VANKYO S30 MatrixPad – New Cheap Android Tablet

VANKYO S30 MatrixPad – New Cheap Android Tablet

in today’s video we take a look at the
latest matrixpad s30 Android 9.0 powered tablet from VANKYO. They were nice
enough to send this out to me, and asked me to go ahead and unbox it tell you what I
think and tell you if you should spend your hard-earned money on this, stay
tuned just go ahead and see what we have
inside this box first of all it comes in a very sturdy protective box you don’t
have to worry about the postman hopefully crushing this when it gets
delivered from Amazon good slide the top off there inside we have the tablet
itself plastic case and of course the plastic protective film I absolutely
love peeling these off I don’t know what it is about it but it gives me that
brand new sensation that you know just mmm brand new crisp and clean so very
very beautiful slim design nice 10.1 inch IPS display it looks like got some
curved edges really looking nice and so that’s I else we got yep sounds like
there’s more this cardboard tray out all right we got some paperwork so we have
the user guide so all the all the verbage all the instructions all the how
to’s definitely want to read that what else we got another card what is this
customer service contact so if you have any issues or any comments or anything
you want to send to the manufacturer that’s how you reach out to them and
this is looks like a little bit of an index card showing you how to charge the
tablet and all the ports and the buttons on the sides and what they do and how
they are used yep still got some more gift that keeps on givin open up this
box and probably power yes we have a USB power brick so that’s
actually pretty handy a lot of companies scrimp and don’t send you that they just
injure the cable a lot of times and speaking of cable out here USB see so
again very impressive a lot of people cut corners and cut costs and they go
Micro USB USB sees the way to go these days so very happy to see both the USB
power wall adapter as well as USB see being used on this tablet let’s go ahead
and power it up and see how she runs looking closer at the tablet itself we
see it has the volume up and down buttons along the side of the unit right
next to it is the tablet power button as well as the microphone dual speakers are
found on the opposite sides of the tablet and sound quality overall is
decent on these for the price point on the bottom we have the micro SD
expansion slot pullout tray this allows for up to 128 gigabytes of additional
storage for the unit beside it is the USB type-c charging port and lastly the
3.5 millimeter headphone jack personally I’ve never been one to use the camera on
a tablet but here are a couple test shots taking with both the front and
rear facing cameras to give you some sort of idea on the image quality of
both these cameras naturally I’m more gaming focused on
this channel so I of course wanted to test out what the gaming experience was
like for this tablet first up I went ahead and got some Farsight Studios
pinball action started up from the Google Play Store the game plays
exceptionally well and looks great on this tablet next I went with Sonic CD
from the Play Store as well and I tested it and no surprise it runs well
however when recording at 60 frames per second I noticed there was a slight
flicker being picked up on the camera that I wasn’t able to notice with my
naked eye after doing some more testing and comparisons with other content I was
able to figure out that this tablet is actually running at 50 Hertz refresh
rate instead of the 60 Hertz it advertises comparing how the display
looks at 1080p 60 frames per second versus my iPhone 11 Pro both appeared to
be identical however when you get closer to the S 30 display the flicker of the
refresh rate issue on the screen is then picked up by the camera and it’s not
noticed on the iPhone because it’s still refreshing and 60 Hertz as designed I reached out to the manufacturer about
this issue and here’s what they had to say after notifying the manufacturer of
the issue of seeing with the refresh rates being lower than advertised I was
told quote some of the machine will set the refresh rate to 55 Hertz to save the
battery then I was provided with pictures from the aida64 application
which displays internal product information and while it does show the
display is listed at 60 Hertz every real-world test I run on this device
still shows it performing less than that even with a fully charged battery
retro-gaming emulation on this device is pretty standard it’s more than capable
of playing all your favorite games from Atari all the way through the 16-bit 90s
arcade era and it actually fares pretty well with some dreamcast and select
nintendo 64 games PSP games on the other hand are a no-go
as the sound and game speed are all running pretty choppy at best not really
making this tablet an ideal portable emulation device by any means this
tablet does shine when it comes to reading your news or your favorite blogs
watching YouTube videos or Netflix this device certainly does the trick it looks
great in the process with the exception of any 60
frames-per-second content which is rare to find in the majority of broadcast
media image clarity colors and sharpness on the display are all great and viewing
angles are very impressive overall reading some of my favorite comic books
on this tablet is an absolute pleasure with the panel by panel feature active
in the comiXology app and right now this is actually one of the top-selling
tablets on Amazon today which is kind of curious because honestly for $150 I
can’t recommend it now if this was a hundred dollars this would be a heck of
a deal and I’d absolutely tell you to go out and buy it however at a hundred and
fifty dollars knowing that the Amazon fire 10 tablet is the exact same price
and outperforms this in almost every single important way well that’s where
it gets very easy to say I’m sorry but don’t buy this at $150 wait for the
price to come down because again the Amazon fire Kindle 10 tablet outperforms
this every single way except for the camera so unless there’s a niche market
out there that says hey we love everything about our fire 10 tablet
except for the camera so we’re willing to let’s say downgrade our storage
capabilities as well as our processing power then by all means this is the
tablet for you but chances are you’re not going to fit into that demographic
so anyways I hope you enjoyed the content if you’re new to the channel
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know every time I upload more great videos and as always thanks for watching
guys really it means a lot you

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  1. What do you use tablets for the most? Gaming, reading, Netflix, web browsing? Let me know in the comments down below!

  2. Right on! Looks cool. I usually don't purchase anything outside of Samsung but this one looks promising. Great review!

  3. This is a bummer to see m, I had high hopes for this.
    I use a Vankyo projector in my basement and have been very pleased overall.

  4. Doug what is the best 10 inch tablet you can buy at any price? My wife wants a new one, and it has to run her nursing apps well, and be snappy for web and email. Maybe provide your best 3 10 inch tablets

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