Viltrox DC-50 Review Test – The Best Budget DSLR monitor for videographers

Viltrox DC-50 Review Test – The Best Budget DSLR monitor for videographers

you’re watching Zar films variety
channel hi welcome to today’s video I’m zar today we’re going to take a look at
the Viltrox dc50 which is one of the best budget
it’ll CD monitors for your DSL camera it’s a 5 inch monitor it comes in at
under 100 or about a hundred bucks and it’s very cool for the money so let’s for $100 this thing is a pretty cool one
to give it a try the LCD screen is 5 inches so it’s gonna
be a bit smaller than some of the 7-inch ones which is kind of cool that way you
can put it up on your on top of your DSL so you get some paperwork warranty
instruction manual nobody’s gonna read back you get a mount to move up and down
and can screw in the bottom you got your regularAce threer and I’m sorry there’s
a shoe there with for your tripod your cold shoe mount and also leave 3/8 so we
can put that connect that to our DSL right away this is the USB to micro and
one of the one of these cables you can use with the to charge or if you have a
sony a6000 we’re using a Canon so here we go oh and you get a shot of it no
it’s a bag and it’s it’s ok I guess it’s not super great okay oh this does have a
resolution of 800 by 480 pixels it does have speakers so you’re gonna want to
turn that off and don’t need this so it does take one
battery in FM 500 or the QAM batteries these are like old you know the of
the Sony batteries we do happen to have a battery for it we picked up kastar FM500H
that we’re gonna use an plug in there so basically we can sort of
plug it in hey there we go so it’s in ok so on the bottom you get a USB oh you
get your tripod mount and headphone jack and this is your battery release this is
your speaker I’m going to turn that off and then the other side you get a rocker
menu switch which moves up and down and you can push it in in order to select
you get your DC in and on and off power and also yeah that’s really cool
sunshade which is made to fold it’s actually kind of cool yeah look at that
so that’s cool I think you couldn’t yep you can take it right off if you don’t
want to use it which is cool so we’re going to go ahead and pull off this LCD
cover let’s see if it’ll turn on I guess not my bad oh there it goes
takes a second all right so we got battery setup let’s go to menu says your
menu up here you got peak setting which is a good for pulling focus or you know
if you it has a peak feature which is great for if you want to help pulling
focus again with a little little screen like this this is not going to very give
you very good color accuracy so really just using this for composition or focus
you know to put on top of your DSLR so you can see yourself for that kind of
thing or just it’s just bigger than your LCD on your cam
so if we go back to the rocker or we can go down and we’re looking for speaker
the first thing you want to do is turn off your speaker there it is second one up
push in and that’s at twenty percent we want to lower that down to zero because
and you can just hold the button down because it’s just gonna feedback so
that’s the first thing you should do turn up your speaker and now this is
your men you can mess around with it there’s some color changes you can do
also this feature up here is automatically putting you at sixteen
point nine if you go to auto it’s also going to put you at sixteen point nine
but the cool feature and it’s going to cut off some of the your image so the
cool thing that I like it on that you should go to DSLR and that will give you
the full picture frame so we’re gonna go ahead and connect this to our DSLR and
see what it looks like okay so we’ve got our Vilks
five inch LCD connected up there on the side of this I forgot to show you you
get a little rubber and thing you get an AV end you get HDMI out mini and you get
HDMI in big so we’re going to go ahead and HDMI big and so here we’re going to
go ahead and plug in our HDMI to the Canon 80D we’re using I will say one of
the downfalls are dry up is that this tripod mount doesn’t actually move to
the left of the right so I mean you can you’d want to get a different one for
that kind of thing so let’s turn this on oh there it goes and there we are doesn’t it appear to be
much lag or anything I will say though however it does disable your other LCD
so that being said this is still kind of cool it definitely is there’s no lag
there it’s definitely responsive I kind of
like it again you’re gonna be using this for composition and focus only or you
know you’re not really going to get good color exposure you can also flip the
image it’s possible but if you go into the settings there so I’d say for a
hundred bucks this is really really a great on-camera monitor I’m you’re not
gonna find anything in this price point you know obviously it’s not gonna
compare with the small HD or the Sony or some of the others but if you’re on a
budget and you’re looking you know if you want to spin it around so that you
can see yourself on frame this is really really good and again it takes the fm
500H batteries or some old Sony battery and you can pick those up anywhere so it
is showing all the same information that my Canon would all normally show you
know so for the size and for the price point and you really can’t go wrong
especially if you’re on a budget this is literally one of the best budget LCDs
available and that’s just my camera going off on auto shutdown so for the
money I definitely say trying out the Viltrox I mean that this thing looks
awesome so we’re gonna go ahead and spin it around and shoot some video the other
way but I’ll put a link below if you’re interested but this is just really
really cool I’m glad we picked it up because this LCD that we have is just
tiny so it’s hard to see sometimes so the Viltrox dc50 is a great
inexpensive solution you know again at this price point you really can’t find
anything else just a couple of quick things about the build trucks
five inch LCD it does every resolution of 800 by 480 pixels it is 1080p
playback it is not 4k but it will playback 4k it’s just going to do it in
1080 also it supports 24 P which some of the other high-end ones don’t so for the
money this really great value you get the LCD monitor you get the sunshade you
get a standard shoe you get a Sony shoe you have an HDMI cable and get the
battery bag the only real negative is it’s just not
color accurate which you wouldn’t want to rely on this for anyway just
composition focus and you’re good to go again this uses one
rechargeable battery the FM500H or the QM Sony batteries which are not
included that’s the other negative they don’t give you a battery it does take AC
power although that defeats the purpose of being mobile go so pick yourself up
one of the best budget on DSLR LCDs are the Viltrox dc50 so thanks for
watching I really appreciate it well it’s definitely no lag there please
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it thanks for watching

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  1. Thanks so much for talking about lag. It's the only thing I really care about and for some reason not many YouTube's cover it

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