Using DeskProto CAM software on the Genmitsu CNC Engraver

Using DeskProto CAM software on the Genmitsu CNC Engraver

Hey everyone! Today I’m going work on my little Genmitsu CNC engraver some more. Fix it up a bit, and show you some software options. My CNC videos are more about me learning and showing you what I’ve learned. So please be patient. It will take a few videos before I’m able to make something useful. So with 3D printers we have to worry about making sure the printed object sticks to the print bed. Well the CNC version of that is work holding. All the different ways to hold an object while the tool cuts it. What you use for work holding depends on what you are machining. I have these resin tooling blocks they’re a bit like wood but they are pretty
cheap and pretty consistent in size. So good to practice engraving on. I can make a lot of mistakes and just swap another block in. I have a few options for holding it, let’s take a look. I bought this vice online so lets try this one first. If it were smaller it would be perfect. But now it’s sitting on the top and it’s just not right. Because the cutting head is too low for this one. Well, I will save this for something else. So lets try out this one instead. This is better but it can only only engrave in the center. None of those is quite right. So I’m going to 3D print something. 3D printers are great shop tools for making parts like this. Okay I’m in TinkerCAD, I still use it for
most of my 3D printing. Because it’s just simple and quick. I have this bracket from my Barbot project. It lets me attach a drag chain to a stepper motor. I’m just going to remix it a bit so that I can do the same thing for the CNC engraver. Okay, now that should work, I exported that, and now I’ll remix it again. I just want to use those screws to make some kind of holding fixture. This is how I do almost everything. I have a few basic screws and nuts, and just remix some very simple designs around them in TinkerCAD. I almost never have to design anything from scratch anymore. Right now I’m going to slice this in Simplify 3D and print it on my Creality3D CR10s Pro. It’s my favorite printer these days and would be my top recommendation even if they weren’t my sponsor. The link in the description box. This is DeskProto, it’s a CAM or Computer
Aided Manufacturing program. It does the same job as a slicer does for a 3D printer. It looks at a shape, and then figures out the path that the cutting head will have to take in order to make it. It’s output, called GCODE is just a bunch of X Y Z coordinates that
the cutting head moves between. There’s different software to do this but a lot of it is either super professional with a steep learning curve, or in the cloud. I like my tools in my workshop, not someone else’s, even if those tools are digital. A tool in the cloud is like borrowing a tool from a neighbor you never know when they will move and you lose access to it. I rather have my own tools if I can. But everyone is different and you’ll find lots of video on YouTube of people showing all kinds of different CAM software. For now DeskProto is simple and really saved me a lot of time getting up to speed. It is a Windows program, I haven’t gotten a chance to see if it can run on Linux with WINE. With CAD and CAM software there are a few Linux options but none of them are super easy to learn so that’s going to be a project for another day. The free version of the DeskProto software will handle everything I’m going to do here and most hobby level CAM tasks. Ok lets get to it. First I need to select
my machine. So I’m going to go up to Options->Library of Machines and select the Sainsmart Genmitsu. Everything is ok there, I’m going to select GRBL Arduino (mm) as the postprocessor. Now I’m going to Load Geometry File. See, I have this STL of two piggies, it’s for 2019, the year of the pig in China. I want to engrave this into that pink resin block. So first I go to Part Parameters. The Transform tab, Scale, Dimensions (mm) and set the Y axis to 100 millimeters, since our block of material is about 105 millimeters and I want it to be a bit smaller. Then I go to the Materials tab, Custom, Set Graphically. X is going to be -5 millimeters to 110 millimeters, and the same for Y so it clears the whole block hopefully. And I’m going to leave all the other tabs
set on their default. Close that up, and look at Geometry Operation. First thing I have to set the right cutter-
the spinny thing that takes away material. The ones that come with the Genmitsu are Conical with a 20 degree angled tip. I don’t actually know if that’s the right cutter for what I’m doing but that’s what I’ve got so that’s what I’ll use. Now I’ve done a few cutting passes already, so I have some important information. That’s the Feedrate- how fast the cutter moves, and Precision- how much material it cuts off as it moves. There’s also the spindle speed but I’ve just been leaving it at the max, 6000rpm The precision setting is kind of the same as layer height in 3D printing. The smaller the number the finer the end result- and the more time it takes to finish. So I’ve figured out that a feedrate of 200 millimeters per minute and a precision setting of .35 works pretty well. I’m sure there are charts and formulas for this. But I’m a trial and error kind of girl and that’s what I’ve worked out. Under Area tab we’re going to select Custom Rectangular. And Set Graphically. Area of current operation looks about right. Okay click ok. Okay now if we click calculate toolpaths we can see all that GCODE- see where the cutter will go. Looks good, now we’re going to export
it by clicking “Write NC-program file” and then load it into the GCODE sender on the laptop attached to the engraver. Okay this is our GCODE sender it’s called
Candle. I’m going to open our file. So today I learned how to engrave on a CNC machine- and hopefully you have also. The noise is really pushing my luck in my little apartment and the dust is going to become a problem. So next time I’ll have to do something about that. I’d like to thank DeskProto for letting me use their software. It really is a good package and it’s great to be able to learn a program I know I’ll always have on my computer rather than something in the cloud Those services tend to come and go you never know. I will put the link in the description box. They do have a free demo for you to check out. I hope no one minds if my progress is a little slow and the results pretty simple. I’m actually not very technical, I’m just diligent. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been very good at one thing throwing a huge amount of hours at a problem and never giving up. Now I do that with technical stuff, then I get on camera and people think I’m skilled. Really I’m not, it’s just repetition and trial and error. In this CNC series you’ll get a better idea of just how slow my process is. Please be patient because I think it’s good for people to know that these things take time and not to give up
just because most of us are never going to be as skilled as some of the experts on YouTube are. But so long as we work and study hard- we’ll reach our goal in the end. Please like, subscribe, join and share. Until next time- if I can do it, anyone can do it.

