your taxes let’s let’s talk about this now so you’re talking about
a five six hundred dollar laptop for how much for the game console which one 500
oh no Xbox one X is that anyone that’s the new one now how what sighs let me
understand what size television does what size television is is that Xbox one
come with way comes with that comes with it what what television comes with Xbox
one what what PC comes with a monitoring Gordon I have a floor I have not use $500 it does not come with the
television right so you have to buy television for don’t have to hey you
play it on what Dan zoom in on the the PBR for a second to see how far is in
its only here’s my point now you’re gonna understand this low
Xbox one X $500 say you have a television which you have to buy say
$600 for television right not all that is just for the Xbox to say half so $300
so your $500 is now $800 now we’re gonna add the cost of a laptop for $500 where
does that we can even go $350 sir that’s a horrible experience well that’s having a cost of but anyway
no matter what you can all agree all right we’re about a thousand to twelve
hundred dollars right I got that right no I’m not good at math so I can’t agree
that Isaac told how much was that Dell laptop he sent me this morning that link
750 after rebate what was inside of that Dell laptop I think it was that’s
nothing max q10 60 so a 1060 class graphics card but that’s max q10 60 10
to 10 50 and that laptop cost and not to mention it it comes pre-installed with a
bunch of bloatware well how much was that 1060 laptop I could play games at
750 dollars I mean we’re at $750 was it now I’m just a caveman and I don’t know
man that’s horrible but that’s horrible $1100 is more than
$700 hey sure I’m pretty sure also but the $1100 is far superior to the to the
750 wait 10 10 60 max Q versus of 580 Plus this what they call it I don’t read
Brad helped us but I have safety for thread I say $400 what can i buy $400 it
also is that screen 1080p I’m sure it is so you can’t even play 4k on it anyway
so you’re talking about a 4k TV I’m just saying you can get a full-on gaming
laptop with an extremely decent game gaming experience 1060 max Q for 750
dollars and that’s with the screen with speakers with the keyboard you gotta buy
a mouse but and that’s with a machine that does emphasis and a head and
headset versus the TV you just bought yeah sighs the screen the resolution C
so HD argument doesn’t or Sunday HDR so wait suddenly when the
PC is winning the cost matter it does not matter them
I always matters the cost o is the cheaper one is better right cheaper is
cheaper the the PC is never the PC is never cheaper I just showed you 1060 max
Q laptop office capability Photoshop all that in a laptop for seven hundred
ninety dollars yes but it’s not equivalent we’re talking about a 4k
console on a 4k TV oh my god what you’re saying but let me ask you this so if I
spent the extra say three hundred dollars to get up to a thousand or the
extra five hundred dollars you get to twelve hundred dollars yeah I’m now up
to a full ten sixty part easily right ten sixty maybe even a ten seventy seven
seventy maps you really what you gonna take a ten seventy experience over
versus a an Xbox one X come on that’s just not even the chat saying you’re
reaching Jordan that is not reaching I mean I’m just using
we’ll use your all talking about cost no they don’t let me go on the store
anymore he said I was annoying customers but everyone is loving the the the old
ranting Gordon the old drunk ranting is the person sitting there in front of the
liquor store as you go in crazy but no seriously there is PC gaming is not as
expensive as you think it is especially when you factor in the ability to do
real world there’s a there’s a tangible cost of that that a lot of console
gamers don’t give to the PC that’s the thing hey it let’s let’s talk about a
very generic PC gamer or console gamer Louise who we know right he doesn’t want
his gaming machine to do all the other stuff if you asked him like hey would
you rather buy this gaming machine or this PC that’ll do all this other stuff
he’s gonna be like I have a PC at work if I want to do that stuff I don’t have
when I go home I just want to play games so when you’re talking about just for
games there’s plenty of people who want just a gaming machine if you had to
choose one device one device to take the college with you you take your Xbox and
1 X or gaming laptop actually there’s plenty of people who take their Xbox one I lived in dorms people those people
gathering flunk out in the first year because they ever go like where’s your
paper does that be drinking there yeah I I use computer labs all the time I
didn’t have a laptop but I had a ps2 and Lena I’m just saying
