VoIP Call Quality Explained: An Easy Solution To Improve VoIP Call Quality

VoIP Call Quality Explained: An Easy Solution To Improve VoIP Call Quality

one of the things that plays in a lot of business owners Minds when they're moving their phone system technology from traditional copper wire phone lines to avoid or SIP trunks is the call quality because they may have experienced Skype or something like that you know a few years ago and had terrible sort of technology and experience of call quality but things are changing obviously as technology grows and particularly the NBN and data quality in Australia make some significant jumps forward it actually changes the quality and the game completely doesn't it compared to the old Skype calls you may have had or convert years ago when you're calling grandma and the other side of the world outside of the country late at night trying to save a couple of cents it's definitely different yeah bit business IP and business VoIP is very different to that Skype so so the couple of things touch on yeah you mentioned the business grade stuff so when it comes to business grade Void the actual technology that actually is pushing the signal through the internet is actually very different so you know although VoIP is or Skype is a form of VoIP sorry business grade VoIP is very very different so it's like saying you know you've got a bike versus a truck they're both forms of transport yeah but they're two very different types of transport that's right so you got to think in the Skype world you're sharing your VoIP call with your everyday internet traffic yeah so what can impact on the voice quality whereas in the business VoIP world we actually run a dedicated pipe to carry all that whatever word traffic yeah let's see ideal way to put it in place when you are actually deploying VoIP in your business particularly when you are making a reasonable amount of calls simultaneously in your business yeah we strongly suggest to get high quality call traffic or just high quality calls you put in a dedicated data circuit so it's like a separate internet connection just for your voice calls so that way you're not sharing the internet that's running your voice calls with YouTube videos that your staff is watching or large emails or things like that it's actually dedicating and separating an internet connection just for your voice call is that where you're going to get the highest quality call available to your business that's what that's all about that's quality and security as well no exactly really yep and that's you know we're in being an AFM in fiber and some of the other technologies that we speak about throughout the site to give you a higher bandwidth than a I a great internet connection in those sort of circumstances you can absolutely share you can treat that connection when it comes to this you know normal ADSL with big pond or TPG or one of the various carriers out there you know sharing the data can it fit the call quality slightly yeah and then you give us a call and little basically help you and guide you on the best way to get the best quality connection out of your service absolutely yeah

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