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  1. You could 3D print some corner brackets and cut some acrylic windows to build an enclosure for your little Genmitsu CNC. Maybe even use some aluminum angle iron.

  2. I’m trying to learn Fusion 360, I can’t even draw a line with it yet. I just learned a Mouse isn’t a furry Cat toy, it’s actually a thing you click, who knew? Great video, the more I see what your equipment can accomplish I’m thinking of ways it could be very helpful to have this.

  3. Naomi, with the first vise, the piece is held by the ledges at the top of the jaws, it should not go down into the bottom of the vise.

  4. Hello to Lex! I use DeskProto multi axis version for rotary CNC for 5 years! (use it seldom tho). Naomi, look for a rotary axis as you can make some intrincate figures! Liked the pigs! The keep company 😀

  5. Finally, experience is the result of doing something 🙂 So it is always a mix of spent time, frustration tolerance, patience, thinking and learning, that lets us become good at something, no matter if it is playing music, engineering etc. Well done!

  6. Amazing stuff and good work! I'm just so excited about personal – sized CNC cutter!
    👍👍from your oldphart fan in Bangkok

  7. Naomi: Lots of practice, trial and error. That's how you get skilled! University degrees mean nothing! If you've put in a lot of hours with some equipment and you can do useful things with them and you know what you can and can't do with them, you are skilled!

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  12. Don't sell yourself short. Being persistent until you get it, learning by doing and failing is a great quality. The best engineering is building something and learning from it's failures until it's right.

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  14. The Cloud: someone else's computer. It sucks in too many ways.
    G-codes… I used to write G code for a Mori-Seiki M2 lathe. Saving the file meant a roll of paper tape. But hey, the boss liked it, so it must have been right?

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  16. Hello Naomi,
    I know you down play your skills on YouTube, … but I’m just fascinated watching these videos!!! Yes I’m sure when you were a little girl, … you could spend hours entertaining your self!!! I know this would annoy the hell out of you, … but I could watch you all day tinkering with these projects!!!
    You take care and don’t ever settle for seconds!!!
    I’m very proud of you!!!

  17. One of your greatest assets is your attitude. Some make check you out for your beauty, but stay because they realize how special you are. Happy Trails

  18. For machining things I'd suggest taking a look at a YouTube channel called This Old Tony. He is very, very good. You may be able to contact him, and get some one on one help if needed. Very nice video. I came across your channel due to one of your videos on locksport, and subscribed. 👍 Keep up the interesting videos, and I'm sure there will be plenty to learn here.

  19. Love your work Naomi! It's interesting that you prefer your CAM software on the desktop, but you clearly love TinkerCAD, which is a cloud-based app. I just recorded my first video about 3D printing using TinkerCAD, it should be ready next weekend.

