VLOG #29 Shop with Me + Haul ft. Baby Company PH | Taglish #shopwithme #babycompany #babyapparels

VLOG #29 Shop with Me + Haul ft. Baby Company PH | Taglish #shopwithme #babycompany #babyapparels

you found a friend? Hey guys welcome to the vlog today we are marching to the Baby Company Sale at SM makati we will buy things for river, thing that he need- I think we are getting a high chair and then a every thing that piques my interest today Hi guys so we are here in the Baby company This is the part of sm that has a lot of baby products and they are on sale today From July 1 to 31st 2018 quickly come here for the sale. So I am here with the store manager, Ms Faith So these are the cloth diapers and apparels Three thirty percent discount so yeah they are cute the shoes are included right? So these are all the apparels Oh? Seventy percent, this one is so cute. If river is just a girl We will be shopping today and come with us mommies this one is interesting it says here that it’s spill proof baby proof so it’s not that easy to fall down and it’s only for 299.75 this is really good for me, because I am an exclusive breast feeding mother that’s why I always have to be hydrated all the time. and these days river became so naughty We’re gonna take advantage of the sale today so let’s go we’re gonna get this tumbler actually back then when I was pregnant I always go here Just looking around all the time because this is were I bought my new born essentials We chose to buy rivers High chair now we will look for a diaper their mommypoko are on sale 25% off it’s time to shop This makes me feel glad really? can you walk? wow squeaky squeaky ok go shopping You found a friend you are so happy how’s that river who’s that? oh you have a friend? it’s an airplane are you shopping? shopping? shopping galore? hey guys, I am always here at Baby company when I was still pregnant, because I always walk right here so that I can exercise my tummy so this the evidence, I have this mom card you can use this mom card to get exclusive discounts from thing that can be bought from baby company like this one this tumbler that they have or the diaper discount you need to have your mom card, so you would be able to take advantage of it Oh my gosh I want this one it’s so cute 299 does this one have discount? it’s cute! Oh wow, it’s large Thank you, miss faith thanks for assisting us so hey guys, we are here at home I just gonna show you what we bought from baby company sale today, which is again happening from July 1st to 31st of 2018 so I was able to get a Good deal on mamypoko so this is priced at 329 so 247 if discounted pants type diaper that I really like for river. We actually used pampers before because river won the pampers and now, the supplies are gone so I am gonna try out this one this mamypoko I actually use this when river is newborn because it has wetness indicator So we’re gonna let you know how this one goes. Okay, and I also bought this one these wipes this k- mom wipes it was a gift from will they attended river’s christening and he gave us this gift and Oh my god it’s so good and it’s available from the baby company we are looking all over the korean store for this wipes river’s shouting You found this voice again. Anyways, um the one who’s shouting is river he is eating at the moment this is the baby wipes we bought 2 of them it’s not part of the sale we just bought it cause river has no wipes and also I bought some apparels which is the knee protector with socks set So this one is from tiptoe, very typical apparel. so this one is on sale this is this is on 20% sales so from 229 For knees and foot set it is now around 180 pesos 180 pesos and it’ll be so useful and worth it since he is already learning how to crawl Sometimes he can go outside the mat I noticed that he’s knees are getting red, so i really like the fact the it has knee pads and also with a super cute socks with it. also for his ootd the weather in the philippines is not quite cold i usually don’t put pajamas on him if we are not in an air conditioned room so he just wear onesie in the morning as he is playing throughout the day it’s really nice to have this because to have caution for the baby so this one is what we bought for river and last but not the least or rather second to the last I also bought this my tumblr you guys saw this earlier in this video It is on special deal right now For those of you who have mom card or the mom card for the baby company You can if you have that you can get this for only 299 pesos with a minimum purchase of 500. This is usually priced at 800 pesos 800 pesos or 7 99.75 as said by miss faith and now it’s only 299 special discount this is a non spill tumbler this is really nice because it’s baby proof if you put this on a table if you put this on a table it’s not easy for it to spill the liquid because the tumbler sticks to the table like having a suction underneath it. especially you are breastfeeding you always need to be hydrated As a mom and especially in the philippines it’s so hot it’s so easy to get dehydrated it’s very important