Virtualize Windows 10 with Proxmox VE

Virtualize Windows 10 with Proxmox VE

5 thoughts to “Virtualize Windows 10 with Proxmox VE”

  1. Love how thorough your videos always are, you always doing the small bits that other people may or may not do.

    Only thing I miss from here (or I'm my case server 2016 install), is how to optimally get windows to read data from ZFS pools).
    iSCSI seems logical, but they're are big performance hits after your "block device" is half full.
    So NFS, or CIFS/SMB it is.
    Do you know if you need a 10GbE networking card IF your virtual machines are on the same node?

  2. This video is just what I needed to get my Windows 10 VM working properly. I was missing the virtIO drivers! Thank you so much for this tutorial.

  3. The right way to virtualize windows is to use virtio block for the storage too. You also added the ballooning driver but did not install the windows service…

  4. Did I miss anything? Let me know!
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  5. Very good video about proxmox, each new day want install that on some virtualization servers which I admin. I want to use proxmox because the all the virtual machine's running on these servers are using KVM and QEMU, so a think this is a better choice specially using web console, now I use Virt-Manager to manage all VM's, also I have some other option very interesting, this option is XCP-NG, Could you have some plans to try this XCP-NG system and upload some videos about this? XCP-NG is a Xen Virtualization server.

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