Vlog #26 Buying Stroller and Walker SM | Enfant | Taglish

Vlog #26 Buying Stroller and Walker SM | Enfant | Taglish

hey guys good morning, I am here at SM. We are looking for things to buy for river we are trying this jumper Jumperrr there’s mama Lita, Hello mama Lita Hi pinky! here’s tita Sol Hi tita sol so river, do you like this one? I think you are bigger than the jumper you are bigger he is beyond the jumper We are here together with mama eva Hi mama eva pinky and mama lita our problem is river is quite big for the stuff here he likes the one that rotates he goes around on all of the stuff that one he seems to fit in that *reading instruction* so baby, do you like that one? what can you say in the video? busy? he is so fond of that toy hey guys, so we haven’t pick any of the walker yet at sm we opted to choose on what jumperoo to buy online because John wants to have a walker with a lot of wheels while me I want a jumperoo without wheels because river really likes the toys there In the end, rivers doesn’t fit any of the jumperoo there that’s why we didn’t bought any right now, we’re going back to mother care enfant, because we saw a stroller there. and I don’t like the department store strollers so.. because all of it are bulky what we really want is to buy a stroller that we can carry easily like the umbrella type and the only good and cheapest stroller we found is enfant the pockit Gb baby pockit although the only available is the one that can’t be reclined that is found in the sm earlier that’s why we didn’t purchase it it’s hard. I found river funny he stops crying when he is in the stroller now I will record him in a video using the enfant stroller. let’s see hello river hi! How are you, do you like that one? Hi! helloooo do you like that one? bye bye! buhbye mama buh bye! you go home you want to go ahead? *trying to make the baby laugh* raising eyebrows? is that the lock? maybe it’s a lock to make the stroller run only forward how about the lock at the back? it’s good, it’s good right? and it’s only 2499 it’s kinda light I like the colour red because it’s unisex the blue one that’s the blue one this is the blue version the blue one is also good is it good? what if our next baby- let’s try the walker try the walker baby come to mama come here river come river this is the right size he wouldn’t tip toe hi! come to mama come! come he still doesn’t know how to walk how do you walk? you don’t know? he still doesn’t know oh right there he is shocked because he is moving are you shocked? are you moving? are you shocked? because you are moving? so guys, we ended up buying this walker because it’s like the 2 in 1 type It’s like the jumper that we saw in sm but at the same time it has wheels so it’s like everything that we want in a walker is in there and so we bought this one

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