ecology says they’re not the same college kids that they have to buy that
that time they have a Chromebook always you put me there we go Chrome but ya
know what I gotta go I got to say what why’d optical drive because the next box
1x has Jeff but as a bluff a blu-ray drive 4k
blu-ray this is a standard blu-ray drive this is not a 4k blue h dr because that
has HDR support because if I chose that it would inflate the cost of this build
by almost double right it’s pretty the the state of 4k blu-ray support on the
PC side of things is not so great true also sorry Gordon you’re not getting a
lot of backup in the chat just to TV background that’s old guy in from the
liquor stores always looking for backup if you just want you to say just nod
your head races am i right am i right yes I got going here and get my Cheetos
so anyway yeah I will say that I also so I’m gonna loop back around to it because
I promised I would this was a while ago and I am having a hard time finding it
Cyrus was asking about HDR let me try to follow he says can we discuss HDR and
its viability as a selling point so do people even care about HDR Gordon Brad
for PC game Fred for either for either I think it’s a HDR does look spectacular
I gotta say I’ve seen HDR panels that you know have not been released in a
year and a half and they it look spectacular an HDR of televisions look
it’s a really really nice upgrade I mean 4k was like yeah you know the curved
screen gimmick but 3d can emit greens really a really good HTR television
really just like rock your world so HDR is big set unless is a big big 4k panel
power bread have have you seen any HDR monitors since less CES when we suck out
that demo you know one of the things I will add
about the HDR I’ll switch over for a little break guys I’m probably about oh
I only got a little bit of beer left HDR there is a little bit of I’ve set up
a little bit of like like oh man I gotta turn some some junk on my TV like
there’s a little bit of a curve to set up HDR and make sure it’s running
properly so you know like I don’t think it’s fully just hey just plug it in and
it works great but yeah it’s it’s definitely a big deal I definitely
appreciate it well not not even that though I mean there’s some there’s been
times where we’ve tried to do some video here with HDR related stuff
but I can’t mention that where the when we plugged into the TV we had to be like
Oh where’s the setting on the TV to make sure HDR is working right there’s yeah
there’s definitely we’ve run into some problems but yeah no I it’s it’s great I
I want man I can’t wait for it to come to monitors in a way that is mainstream
because yeah I will totally get that HDMI as well or 2.0 whatever 2.18
I can’t keep track but you should okay as long it’s a little ADIS standard all
right so yeah really well-built yeah holy man we’re just sitting here ranting
with Gordon and we missed the build somebody did mention that Alana’s just
sitting there doing all the work while Gordon’s again just ranting yes
you don’t know but that that person is actually paid in front of that liquor
store all right I’m saved in my cider for
celebratory drinking yeah celebratory well let’s not celebrate too quick oh we
got a post right no this is a free sync panel we want DisplayPort yeah it
doesn’t really matter just for posting one thing I will say is that definitely
if you are building something like this and you are a PC gamer and that’s all
you are at heart you don’t need a blu-ray drive so you can shave that off
the cost of the bill yeah wires CPU we gotta really talk about it
even though rise it only has four quarters as opposed to Xbox 1x have an 8
there cutting edge they’re very very good performing cores where is that old
workhorse now game set used like open world games the CPU power and that’s the
reason why yeah but it’s 8 core it’s eight chords minor chords 12 gigs versus to me that was the most surprising thing
about the specs when they announced the Xbox one X that they hadn’t done any
upgrades to the CPU I was just like all right here we go here’s the moment of
truth camera ok did you get the leads right oh god the pressure the pressure
the pressure oh and spinning fan spinning do we see
lights on the motherboard in the cache ok monitor is on I’m gonna display more
we are maybe my moment of triumph possibly evacuate in a moment of triumph
I think the Old West see their consoles oh here HD mine I don’t even know this
switch there’s a joystick oh you’re right
I shan’t hiding in it I tell you what I hate this mother was so joysticks are
way better than pushing buttons see world staffers
come on over I had to switch to the input ah it was up what it’s about show
