33 thoughts to “Vice City”

  1. 3:15 it's stuff like this that I miss in the newer GTA games. I remember playing San Andreas driving around when all of a sudden a pedestrian on a golf cart speeds past me with cop cars and helicopters chasing him, he did a powerslide and flipped the golf car and then got run over by one of the cops. Funniest shit I had ever seen.

  2. The fact he literally sounded identical to Michael when he was 'singing' Billie Jean already made the video for me lol.

  3. It's a good thing this video good content ID'd! Clearly the best way to experience these songs is the 3 seconds of them playing while donkey is screaming over them. Yeah that's not transformative at all!

  4. Use to have the cheat code disc for this shit, I remember always falling in the water while I was invincible and I'd always have to reload the shit cuz you just fall forever lmao

  5. 2:37 No one points out that ambulance, which is awesome. So I pointed out how that's awesome. You're welcome.

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