Ultimate WATER COOLED DESK PC [Project Duality] #6 – The custom loop

Ultimate WATER COOLED DESK PC [Project Duality] #6 – The custom loop

hello and welcome to the sixth part of my series where I built the custom desk PC today we’re going to build the loop and fill it I think that’s going to be exciting so stay tuned if you haven’t seen that last parts yet you could check them out up here and this part is gonna make a lot more sense if you have watched these and awfully watch these you can come back here and now we are going to build the loop because last time when we left off I had installed all the components and the blocks into the system but now it’s time to connect the blocks to do so I took my ptg tubing that I had ordered 16 millimeters in diameter and I started with spending of course that’s not the easiest thing in the world so before I even tried to do pens that will fit the system I just practiced a bit trying to get depends smooth without any kinks or bubbling because I hate it they’re plastic too much if you want to see a more detailed tutorial or guide how to bench PG trooping in the future maybe we’ll make one so leave a comment down below when I got a bit more comfortable with spending the Pichichi I started making the bands for the system I actually was surprised I found it a lot more easy than I thought it would be but what I didn’t expect to be so difficult is to know how long I need to chop the tubes off I did all the bands by eye and didn’t use a ruler or anything but then determining how long the end pieces need to be that took some finessing and I had to cut them quite often in many steps to get them to the final size but as long as it don’t cut off too much you can always cut off another slice one by one I then made all the bands and most of them I had rather soon in one or two tries but some of them were a bit more difficult and I had to do a few more iterations but the good thing about PGG is if you make a mistake you can just heat it up and it will go to its original form again so if you made a bend in a wrong place you heat it up its gonna go straight again and then you can make a new band at least a couple times not eternally but after cutting all the tubes to the right size bending them I of course install them in the system connecting all these pieces up isn’t that difficult it’s just like building Legos you just connect everything where it fits and in the end to check that everything is closed off you can blow into one opening make sure that the other opening is closed and if you can push air through you have a big leak somewhere and then you should maybe fix that but in my case it was all sealed up and so I went on to preparing the fluid what I’m using here is Mayhem’s pastel extreme white pastel fluid mixture this little bottle that I use there is good for around one to two liters or something and so I mixed it up and then used some dyes to get the color I wanted first in the bottle I made a rattle light orange but then later after I put it in the system I added some more drops of red to make it a bit darker that’s the big advantage if you mix your own fluid colors with dyes instead of buying a pre-mixed one you can change the colors very gradually to the one that you desire now we get to the biggest challenge of this entire video and I think the entire builds the feeling of the loop originally I thought that’s been a pretty easy just pour the in push the pump on a couple of times and then I’m gonna be finished but while in the beginning I was able to use the fill port and to water float nicely bound in the system and filled up a bit but then things got a bit more difficult as you can see in this footage I filled up the reservoir from the one side and then wanted the fluid to go into the pump this is how you usually build your system with a reservoir in front of the pump so there is ample water to flow into the pump now I ran into some problems the main one being that the pump has two Inlet and outlet the other way around I thought that on the top is the inlet to the pump but it turns out that the inlet is in the front and the top is the outlet so that brought quite a big challenge to me because I had filled up the loop from the wrong side because instead of giving the pump fluid on the inlet I filled up the loop from the outlet that’s the first challenge the second challenge being that I now don’t have a reservoir in front of the pump I mean you could just stop right here take all the fluid back out bend some new tubes and connect the pump up the right way but I thought to me I didn’t want to take out all this fluid again and I needed the system back to make more videos and everything because it’s my main system and I rely on it so I decided to try it anyways with a lot of trial and error and poaching fluids in and filling it up even more and trying to turn the pump arm I then finally cut it somewhat working but I can tell you I used a lot of pipe or paper towels to clean up the mess I made but after lots of trial and error I didn’t managed to fill the loop up and get her pump running in a nice way then I of course was really happy about that that I managed to do I let the system lead a bitch and get some of the air bubbles out of course I will never be able to fill up the reservoir in the PC box fully because there’s just no way to get the air out of there because the inlet and outlet are lower than the air bubble from this reservoir I would have to turn the whole desk on its side which isn’t really possible but I don’t think it’s that big of a problem that little air bubble there also that I also installed the hue plus lighting to give the whole setup a bit more spice if you want to see in another video how I configured the hue plus and also speed fan which I’m using to control the fans and the pump leave a comment down below if I should make a video about that as well let’s leave it at that let’s just admire how the system turned out and I really like it the colors blue and orange and also gave me the idea to for the name for this entire system for track duality I think I’m gonna add some more blue and orange lighting in other places of this setup to make it all a bit more United but that’s gonna come in a further part if you like this one please leave a like down below and also consider to subscribe if you wanna see some more progress a bit earlier you can check out the link to the Matsu forum where I post a bit more of and also a bit more behind the scenes I also have Twitter Instagram handles down below that you can check out for some behind the scenes and other fun stuff thanks for watching and until next time

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  1. ja bitte speedfan einrichtung könnt ich auch bruachen aber könntest du dan winmal auf deutsch und auf englisch machen? 😀

  2. Wäre echt nice wenn du dein Setup mal zu zenchillis Setup wars schicken würdest… wäre interessant was er dazu sagt 😛

  3. Overall amazing build, not keen on the re-used wood… I would've painted them to give the whole desk a nice clean look… Very impressed with your building skillz 😉

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