Using the HP OMEN to Customize the Gaming Keyboard on HP Omen 15 Notebook PCs | HP OMEN | HP

Using the HP OMEN to Customize the Gaming Keyboard on HP Omen 15 Notebook PCs | HP OMEN | HP

This video shows how to use the HP OMEN Control
software to customize your gaming keyboard. The HP OMEN Control software can manage your
keyboard profiles, assign key values, set up keyboard lighting, and use advanced
keyboard features. From the Start screen, type HP OMEN Control
to open the search charm, then select HP OMEN Control from the list of results. The HP OMEN Control screen opens. Profiles can be customized and saved for a
specific game or player. Under Profile, click the plus sign. A new profile named Profile1 appears with a shortcut key combination for launching the profile. Click the right arrow to duplicate the profile, edit the profile name, or delete the profile. To change the profile name, select Edit name
from the dropdown list, then type the new profile name in the Name box. The keyboard has six programmable gaming keys
with up to five different settings each. You can create a total of 30 different key
combinations when used alone or in combination with the function, control,
alt, or shift keys. To change the function of these keys, click Key Assignments on the HP OMEN Control screen. Click the profile you want to change. In the Assignment box, select Click to set
next to the key you want to program. Press the key combination you want assigned
to that key. The new key combination displays in the Assignment box. The keyboard has programmable, lighted zones that help you press the correct
key, even in low light. You can customize the colors of each zone
for each gaming profile. The power button customization is available
on select models only. On the HP OMEN Control screen, click Lighting. On the keyboard image, click the lighting
zone you want to customize, or use the drop-down menu to select a zone. To change the zone color, click the zone on
the keyboard image, or click the color box under the drop-down menu. Select a new color from the color palette,
then click OK. Advanced settings allow you to personalize
your keyboard further. Click Advanced. In the Advanced settings, you can disable
various keys, disable the touchscreen, disable the trackpad, control the fan speed,
and assign function key defaults. Select the checkbox next to any functions
you want to disable. To reassign a function key, first select the F key, then select the Alternate function for that key. Increase the fan speed by selecting the check
box next to Fans at maximum. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,

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  1. I have a laptop i.e. HP Pavilion g6 1301tx.
    I have a problem with motherboard that is my USB ports are not working so I want to replace my motherboard
    Can you please tell me estimated price of the motherboard in $ (USD)

  2. Can you provide instructions for creating and setting macros please? I would like one of the Key Assignments to launch an application or shortcut I have created. Thank you!
    HP Omen 15-5110nr

  3. May I ask which model or models will allow me to change the color of the led for the power button?

  4. None of my OMEN Controls settings are saving. I can change the settings in the HP OMEN screen, but nothing change.

  5. i need help. After updating the windows system from 8 to 10, I'm not able to change the keyboard colors for some reason, can someone help me please? I've entered several times to the hp webpage written below ''c04758308'' but i can't find anything that could help me, I just change the color, and the keyboard's leds keep on in red, can someone help me please?

  6. I updated my hp omen to win 10 and everything was fine but then i had a problem with office 365 so I restored my omen. Afther that i noticed that all of the drivers had gone and the recovery files were empty. I had to download and install all of it but i lost two that it doesn't appear on the HP support page: the omen controller and the driver for the headphones. What can i do? i still have 8 months of warranty

  7. I want to create my own custom code that controls the keyboard lights. How can I access the API that makes them do things? Can someone point me in the right direction?

  8. Hi HP, What are the differences between the 15t-5100 models and 15t-5200 models. I'm looking at both having exactly the same spec so I don't know which one to choose.

  9. The WASD and Gaming buttons doesnt work, i can't change the color, so the backlight on that buttons are off. Any help?

  10. ive had the omen for a year now and since ive got it everything works fine except for the profiles. the settings dont save, especially when restarting the computer or going to sleep. the light setting go back to red all the time and the function keys also and it gets really frustrating to keep resetting them all the time. have you heard of this issue before?

