Voip Web Server Installation

Voip Web Server Installation

hello this tutorial shows you how to install web server click the Windows Start button and go to Administrative Tools then open server manager click on roles in the top left corner of the screen to the right click on add roles the add roles wizard should appear on the screen click on server roles to the left from the list of checkboxes tick web server iis then click Next and click Next again under application development to clean a spinette box then click the add required role services button scroll down to security and tick the basic authentication box scroll down to iis 6 management compatibility and tick this check box all the sub boxes should also be ticked then click Next you will be taken to the confirmation screen click install after the installation is complete click close now go to features in service manager to the right click on add features the add features wizard should open tickly dotnet framework 3.5 one features box then click the add required features button then click Next then click install when the installation is complete click close if you are using 64-bit Windows Server open the command window from the start button and on the following close the command window go back to server manager and go to roles web server then Internet Information Services manager click on the connection then in these subpage sites and click on default website to the right of the screen under browse website click on browse should be taken to the web server page in your web browser please verify the web server default site opens from your desktop using the following link in your web browser

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  2. I want to setup busines like vonage,realpbx
    but I really don't know where to start
    I m php web application developer, what assets I needed
    please give me guideline
    Setup own PBX, SIP, VOIP System with open source scripting arounded

  3. nice video. it helped me in installing voip server which i rented from www.datasoft.ws which is 24*7 customer support centre

  4. Hello Sir
    I Am Zuhaib Khan From India, A webdeveloper+designer(.net)
    Skype id:engg.ashrafkhan
    please teach me how to create a server and use backend.

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