Unboxing $2200 Bluetooth Speakers: KEF LS50 Wireless Speaker

Unboxing $2200 Bluetooth Speakers: KEF LS50 Wireless Speaker

Now you may have been wondering what
I’ve been doing in Hong Kong between trips these days. I’ve been making coffee! Well of course it’s not I’m not just making coffee I am actually got a lot of
things to do. After I went to so many trips of course I got loads of footage
to edit and then I can’t really keep up as well so what’s this video’s about? Well
let me first show you what my setup at home I’ve shown you what I took to a trip
in my Billingham Bag I will show you what I use at home This is a 2011 iMac. So
this is a six years old iMac well five to six years old around five to six old iMac. Oh it’s time… So this is a LaCie hard drive, Thunderbolt 2. And then this… Tee… vo… Ti… Tivoli Audio, I think. So this one is, emm, it’s pretty good but sadly
it’s broken So I have been editing on my iMac with the built-in speaker I know
that some details I’m missing Good that from today I can upgrade my speaker! Will this new speaker improve that let’s see Now also I didn’t pay for this. They
send it to me for free but then they didn’t ask me to say anything specific. They didn’t even ask me to say good things about this I think they are quite confident because the LS50 as I research on
the web now I don’t really know this kind of high-end audio things There’s a lot of praise from of audio, Hi-Fi reviews anyway and even Steve Huff! I read about of Steve Huff’s review of Leica camera, all kind of cameras. Turns out he
review speakers as well and he loved this set of speaker so if it’s good for
them, it’s going to blow my mind We’ll see, we’ll see! So what’s in the box It’s got a box of accessories… ar there’s like cables stuffs like that oh… That’s the remote! Colour matching remote All the reviews I saw on the web they’ve got like the black one so they’ve got black remote this is a white remote… Oh it looks good! Instruction manual Left-to-right cable, network cable, PC to
speaker cable Lift from side. I think they don’t want you to put your hand on the Speaker element itself I don’t know does it… even called speaker element I’m a camera geek not a Hi-Fi geek… This is really heavy! Bloody hell! This is… I know it’s gonna be heavy I never know… hello! I never expect it is THAT heavy alright alright Look at that! Glossy white Go away! Go away! At the back… This is for the power cord Right to left. This is to connect to the left speaker It connect to left speaker with digital signal as well that’s good! This is speaker EQ I’ve already studies that you can set this up in the… in the app This is network This is the RCA connecter to connect to other analog signal Optical This is a USB connect to PC And then this is for connect to subwoofer which I don’t have So this looks really good
look at that glossy white Now yes! On the desk. I’m sure I make a lot of audiophile people cringe yes I put them Yes I put them on the desk because I’m planning to use
it for editing Yea yea yea that’s not… that’s not good that’s not good
It’s really close to me as well but I don’t have a choice
I don’t have large house as many Hong Kong people so It do looks nice and
I like that it match my home I do deliberately got a colour scheme for my home which is white and wood This is similar white and then copper color which is it match so
I love it And well now we should start setting it
up Turn it on… Now as a wireless speaker these
days of course it got an app for it Hello let’s setup your speaker, alright! Choose the Wi-Fi network from the speaker So now I’m connecting this to my
home Wi-Fi router Speaker is now ready. Let’s start! Now the first thing it setup
to me is that using the app itself to play music directly to the wireless
speaker through Wifi. Which it should give you better audio quality than Bluetooth And I like that you can access all the music on my iPad already I don’t have to have
another set of music import to this app those kind of bullshit It just… all my music just appear here so I can just pick anything Dave Brubeck Quartet, Take Five It do sounds good! It do sounds good! I haven’t hear this kind of good speaker for a long time I remember I took this CD
The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Time Out To my classmate’s home and played that on his dad’s high end Hi-Fi system I don’t think I can tell exactly the difference of this and that but it sounds really close I haven’t
heard of that good song for a long time that’s one thing in the app is that you
can set up the placement of these speakers Now I was using the default
settings. Now I can go into the basic settings. Where is your speaker on a
stand or on the desk? On the desk. Distance to the wall How is your room? Damped,
moderate, lively… And then how large is your room? Subwoofer plugged in. Nope, turn off. And that’s it! We shall see… we shall see is there’s any different… Oh my god this is good! This is so good!
I don’t know why but this is so good Now I can hear the difference after I’ve tuned it…
I don’t really tune it I tell the speaker where it is I tried out
The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Take Five it sounds as good as I think it could be
and then for some reason I just listened to the Daft Punk, Give Live Back to Music It sounds so good I almost want to cry! I’ve never,
I’ve never had heard it like this, ever. Maybe because I never heard this music on a good speaker before Of course you can connect it through Bluetooth with your smartphone, any kind of smartphone, iPad Now I have to connect it to my computer I can connect it through USB
On a Mac all you have to do is plug in USB and then it works. You just have to
go to the right hand side corner click on the speaker volume icon and then pick
the output device as the LS50 wireless speaker And finally now I have a
professional-grade speaker for my editing Well another
piece of information is that I usually use my iPad as the second screen while editing With the app Duet Display So I can put my raw footage here this is
how I usually edit I do think I can hear more the
especially those background ambient noice I can hear more clearly about what
people are talking at my background before that I don’t expect to have that
much different And turns out I do I’m enjoying the music and then it really
benefits my editing So that’s all for this really special episode I hope you enjoy
looking at me unbox a pair of expensive speaker… well you do get a little peek of what I usually edit my these kind of vlog But if you don’t like it the usual vlog will resume next time so, thanks for watching I mean some of you guys ask for some changes anyway so, this is a chance, so… Don’t dislike this, please!