  20. If you can construct a box around the Genmitsu to enclose it, that will go a long way to deal with the noise. And, if you can rig up a vacuum nozzle for the cutter head, your vacuum will deal with the carving dust as you go along. We had a sign machine at a previous job of mine that had the same issues, and that is what we did.

  21. When I seen that you were going to print a new workpiece holder instead of using painters tape and superglue , I though, 'what an idiot'. But I am def going to make a few like that out of aluminum.
    A ball nose end-mill would be better for that piece. Maybe 1/8" – 3/16"
    I am going build a box out of MDF for sound and dust. It will just be a top half and bottom half that flips open and will have an acrylic top and top front. The electronics will be in its own enclosure.

  22. I find it amazing how your 3D prints just come of the plate really easy, whenever i print its a mission just to get it off and never use metal tools to remove. Did you wear a mask as well as eye protection?

  23. If you would use a so called endmill or even better a ball-nose endmill you would not have the stripes from the V-bit in the picture.
    I would take a few roughing-passes (low quality but fast) and leave 0.3 – 0.4mm for finnishing with a 0.1 or 0.15mm setting. So you would get with few passes a lot of material away and later with the last 2-3 passes you would create a stunning result! See here:

    Have fun with your CNC-router!

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  30. did you have to add the genmitsu to the library list? mine doesnt have SainSmart Genmitsu listed 🙁 are you using the free version or did you pay and you can see this cnc listed. i hate putting generic iso mm in my list. 🙁

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    I find your progress fantastic.
    I mean, some of my classmates don't ever understand those things you say are done by experts in the field. And looking at you finishing these projects of yours, letting us know what's next… and how you improve is something awesome. New subscriber for sure.

  33. Here's a really cool trick for holding stuff down, I believe they even use this for CNC machining guitar components and it takes up zero space.

  34. Naomi,
    Have you tried out the laser yet? Also, have you done anything with stone….photo images and such?

  35. Another great informative video Naomi, thanks. I especially agree with owning the software on your own PC! Looking forward to seeing more on your cnc exploring…Laurie

  36. Well done on a first carve 🙂 Stepover could be a bit lower to get a nice finished product (gets rid of the cusp lines) and I think the Genmitsu should be able to run at some 1200 mm / min at the least. It is a pretty capable machine for it's price. 🙂 I know you have gotten further since the posting of this video and probably allready know this. But for anyone else out there? Trust me on the stepover. (it is basicaly how much of the width of the bit you move over before doing the next movement, the fewer percent of the tool width the nicer the results)

  37. To be honest yes Naomi is great, a lot of plugging for her products that Naomi is using for free etc…. I have subscribed as Naomi has a great personality and brings a nice change to a boring old fart playing with CNC….Cloud based software is the future, stop living in the past, everything in the future will be in the cloud whether you like it or not, its the only way forward, tech is so powerful now it has to be cloud based, your pc/mac will not be able to keep up with what is out there and will in the future just be a monitor for the internet. Why else do we have iPad Pros….

    The cloud companies are huge and will not go down the drain as the fear mongers on here are suggesting. Can you see Google going TU.., Apple, Microsoft, IBM, No, so get used to it, Microsoft have , if they have, the world will simply follow

    All you need is a fast internet speed , a fast browser and you rent the time on the software, that way you get the best of everything. I am all for it. Bring it on…..why would you do in any other way, your software is always the latest version, the latest generation, always works etc…you are living in a dreamland if you think otherwise. RAis systems back it up so their is never any downtime ( we hope)

    FFS in the next couple of months we are all on 5G lightning fast connections needs lightning fast software and you are not going to have a computer that will cope with what is out there. So you just rent. Why do you think Adobe bought out their current thinking on software….Because they are years ahead of everyone.

  38. There seems to be a "love fest" going on here for Naomi….she is a very clever lady and a credit to us females but boys put your bits and pieces away and wake up to reality…..Naomi is just milking you all dry, she probably has more degrees to her name than the 80,000 men that subscribe to this channel….wake up and smell the roses……Chinese women are incredibly intelligent, spend a few years in china and you will see,……..and this is why they have got you around her little beautiful fingers…….

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  41. Awesome videos! I'm having trouble finding the resin tooling box you carved into though. Where can I get that in the US? Is it called something else?

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