no no that’s it’s on chip our Adam did something oh there we go I’m hitting the input button I’m hitting
the input button well the fans are still spinning I suspect we’re already in the
BIOS already why is that input button not working
would you like me to do this out oh there we go
TV in order to be working oh nice sweet so only oh man
what oh yeah look at that hour and a half
yeah yeah that was great hmm that was nice do you like the cider
it’s not bad it’s not too sweet which are you gonna
trade you are you gonna yeah are there anywhere exceptions or
before we a piece out it’s fun being over with that’s great I loved all look
very common yeah oh man all right just catching up on chat there’s somebody
saying Gordon’s drunk oh there’s somebody saying California kid says this
is a reverse Xbox promotion we’re just we’re just proving to people that they
should buy an xbox if you are not all about the power of the PC if you’re not
about the multitasking that you were talking about and you are solely looking
for a gaming machine that’s going to give you the most bang for your buck in
terms of power that doesn’t require you to lift a single finger or have to worry
about anything Xbox while the X looks pretty good for
what you’re getting from it cuz you get that blu-ray drive you get the game
performance and you don’t have to worry about Windows 10 updates and making sure
your drivers are compatible or up-to-date or for the newest game that
kind of stuff Brad how old’s your kid then you will understand this as well go
to your daughter’s school den you’re good and do a survey of the kids and
what is the hot gaming scene and it will be 99 out of 100 PC gaming so desktop PC
gaming oh hell no let me tell you jennice which school it’s all about the
PC gaming public school the private school
home-school it’s about piece of gaming believe me high school even the home
school kids got piece Academy the only ones that are buying consoles now are
you know the professionals all right we gotta kind of loan kids no kids do not they’re smoking developing nations
that’s the hot scene with kids today all teenagers boys and girls his grade
fourth grade third grade everyone says go home Gordon you John
Paul so Elena and I’m not making that up that’s true it is absolutely true I can
tell you from experience let’s let’s clarify we’re not gonna install anything
here we just made sure we post and the next steps are the party of our life
builds is just to actually build the system with y’all watching us and then
we get to the point of posting it just to make sure that what we did actually
work in this case it works I am going to be switching out that video card back
for the 580 in a different case because the 580 just didn’t fit in this case if
you weren’t tuned in at that point in time my next steps I’m going to be
benchmarking the system I’m going to do a couple of cpu-based benchmarks but
primarily focus on gaming benchmarks just to see how it does just to see what
it’s able to put out at 4k and then also at 1080 maybe 1440 and I’ll have those
results up my goal is to have the results of in our written article
Tuesday morning which is the same day as the Xbox one X launches so perfect
you’ll have all that news at the same time
nice when the Xbox one launch on Tuesday the 7th so nice it’s for this way it’s
on the seventh which I believe is a Tuesday and also what’s the final cost
that we’re sitting at right now for this particular bill it’s about I mean the
one on the in the written article that I have is 693 at that time which was like
October 26 because price is constantly fluctuate this one I think is more like
700 705 what we have in here is not the one I listed in my part list these 61
that I have the LG one that I have in the part list is $50 that’s that’s her
standard blu-ray if you want to buy the Pioneer 4k blu-ray UHD drive that one is
it came down a price by $10 to you know a cheap $118 right and will not work it
will not work with the set up you really need you have to have an Intel processor
that support was a SGX yeah hey you know what a motherboard that also supports
that same security family show I have a great video idea maybe we’ll set up a
blind test between Xbox one X and this and this build and see if Gordon can
tell the difference he’s battlefield for any of them sure on a 64 player server
sure so yeah well well have some fun with it
but yeah once you once you take us out and then we can go to Gordon we can put
Gordon to bed for the rest all right thank you everyone for joining us
be sure to check back tomorrow if you want to see us talk more about PC news
and everything PC on the full nerd was at 10:30 a.m.
yep otherwise you’ll catch you guys for our next build cool thanks you guys
see ya can you give me a pack of cigarettes