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  1. I know nothing of high end Hi-Fi stuffs but this is exactly what you're watching, a layman point of view of the KEF LS50 wireless speakers. And man it is so good with zero effort to set them up!

  2. KEF is one of the oldest and most established Audio speaker makers….reference standard. The sound is very accurate. All good speakers are pretty heavy for the mass dampening. The mass reduces coloration from unwanted resonances.
    The speakers look massively impressive. Nice features!

  3. A 100$ professional Studio Headphones will be 10 times more accurrate for video editing. These gadgets filter too much for that.

  4. KEF's are gorgeous speakers, i personally have the Reference 5's and i wouldnt replace them for the world, the driver KEF designed is one of the best in the world in terms of accurate re-production

  5. 2200$ for a speaker that looks cheap as fuck, like done in some shenzhen low end 10 employees company)) that is the utmost ridiculousness at its best.

  6. I have a KEF surround system and it rocks! Tiny speakers with mid range and tweeter actually embedded inside each other. It sounds like a crazy idea but it works. Also they weigh a LOT. Good choice Lok 👍

  7. $2200???? You can get them for £800 inc Tax (just over $1000) her in the U.K. Did they see you coming Lok?

  8. I have similar set up, KEF X300AW with a 2013 iMac. Lucky to get them for free. They have amazing sound and no distortion while playing loud. Audiophile sound. Enjoy them, all the best 😊 p.s. I recommend setting the audio on them via iMac to 96khz – 24bit for best sound 🔊.

  9. Do not use any paper whipes, or towel to dust it, or surface will be scratched. All glossy finish speakers I had suffered from this flaw.

  10. "I'm not just making coffee. I have lots of things to do."
    wife walks by in background
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    JK. Great video, Lok! I liked this video style a lot more than your previous work. It kept me interested and engaged, so much so that the time flew by and I was craving more!

