University of Rhode Island Engineering Innovation Creates Products, Jobs

University of Rhode Island Engineering Innovation Creates Products, Jobs

[music plays] What you learn in the real world can help you come up with, you know, new and impactful ideas. [voiceover] VeloBit! The totally simple, lightning fast software solution that will instantly increase storage I/O speed by 10X! So your applications can run a whole lot faster, at a remarkably low cost! Ideas do not just come on, you know, your desk in the office. What you see in the practical world will fit back. We’re seeing a huge migration of people away from the spinning media you know, the spinning platters and the hard drives, towards flash and SSD technology. Flash is still very expensive on a per gigabyte basis, you can use a little bit of flash, and our technology, and we’ll put the most important data onto the flash. You know, we come up with a new concept, called content locality cacheing. So the idea is not only look at the data addresses, but also inside the data, look at the content, see what content are popular, we try to cache those popular data. [voiceover] Here’s how it works. VeloBit creates an automagical hypercache layer that allows you to continue using your primary storage for backups and data protection, while creating optimal output for your SSD. I took the red pill and committed to VeloBit when Yang in his lab proved that he could build his solution in an all-software package. The University of Rhode Island has the talent, has the capacity to come up with, you know, world-class technology, new inventions… This kind of blending of capitalism, startups, innovation, and academia… You get motivated, and you learn with purpose. We’re taking young people and giving them the tools they need to go be successful. [music plays] Subtitles by the community

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  1. Yang's amazingly smart, and additionally a great guy. Just finished two semesters of classes with him and he really does his best to make things hands on and project oriented in the classroom.

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