Using HP Wireless Audio | HP Computers | HP

Using HP Wireless Audio | HP Computers | HP

HP wireless audio technology allows you to wirelessly stream audio from your computer to up to four different sets of speakers in your home. HP wireless audio works by using software to send audio data from a computer through a transmitter to up to four remote receivers HP wireless audio technology is compatible with KLEERNet devices The HP wireless audio accessory is a KLEERNet device with everything you need to send PC audio to a remote set of speakers. This device comes with one USB transmitter and one receiver. Some HP computers such as the Envy 14 Specter have a wireless audio transmitter built in, so you only need to use the receiver that came with the wireless audio accessory. On computers they do not have a built-in transmitter you use both the USB transmitter and receiver. When the PC transmits a wireless audio signal the audio receiver receives the signal through the internal antennas and then plays the audio through the speakers you connect to the receiver. You can connect any speakers, headphones, or home stereo systems with the following ports: RCA S/PDIF 3.5mm analog or mini TOSLINK Ensure HP Wireless Audio Manager is installed on your computer. This software is pre-installed on some HP computers. To find out if it is installed on your computer Click Start All Programs and HP Check for HP wireless audio manager If the software is not on your computer you can install it from the CD that comes with the HP wireless audio accessory If your computer does not have a CD player, you can download and install the software from the HP Support website If your computer has HP wireless audio built in, you just need to ensure wireless networking is turned on. For all other computers plug the USB wireless audio transmitter into a USB port on the computer and wait for the wireless like indicator to turn blue. Before the computer can send audio to your speakers, the receiver needs to be paired to the transmitter. This process only needs to be done once. After a successful setup you can move the receiver up to 30 meters or 98.4 ft. away from the transmitter. Plug in the receivers power cord and wait for the lights to turn on. Open the HP Wireless Audio Manager software Click Start All Programs HP and then click HP Wireless Audio Manager Make sure the HP Wireless Audio Receiver is listed in the available devices panel If they receiver is not listed, make sure the receiver is within the five meter range and has power. It may take a minute for the device to display in the list. Click the plus button next to the HP receiver in the available devices list. Click the Pair button in the Pair Device box. Press the pairing button on the audio receiver The pairing light on top of the audio receiver blinks while the receiver attempts to pair with the transmitter. When the receiver is successfully paired the light displays solid blue. The pairing process can take up to a few minutes to complete Click OK in the Success box When the audio transmitter and receiver are successfully paired the receiver shown in the list of audio devices will have a green dot next to its name You can repeat this step and pair the receiver with other computers within range but the receiver can only accept audio from one computer at a time. Now that the receiver has been paired to the computer you can move the receiver to where your stereo system or speakers are located up to 30 meters away from the computer. Make sure the speakers or home stereo system is turned on. Depending on the cable ports on your speaker system you have three options for connecting to the audio receiver RCA S/PDIF 3.5mm analog or mini TOSLINK This video shows how to connect a typical set of computer speakers and headphones to the audio receiver using 3.5mm analog cable. The steps are similar for other connection types. Ensure the speakers are turned on If required, connect one end of the 3.5mm cable to the port on the speakers Connect to the other end of the 3.5mm cable to the combo mini TOSKLINK 3.5mm analog port on the audio receiver. Alternatively, you can connect headphones to this port on the receiver. Plug in the receivers power cord and wait for the lights to turn on. Play music from the computer to test for sound. If the HP audio receiver has a yellow dot next to its name in the software the signal quality as low and you will likely encounter poor audio quality. For the best connection keep the areas immediately around the transmitter and receiver free from obstruction HP wireless audio can connect up to four sets of speakers, each connected to their own wireless audio receiver. This way you can stream music to one room or multiple rooms depending on the speaker groups you set up. Use the Create Group function to manage several sets of speakers as if they were one device For example, if you want to listen to the same music in the living room and in the bedroom you can group speakers and both rooms together. A list of these paired devices displays in the My Wireless Audio home panel The HP wireless manager software uses the following icons and buttons Click the plus sign to add an available device to my wireless audio home Click the no symbol to remove unwanted devices. Click the Refresh button to re-scan the area to find more available devices or to obtain a stronger wireless signal. The My Wireless Audio home screen lists the devices you have connected If the device name displays in the list, it is part of your home audio system. If the box next to the device is checked then audio is streaming to that device or group Devices are listed by product name. To rename a device, select its name from the list and click Edit. Devices are color coded by signal strength. Green equals strong signal Yellow equals moderately strong signal Red equals poor signal Click the Settings button to do the following: Delete devices from My Wireless Audio home Enable or disable HP wireless audio Show the Welcome panel Show a notification of when a device is detected Click the Wireless Audio Assistant button to troubleshoot a problem Click the Create Group button to manage several devices as one synchronized group Note: The Create Group button is disabled unless you have two or more devices listed in the My Wireless Audio home panel. Most issues that occur with wireless audio are the result of wireless signal interference, cables not connected correctly, and the transmitter and receiver not correctly paired. To resolve these issues make sure all cables are securely and correctly connected, the receiver is within range of the transmitter, and that you have followed the steps exactly as demonstrated earlier in this video You can also use the Wireless HP Assistant to troubleshoot common problems For more information on HP wireless audio Go to

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  1. since i have a hp envy 15, there is a wireless audio already built in. do you any speakers that might be compatible with it? i do know that beats audio is compatible but are there more?

  2. I'm not sure which exact speakers are compatible, but I do know that if you get the audio accessory that is in the video, which is probably less expensive than buying speakers, you can connect just about any speakers to it.

  3. Not directly I don't believe. I think it depends on your Audio out device. It won't run directly to all 6 speakers. If you have an audio receiver that can connect to the wireless audio device and then runs your 5.1 system, that may work.

  4. No I got Logitech X-540 and they use 3.5 mm concection and they have matrix mode for surround sound and when it's not enabled it runs without rear speakers and I know that there is wireless audio recivers but I was just wondering for HP Wireless Audio because on HP site says it's only for 2.1 and on the other video on youtube the guy says that it works for even for 5.1

  5. The specific wireless adapter in this video doesn't have 5.1 built directly into it (not enough plugs). But the transmitter is capable of transmitting to other wireless compatible devices that may support it. Also, depending on the speaker/receiver setup you have, you could connect the speakers to another amplifier that supports 5.1, and then connect the wireless adapter as an input audio source to the amp.

  6. Thanks a lot but with mine speakers it might work because i need only one 3.5 mm connection. Even when i connect it directly to my computer it works trough all speakers. Sorry if I boring you with all the questions

  7. No worries about asking questions. It sounds like your speakers would work if they can connect through 3.5mm.

  8. If you purchase the Wireless Audio Accessory kit that is shown in the video, yes, it should work on Acer as well.

  9. I am already a very satisfied HP Wireless Audio user for 1.5 year, but now I'm searching for a cheap way to connect a turntable to my speakers. While some turntables are delivered with USB, this HP-USB tranmitter might be a solution. On the other hand: no "installing" is possible on a turntable… Is this a solution or not?

  10. That's a good question. I've never tried that. My hunch is it may not work since you can't install the software/driver for it to pair to the speakers. You could always try it though.

  11. Is there anything similar to this product that's still available for purchase? I can only find old stock of this product at a premium price.

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