  11. Since you don't know anything about hifi, here's a few things.
    They sound good, but they will sound better after a few hundred hours. Keep listening and you'll hear them change, which is really cool.
    Also, don't go buy KEF everything. Their latest series are incredible but they made some downright crap through the years. It's a much overestimated brand.
    Then there's placement. If you want proper stereo imagery, you don't want anything in between your speakers. That's hard in your case, but at least pull them forwards a little bit and take them apart a bit further. Try turning them 'toes in' to see if that changes. Usually a slight turn towards you really works. Just keep listening and hav someone move them around a bit. The space underneath your table is now one big boombox making the sound more hollow than it has to be. Your best option is to get stands for them, but that takes up a lot of space. Instead, get some foam like this:
    There is dedicated foam for studio monitors which will sound better, but this is dirt cheap. At first it may seem like you're lacking bass but you're really just lacking resonance and actually the bass you'll be left with is way more musical and defined.
    Also if you can, use them wired. It's just still better. Just get yourself some nice instrument cable and plugs and solder it together. You can obviously buy cable but that's often more expensive than making some yourself.
    Enjoy your KEFs. I heard them, they are really good. I don't know if they're 2200 dollar good, but they most definitely are incredible for their size and amazing for this purpose.

  12. Looks like your setup is coming together well. Also I know it's hard but you have to grind out those video edits if you want to do youtube professionally 🙂

  13. I just got some proper speakers…… oh man, the difference is huge! Why did everyone stop buying good audio equipment?!

  14. I'll assume this speakers will sound less engaging for some less than perfect mastering recording, means it will not as forgiving for poorer audio?

  15. I didn't even bother watching the whole video because I've listened to the LS50 (non bluetooth version) of those speakers and they were just mind blowing!! You've got to give them some space though Lok. Try to have them at least 6 feet apart and sit about 8-10 feet away from them when listening and you'll realized how wide and open it sounds.

  16. I was fortunate to get the chance to visit the factory some years ago. It was an amazing place. You can't really go wrong with a set of KEF speakers….

  17. Cool, Lok! Just a piece of advice, on desk speaker might sound better if they are separated a bit more, say, 1m between the units. That's the least effort I could make to my tiny desk and room.

  18. Don't worry, love your videos and your honesty. The better your equipment the better your videos will be. It's nice to see businesses supporting you and your channel.

  19. Great video Lok. I had to come and subscribe to you after watching so many other videos with you in them. I loved when you went to London and saw a Wait sign on a crossing and shouted, "We have the same in Hong Kong!" classic. 🙂

  20. i have listened to this pair of KEF live last week. Personally I think this is the new benchmark for any wireless speakers as of July 2017.

  21. hello,請問插電腦(usb)除左聽歌,上facebook同youtube睇片會唔會有聲?想買來upgrade個電腦喇叭,thanks

  22. Hey Lok, very nicely done. Love your review of the speaker. Now you make me really want to go listen and check it out myself.

  23. These speakers just look amazing. I will most likely get these as I was previously looking at getting the Feniks Essense but just worried a little about the bottom end because they are tiny!

  24. Thanks for the review. Well done and informative, so goal achieved. Couldn't help think using speakers of these capabilities for desktop computing/video editing is like, well, using high-end audiophile speakers for desktop computing/video editing. Something far less capable will more than do. Not hatin', just sayin'.

  25. 2:53 Hahahahahahahahaha! lol!
    You really made me laugh. Haha. You are so funny! 😉
    You make great funny videos, man! Greetz from the Netherlands

  26. If you want them to sound better, I recommend you buy this pair of stands for them, to lift them up and decouple them from the desk.

  27. The speaker element is called "Driver" and in this case its a co-axial driver. That means the two drivers on this speakers emit sound from the same point. Some people say that it improves the listening experience because the audio from the 25mm tweeter and the 130mm Driver hit the ear exactly the same. By the way, they look beautiful!

  28. My Bluetooth Speakers Nubert X-8000 costs $1950 – each! And the Sound is much better, but also you need more Space and kind Neighbours for it.

  29. and not XLR analog Input for people that want to use a better audio???? and do not tell me because is wireless..I want to use their AMP!!!

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