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  4. well i will tell you i owned a xbox 360 and i never had a ring of death since i had it and i had it since it came out… i traded it because i upgraded recently to an xbox 1 and traded it in to help costs on the xbox one

  5. Just so folks know, the Xbox and PS4 are most likely underpriced considering you have to pay to play online and games cost more so Microsoft and Sony probably don't care putting the price cheaper to lure you in so you pay more on the long run, you also can't do a ton of stuff that you can do on PC.

  6. Build a portable desktop, user to be known as lunchbox case, with the monitor built in with a full desktop mobo not laptop mobo…haven’t seen them affordable

  7. 1:05:50 Xbox One X talk. Defending PC gaming. And 34:50.

    Gordon is a PC elitist. Respect for that man…

  8. The less than full (at max) PBR drunken argument really drives it into the ground. You can type a paper on a Raspberry Pi 3. Nvidia Shield TV can deliver all the 4k HDR10 you want (& connect to the cloud, game PC games at the 1070ti equivelent), and attach an xb1x (SSD supplemented) to my TV (which, every household in the U.S. already has, on average, more than 1 television set, so throwing 'does the screen come with it?' out there is meaningless), & that setup will demolish Dell's $750 whatever the hell they can throw down (& what the hell, $750 while paying Dell's cost, not retail) in terms of overall experience. Dell $750 anything – hand it to me & I'll smash it against the damn wall….Jesus Christ…Dell? smh

  9. These guys sound a little salty that the xbox one x is superior! Especially Gordon!.. He got drunk on one bottle of booze and criticised the xbox on every little thing. Dry your eye's, mate

  10. Hello …my computer power cord went pop pop pop…..killed my I buy power….that was on at the time….I have Xbox 360 I have a PS4 ..I have Xbox one …..can I cannibalize them to make a gaming computer for world of Warcraft. .

  11. I can Mod my Games like in Fallout Games and a rash of other games, not so easy in Consoles. As a hard Gamer i find this a large Plus with PC Gaming, plus upgrade ability. That i can't do with a Console. Also the fact i'm disabled and my hands don't work well i can get gaming boards that i can use to play my games. Fixing a PC is much easier. And TV's are a lot more for 4K in my area generally around $700.00 as a starting price for anything worth while. Also if my console goes down it's down. The thing i do like about consoles is the compact design. though most of the ones i have had are so proprietary on parts it's not cost effective to buy the parts i need to do my own repairs. and in many cases would have to replace the console. Plus i don't have Monthly subscriptions with my PC. Just Internet which is another cost that people don't factor in. Controllers that i can use. were a game board and mouse makes it were i can play easy enough to find and set up. There are good and bad points to both. I'm a person that likes what works. and like the up grade ability. so both venues have plus's and negatives it's a matter of choice. Another thing is Multiplayer cross compatibility. say like in Warframe, have friends that only play console we can't play together, and friends that play only PC, we do play together. It's the same Game.

  12. I like Gordon he has really good arguments 🙂 but as for pc/console. They are completely different be it the experience or functions… console is for relaxing and decompressing after your day yes it does have a bit of competition but pc is not for relaxing and destressing it for a more competitive game play .. hence the name xbox one… it's market was to be your all in one entertainment system that could replace the dvd player the game console and all the other stuff like the cable box etc… there shouldn't even be a comparison unless it's friendly banter… and to end my rant .. yeah it is 4k but only at 15-30 fps where as my pc I built to handle 4k at way more fps.. pmr

  13. I had two styles of Xbox 360, the original and the version the came before the Xbox one. I owned them both until a year after Xbox one was released and if I was not at work I was gaming and never experienced red ring syndrome. But I kept them in and open environment. And I never moved my Xbox to friends places and I dusted it at least once a week. I think most red rings was user error. Most people hide them away in a cluttered entertainment shelf and don’t ever touch them again other than to play.

  14. No Blue-ray 4K? no 8 core no wireless no bluetooth no HDR no game pad, nu that tiny equipment … are so allot of no no no Xbox One X is a BIG deal for sure even if you are a Gamer… you have all in one allot of all in one… For 450 you have a powerful console and 1 or 2 games included.. Also is Sexy, great job ! i Have Ps4 Pro for psx titles i have great PC for VR i have Xbox One X for 4k games..HDR and 4k movies

  15. 24:40 Well if you think about it a 7200rpm drive is 1800 rpm faster than a 5400, 50% of 5400 is 2700 so it's pretty close to being 50% faster so yeah, use your head lol

  16. If you are a gamer like me you will have PC, PS and XBOX. Not because of the specs but because of the exclusivity of a game. If I can only play a nice game on PS I will play it because I am a gamer not a platformer !