  11. yah that's grate but I updated to windows 10 and now I don't even have the omen control letalon making my keyboard light work agen

  12. Ok, so I bought the HP OMEN MOSTLY because of the color costumization/feature (yes, I
    m vain like that). I got the HP omen hp omen 15 ax026 in Korea. There were no HP omen control installed on this device. Does my laptop that I spend half a fortune on, not have this feature of changable colors on the backlit?

  13. When I play video games that include the F keys on my Omen laptop it always uses the button it was made for instead for the game/ For example if in a game i wanted to press the F6 button then it will mute the volume instead functioning with the game. How do I fix this?

  14. Hi, I have the Omen 15 ax000ne. I can not find the HP Omen control screen. And moreover, my front light, i.e., the omen symbol doesn't light up. Any idea ? Thanks a lot.

  15. the vertical bar light on the left stopped working. I installed the latest updates and it still doesn't work. Any advice on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated

  16. Is there any way to get all of the keys to be animated? I was playing music earlier and they all started 'dancing' and I assumed it was an update or something but I can't get it to happen again.

  17. For the HP Omen 15-ax025nd, can i change the lighting of the keys? I've tried to do it, but i cannot seem to be able to implement the changes..

  18. Please help I have the same problem. I don't have HP OMEN Control on my laptop. Is there any way to download it?

  19. Can someone help me out I bought an omen gaming laptop but have no idea why my keyboard is unresponsive

  20. hello I can change colour on omen control but when I implement it than its not working on keys just shows red colour. pls help

  21. Hi, I don't have the Omen Control software in my laptop. So I downloaded it, but it does not work. What should i do?
    The product number is F2T47EA#ABV

  22. Does colour change work for omen 15-ce088tx??
    Also my OMEN Command Center won't update, does there's smth wrong with database server? Because looks like my Microsoft edge won't connect too

  23. Can i change the colors of hp – 15 ce015dx?
    I installed Omen control but the lights are stuck on red (and white for the WSAD keys)

  24. I have installed the Omen Control on my HP envy x360 but it doesn't work on it can you please tell me why it happen ????

  25. I have an omen 17th generation. I have tried all the options Hp has presented to change my blacklight. However, it does not work. Is there anything i can do?

  26. I just bought omen 15-ce022no and when i open the omen control app there is no lighting does that mean that i can only have the red color?

  27. Do you need a omen computer to install this because I have an omen keyboard and when I installed the control panel it woudnt let me open it :/

  28. basically i have a omen17 an013na and i dont want to press the FN button to use the help keys eg volume up and down. please tell me how to turn off the function keys. dont give me a link to a website 👍

  29. My Omen 15-ax213TX didn't come with the OMEN control software, I downloaded one and nothing is working, It's running on a Win 10. Is it even possible to change the backlight color of my model?

  30. How do we change the omen key to a home key or something else if we don't use the omen command center. A lot of people have complained about heat problems on the omen 17 with rx580. I found that stopping omen command center on this model cuts back a whole 10c on temps for the cpu. seems like it is using too many cycles. anyways in order to game on this thing we have to cut back on anything we can. omen command center had to go. without it running I have successfully kept the cpu at 80c and below while playing intensive games. how do we change this button. it is a pain when hitting it on accident.

  31. Hi, I just pought hp omen 15-ce000no not long time ago.. maybe around week ago or so and i wanted to know if it is posible to change my keyboard light collor??? it would be rly awsome if i could be able to change the collor i love.. i dont hate the red collor but…. i dont love it aswell XD

  32. Hello
    Now, I own an HP Omen like the one you have in the video.I had to reset the entire laptop because of a bug. I downloaded back hp omen control but the computer doesn't respond to the commands.How do I fix it?

  33. my pc is OMEN HP 15-CE008NT CORE İ7 7700HQ 2.8GHZ-16GB-1TB+128SSD-15.6-GTX1050 Tİ 4GB-W10 but i dont know change the keyboard lightining please help me i change lightining for key

  34. is the keyboard color changing available on this unit ?

  35. The brightness of the keyboard can not be adjusted, the fans can not be controlled, the Omen Comand Center is practically limited. The model I have is Omen 15 dc0030nr.

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