UpDesk: A Standing Desk For Everyone

UpDesk: A Standing Desk For Everyone

When I started this company, I wanted to make
it a great place to work. I wanted to create an environment that encouraged interaction
and creativity. UpDesk feels like it was created just for us. They have a whole range of styles
and prices to fit my team’s needs. Whether Lisa prefers sitting down or Jared likes standing,
they have the flexibility they need to be healthy and more productive. And Sally, our
lead designer, she’s into the details, and the SquaredUp gives her the room she needs
to organize her world as well as the flexibility to transition easily between sitting and standing.
Plus the SquaredUp’s extra sturdy construction allows for heavy computers and plenty of workspace.
And then there’s June, a born multi-tasker. As office manager, the UpWrite is perfect
for her since she’s spinning a thousand plates every day to keep our world running smoothly.
It’s pretty obvious we care a lot about the details here and that’s another reason why
UpDesk is such a perfect partner. Craftsmanship extends even into how they package their products
for easy assembly, less than 30 minutes out of the box. When I started this company years
ago it was just me in an extra bedroom. It’s great to know that UpDesk is part of our team,
growing with us, always innovating and bringing new products that meet our needs.

10 thoughts to “UpDesk: A Standing Desk For Everyone”

  1. Wow, really smooth video! Did Sanwich make this? I've been wanting a standing desk for YEARS, but they seem so pricey. There's like none of them at retail here in Australia too…Not even Ikea Australia.

  2. i really want one of this , but iam not living in usa, so afront 1000 dlls for a desk its just to much, meaby you can create someting less spensive for studends or someting , but is gorgeos. XD

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