  17. Buy console for £450
    spend £6/month every month for 5 years=£360
    buy a 4 games at £35/game every year for 5 years=£700
    buy the slim or pro version for £450
    spend spend £6/month every month for 5 another years=£360

    buy a 4 games at £35/game every year for another 5 years=£700
    £3020 but you don't know that because its a slow bleed.
    Then buy a whole new console that doesnt support those previous games anymore and repeat.
    Yeah real fucking cheap, switching to pc has allowed me to game better for less and legitimately (having had chipped ps1(x2), ps2, ps3, xbox, xbox 360), I can get an xbox for £100 but you cant do anything with it unless you spend £6/month for the rest of your life for crappy looking graphics on expensive games. fuck that, never buying a plastic prebuild pc again.

    "A console is the combination of a monitor and keyboard. It is a rudimentary interface in which the monitor provides the output and the keyboard is used for input. While any computer with a monitor and keyboard may be considered a console, the term most often refers to a system used to control one or more servers."
    x86 amd cpu, radeon graphics, 2.5in laptop hard drive, microsoft (or linux) operating system…

  18. My uncle actually has a launch edition Xbox 360 that he still uses today. He never had a red ring of death. It's one of the small percentage of consoles that did not have any issues with the overheating. All he plays is Call of Duty and other first person shooters. I was lucky and only had one fail on me. Then I upgraded to the addition that had HDMI when it came out. But his is still going strong.

  19. Good for dude knowing the power of an ice cold Bud 40oz…idk what it is but an ice cold forty of bud is fantastic on a hot summer day. Not the cans not the bottles …just the 40oz!

  20. Fast forward to today and I have a question. Can your ''budget'' $700 1080p pc run Red Dead Redemption 2 in Native 4k like my $500 Xbox one X can? I'll wait.

  21. my son and I have a 360 still working. Halo edition, nice and green. Had to dissasemble the optical drive and clean the internals.

  22. You all are entertaining but the pc you built is like five times the size doesn't support 4k or hdr and you have to build it yourself and hope it fits together right and some of the parts aren't compatible this monster would prolly cost close to 1200 if you included labor not worth it pcs can be powerful but honestly consoles have all the money backing them they are going to Lap pc gaming eventually

  23. It’s funny as I have 2 original and 2 second series Xbox 360 consoles with no red ring of death plus I have 4 original Xbox consoles and Xbox One S original PlayStation plus 2 PlayStation 2 1 Phat and 1 slim,2 PlayStation 3’s again 1 phat 1slim and a PlayStation 4 none have had issues I also have 2 PC’s

  24. so confused I haven't upgraded my PC at all since I built it and have had no reason too I am literally using a Dell Vostro 220 with a evga 500watt bronze ,hp50 corsair liquid cooler , GeForce GT 730 1080 2gb 1010MHZ bye Zotac original board with a Q6600 quadcore 2.4ghz hyperthreaded note bios had too be updated and 2 500gb hard drives 8 gb of ram my PC is from 2010 I still use it and I play all the newer games at max settings and get 60FPS or 80FPS I did however change the cooler on the graphics card as it was passive cooling garbage which was easy and reapplied thermal paste but I play a lot of steam and ps4 games all the time aswhile as stream and do editing and have zero issues , what I am seeing is no improvements I have 4 cores 4 hyperthreads that's 8 core system and it works great ive paid at most 365$ reason why I am confused is all the new stuff is really expensive and isn't that much of improvement its just too put stuff on the market for money and sales reason I use PC is any game on any system I can play the same if not better on my pc for cheaper!!!!!

  25. the average person has a pc and a game system multiple per household one is not better than the other its just about personal preference everyone should game the way they want.

  26. Been thru like 4 Xbox 360s my current one is just the skeleton. No exterior plastics so I can get the tray open if it malfunctions or over heating issues just have to keep it dust free

  27. I fix red ring 360's quite well. If you make shrouds from mylar you can make the cooling much more efficient. I got it so the hot air exiting the 360 case was easily 2 or 3 times hotter then stock, meaning heat removal efficiency was enough that they never bricked again, and if done initially they would never brick.

  28. i buy my son a 360 special edition on 2010 he use for 7 years every day and is still working i go hen xbox 1 x last year but that 360 0nly i change the on off boton

  29. What do you think about the Final Fantasy 12 on steam. I was discussing this with my son. I am 61 and am thinking about a steam package. I loved playing FF 12 on Play Station 2.

