vMix Laptops for 2018- Updated

vMix Laptops for 2018- Updated

hi everyone and welcome to this 2018
laptop update video now you may remember that we only made a 2018 the laptop
video a couple of weeks ago but we’ve just added another laptop to our
reference systems page so we thought we’d quickly go over it. Now if you did want to learn a little bit more about laptops and vMix it’s
probably best to watch that first video first so that you can check out what we
recommend and why we recommend the certain features on our laptops for
producing recording and streaming. When we started recommending computers and
parts on the vMix website we didn’t realize just how fast they’d sell out or
be discontinued so we’re adding a second laptop to the sapphire reference page in
case the other one is unavailable or gets sold out. Plus this one will include
some features that aren’t available on that computer which is the Zephyrus M. So
this is it here this is the 17 inch Acer predator Helios 500 I7 laptop and yes I
personally believe that these laptop names are getting a little out of
control much like my beard. So why this laptop? Well it has all the features that
we currently recommend for laptops and using vMix. Now with all of our laptops
including this one you’ll be able to do a multicam production, record and stream
all from the one laptop. So the Acer predator Helios 500 laptop has an i7
8750 H CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 a 17.3 inch IPS g-sync display
Thunderbolt 3 SSD and 16 gig of ram. These are the same specs that we have
for the Zephyrus M which we covered in the first video albeit this one is a
little bit larger. We thought we would add the predator here because it has a
few additional things that the Zephyrus lacks. Now the Zephyrus is 2.4 kilograms
and 15 inches so it’s great for portability however uses most of its
spare real estate for cooling it lacks an rj45 port and a second display output
which might be important for some people if they want to use multiple monitors.Now this is where the predator helios 500 shines. It’s a 17 inch laptop and so it has enough
room for all of the ports. It gives you access to wired
internet and NDI sources through an rj45 port so you don’t need to buy an
Ethernet adapter. On the back it also comes with two display outputs one for
HDMI display and one for DisplayPort. It’ ‘s pretty much a PC that you could
easily throw into a somewhat sturdy laptop bag and if you’re wondering yes
it is heavy. Four kilograms worth of laptop so you can probably give up your
gym membership if you’re carrying this around everywhere. Now as you can see here the predator is quite a bit larger than the Zephyrus m. A
lot of people are starting to use laptops with more stationery productions
though so weight and size is becoming less of an issue for live-streaming. The helios 500 comes with a GTX 1070 as standard but there are higher models that include better GPUs and CPUs including an i-9 version if you really did want unlimited
power or at least a lot of power. It also has a g-sync display and so the g-sync
on it is turned on by default so you’re going to get the most out of your GPU
vmix and your displays. Now you are tied down to these two models that we
recommend that we have on our website as they could probably be sold out or
they’re not manufactured anymore so we have some specs that we recommend in a
laptop so you can have a look around and find one that fits your needs these
specs are i 7850H cpu or higher an nvidia geforce gtx 1060 or higher g-sync
display Thunderbolt 3 SSD. There were plenty of your laptops hitting the
market with these specs so you’ll be able to compare them and decide what
works best for you.I’m sure there’ll be a good lightweight option that has all
the ports out soon now I like our old recommended laptop as its light weight
good it has a good CPU and GPU and has all of the ports so we’re hoping to see
an updated version of this or perhaps a similar option soon .So this is the one
that I carry around it’s lightweight and easy to use and it still works really
well so if you do find an older laptop with a 7th gen CPU they still work
really well. So here’s what to look for in that 7th gen 7700 Hq i7 now I think I said K on the last video so feel free to comment and tell
me that I’m wrong on that last video. Gtx 1060, g-sync and thunderbolt 3 and
also an SSD. So we recommend g-sync displays and Thunderbolt 3 for all of
our laptops g-sync because that’s the best way that we can guarantee that you
can use the GPU for all of your display processing and we also recommend
Thunderbolt 3 because it’s the best way to bring in multiple cameras portably
either through a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure or via something like an aja IO 4k plus. Now I think that’s enough out of me talking about laptops for a while so if
you want to keep up to date with our latest recommendations for laptops you
can check out the reference systems that are shown on vmix.com if you find a
laptop that meets the vMix requirements but you would like some clarification
send us through an email via the support page on vmix.com. if you have any
general questions about vMix our equipment you can send us an email via
that page also thanks for watching and we’ll see you later thanks for watching
click to watch another exciting vMix videos or head to vMix calm for a free
60 day trial see you later

12 thoughts to “vMix Laptops for 2018- Updated”

  1. I think vMix is either partial or are going into partnership with which ever equipment they recommend and that's BIAS for a your integrity.
    If you want to recommend equipment you should give us reason why you did not use the others but you are just busy selling 1product forcing us to head same way because we want to use vMix…. This is seriously unprofessional

  2. Check out my Amazon Ideas List for vMix laptops and a few accessories – http://a.co/fvx5r2G I have followed laptops for the past 2 years with the hopes of buying one soon, heheh. I laugh as soon was a while ago. I decided to take the time I was spending and put it to good use and created an 'ideas list' at Amazon with several laptops that will work for a variety of vMix applications. I go from a 1050ti to a 1070. I avoided the 1050 as it seems under powered and I avoided 1070ti and 1080(ti) as they were overkill for me. I have also been adding accessories as well as capture solutions. I really don't recommend Amazon for capture solutions as you should get a reseller involved for those.

  3. If I have 4 rtp streaming coming from CCTV cameras and want to add overlays in each camera separately like titles or pictures and display it in outside screen…can I do that with vmix?

  4. Hello, i have new Lenovo x1 carbon extreme with i7-8th, gx 1050 max ti 4gb, ssd, 32gb ram, and vmix with one input camera by black magic mini recorder still freezing windows, i cant do anything. after few minutes of stream everything stop and i must restart computer… where is reason? can you help me ?

  5. I am considering purchasing an HP Spectre X360 15t with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti card. The card supports G-Sync but I was told by HP Sales that the laptop does not. Is it true that you need both the card and display G-Synch-capable? And how much of an impact would the absence of G-Sync have?

  6. Can someone explain why vmix would not work perfectly on an all AMD build? Intel/nvidia pricing is a bit ridiculous right now…

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