Walking Dead – Final Season – Part 4 END – this is so sad

Walking Dead – Final Season – Part 4 END – this is so sad

What’s up everyone! Knuckles cracked, G-Fuel shaked *glug glug glug glug glug* That’s right, it’s gaming time Walking Dead episode 4 *clap clap* I can’t believe we’re here we’ve finally we’re here *laughs* it’s happening Big props to – I don’t know exactly who’s involved to help make sure this project got finished But I really respect the people for pulling through 𝘶𝘩 Despite the company declaring bankruptcy & all that jazz 🎷 I’m kinda playing this.. I know people are gonna be mad at me, just sayin’ it I just wanna see the ending, basically It’s like watching one of those TV shows where it’s like 𝘢𝘦𝘩 guess I’ll watch the last episodes That’s how I see thi- *cut to recap* Maybe we’ll get super into it who knows? I don’t know Maybe it’s a great ending ⚠️I’m just cautiously optimistic⚠️ Yeah, we know you know that ᵤₕ 𝓌ₑₗₗ . …. ₖᵢₗₗᵢₙ𝓰 … You need to stop doing that, AJ it’s not good for you uHOH whaT? excuse me AJ? (⬜↑) Oh yeah, he just went for the shot didn’t he ʰᵐ interesting very interesting I wonder what it’s like to grow up in a world that so many bad things are just normal That it’s sort of -cause that you have other people with their definition of bad & good but you’ve grown up in this.. nature that is obviously so much different

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  1. Anyone else kinda like… block out Felix and just pay attention to the Play through??? iI mean i don't do it purposely but like…

  2. Isn't this all just one big dream because season 2 was a dream season 3 was a counting season 2 so season 4 continued on from season 3 so it is a dream

  3. I’ve played this like a second ago. Lol I was crying like a baby. Especially to Louis and Clementine „death”. I loved Louis So much.

  4. You know at first I was like "The Fuck?! Why didn't Lee get the same treatment?! He got bit and looked just as bad!" Then I realized, it took Lee to start turning to finally get his limb cut off because he passed out for who knows how long and Clem lost a lot of blood when Minnie cut her with the axe so it explains why she went pale so fast.

  5. When he started this I was in getting in middle school now I’m finishing high school I feel like we really have grown up with this man and this series

  6. I hope the developers will work for another season so that we can see Clem and Aj again. I miss Clem already

  7. That ending made me cry like hell It was so amazing I don't give a fuck if clem lost her leg the thing is she is alive that's all that matters but iam kinda sad as well we're leaving clem that's the end of her story BUT I LIKE IT

  8. Since this was his last walking dead episode, maybe he should try “The Walking Dead Definitive Series”, so he can see the entire seasons in new graphics image

  9. I still can’t stop thinking about lee from the first season he was my favorite character ever can’t imagine a season without him

  10. That was by far my favorite season. Hands down. I cried like a baby.

    I think its up to each one. I tend to really get into the story and in the decisions, as well as keeping them even after bad consequences.

    To play the game like that on a stream is… really lacking. Felix is always making jokes and all, and thats fine. The thing is, playing it with another mind setup is a whole new thing. Specially for a first playtrough.

  11. Every time something happens bad I check the duration of the video if im almost at the end that's why I know wuts gonna happen

  12. I did think we were gonna have another dream where we could talk to Lee. I'm sure he asked to see clem again, for her to visit…

  13. I'm curious as to why the children aren't feared by everyone after everything:

    Clem: destroys large metal docked boat

    Titanic: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

  14. I grew up with this series since I've first watched it in 2013 and now it's done. I'm glad that Clementine lived as well as AJ. This series is my favorite from any series he played. Thank you Pewds for giving me such enjoyment.

  15. Does anyone wonder what happens to countries like Australia and Europe when all of these ‘American’ apocalypse games come out like cant they just chuck a ride on a boat and they’ll be safe??

  16. Lmao towards the end he was so sad and downed and the moment he saw she is alive made me so happy cause of his reactions hahaha.

  17. It would’ve been perfect if they made every zombie back to human again so if u chose to leave lee then he would come back alive and everyone else

  18. what if you didnt pick the "kill me" one ey what it you pick "leave her" what should be happend when thats the one that you picked lol

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