  30. I built my Last system in a Thermaltake Core V1. It has no real cable management, but it is pretty small and has room for a video card. It comes with a 200 mm Fan in front. It pushes a lot of air out the case vent holes. Cable management would be better with a M.2 drive. It has 2 drive caddies on the side of the case that are removable that can hold both 3.5 and 2.5 drives. I put in a Gforce 1050 ti 4GB DDR5. Short Video card with one fan that requires no extra power connectors.

  31. Drinking and building a computer is terrible combination. If you screw something up at least you won't remember it the next day.

  32. I've went through 12 RRoD 360s for the original ones. When the slim model came out I bought it day one and still to this day (actually playing it while watching this video) it's still running strong. I've let in run for nearly a whole year, while playing a game, and it's doing great. Now PlayStation on the other hand those die out very fast due to my gaming style and kept on getting repairs and Sony, not being fast enough, that they kept sending me broken consoles so I ended up saying screw Sony and all their products. I've tried to PS4, while having the Xbox One X, but didn't like it cause it was graphically bad so I traded it in and got me the Astro A50 headset, never regretted it.

  33. Another thing to keep in mind is the network card and size. The size of the x, is the size of the s 70% smaller then the tower shes currently using

  34. I have only been through one. I actually blew it up. Like poor just done lol. Way back when 360 came out. I was playing the hell out of halo 3. But, I know the cooling. My first Xbox one is still kicking. I built a case for it. U put more fans. Better cooling

  35. i got few weeks old second hand x box one x on gumtree for £250 with a game and it can do 4k so you loose…

  36. I bet Gordon could tell a difference between this PC and the X. The X would be running 4k to where the PC would be 1080p.

  37. 300 bucks can now outperform that, and even when you guys made this video, you could have built a comptetive machine for 500 bucks. yall shilled hard. havent seen yall since then, karma?

  38. @1:11:09 the angry drunk asian dude keeps trying to add the cost of the TV to the cost of a game console!!?? I'm not sure why this angers me so, but I feel it speaks to the pretentious superiority that this guy must feel because he prefers pc gaming over console. Serious tho? Who doesn't already have a TV? So we should all assume he doesn't own a TV since he's a PC gamer? Also I'm not sure where they're from, but those prices are fucked. You can easily get a 55 inch 4k ultra HD from Walmart for $300 the right time of year. PS4 pro used about $250. That's $500. Same Walmart you bought the TV from, you can get an assortment of laptops all under $400. This dude just wants to be right so fucking bad he's just making up/ using outdated prices (even for 2017) just to prove his sorry ass point.

    News flash for you buddy, if you gotta like and exaggerate to prove your point, your point isn't valid. Eat a bag of dicks and goodnight.

  39. If you use all new parts… Which MS does not… One X is still rocking a trash refurbed
    laptop hard drive in 2019…

  40. what the hell s the guy doing with the screw drive, its a one twitst connection, plus using a ratchet screwdriver that causes 0.005 mU static . oh by the way where are your earth's . and don#t say your on a static mat, vyway this is got to be the worlds worst pc build ever seen

  41. newegg prices.

    Ryzen 3 1200………………$60
    ASRock A320M-HDV…..$60
    g skil 8GB DDR4…………$37
    RX 580 8GB……………….$185
    Western Digital 1TB Blue $45
    Blu-Ray drive…………………$58
    Thermaltake Versa H15 $45

    a year later still $490 at the end of the gen and these parts are old.

    xbox one x is still the better deal today…

  42. They didn't even make sure their equipment was compatible. They also failed the challenge, and baldy in the blue shirt is a complete asshole. These are just amateur PC builders and a hardcore PC fanboy that has to demean others to make himself feel relevant. I don't even know his name, he's just a worthless sack of shit who's only purpose in life is to make sure everyone knows he's a PC gamer. It's pathetic that this even made it to live stream, as soon as he started insulting people they should have ended it or removed him.

  43. go to be the worst video i have ever had to fast forward through… you didn't build an Xbox one x PC you built a PC… the CPU is old but can more than handle its job in Xbox. seriously do you guys even know tech?

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