You always drink your water or your juices. So you put it here it’s gonna be safe it would be hard for the baby to spill it let’s open it So see it’s only 299 I Got the pink wine, it’s the unicorn wine Let me show you guys so this is it. so this is My Tumbler by baby company it’s really the product of Baby company And as you can see it has suction right here let’s see what’s written on the package The tumbler that won’t fall over it’s 500 ML unspillable Tumbler It has different designs the blue is rabbit. Green is panda, sheep is yellow unicorn is pink and tiger is orange so this is the packaging it looks nice, and also at the picture, there is a finger that pushes the tumbler. so if you push this tumbler it won’t fall off that easily what the care instruction says My tumbler the unspillable tumbler the tumbler that wont fall over care instruction clean your tumbler with warm water Do not Microwave it should not be over filled clean it with warm water, avoid abrasive Keep the tumbler from direct heat to protect any plastic material from damage Use only on flat smooth impermeable spaces material PP plastic not intended for hot beverages So this one is good for cold beverages actually it’s so cute just use warm water i think it’s so good to drink water from this tumbler but as it says you can’t put hot water let’s try it guys it doesn’t fall off guys it’s so hard to move this oh my god so yeah guys, I’m just gonna put it directly like that and then let’s see oh my god it’s real, the news are real it won’t fall of that easily i’m using more force guys look if you want to pick it up just like that And last but not the least the big item that we bought today on this shopping trip is Rivers high chair so my camera got low battery that’s why the video cut but anyways, these is the reason why I really like this high chair it’s fold able. It’s good for people who lives in an apartment or a small space the top can be removed so we can do the baby led weaning along the way cause right now we are feeding river blended foods because he can’t really pick up stuff and put it in his mouth So yeah at least with this high chair we can train him to do the baby led weaning and this high chair is priced at 3995 2999 it’s not on sale but still it’s worth the price I like it very much for what you gonna pay for High chair that has all the features that I wanted in a high chair then it’s ok for me the items that are on sale there are high chair there that is also good and it’s on sale. If you’re gonna get it, get it now because it’s on sale and 20% off and usually those kinds of high chair will cost you ten thousand plus so that’s Automatically 2,000 off but those are not for me because I am not into that so anyways that’s what we picked and these are the things that we bought in the baby company which is happening All throughout july, so if you guys are interested river, shouting again anyways If you are interested to save money and have a really great deal like this one Like this one. This is a steal guys So make sure that you get one of this if you are a breastfeeding mom like me if you are somebody gets to experience tumblers falling down a victim of babies who keeps pushing glasses and what not this is what you are looking for it is the answer to your prayers go ahead check out the sale in baby company in any sm stores or high-end stores like rockwell rockwell is the only high end store that i know really guys just go ahead and check out baby company they are having their big big sale and it has a lot of deals there whether you have the mom card or not if you are a mom Pregnant or you’re already Taking care of your babies. You always go back again. And again, I personally do that I always go back again. And again there because it has all the brand that are available everything that i need for my baby and I can compare the prices that are good for me discount guys discount and sale Sale, okay. So that’s enough reasons to get all your baby needs in baby company Thank you so much for thank you so much for watching this video. I better check on my baby right now because he is really getting fussy Yeah, I’ll see you guys on the next video bye!

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  1. Hi Mommy! Mas okay po yung Mamypoko na color blue. Super absorbent and mas nagtatagal pa. Meron din silang pants. Mas mahal nga lang. πŸ™‚ Hehe!

  2. Hi po..ask q lang po how to avail po ng mom card and how much po?? Thanks in advanced po😊 take care and godbless po😊

  3. Ang ganda ng dimples mo mommy Ruth.😊 I love to shop at Baby Company too. Some of our cloth diapers are from there. 😊

  4. Ang pogi naman ni baby boy, sis! πŸ‘Œ new subscriber pala here. I also make videos about earning from home, virtual assistance and YouTube marketing. πŸ’–

  5. For those who uses Unionbank cards and credit card there are exclusive 50% off and can avail installments for min purchase of 5,000.

  6. Hello Momshie Ruth, new subie here, ask ko po ano ang brand ng high chair nyo? Thank u 😊 #HappyExpectingMom 🀰🏻

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