Tutorial Blender 3D – Membuat Warnet || (9) Membuat CPU 3D Part 5

ok, see me again. we will continue with the tutorial yesterday !! Immediately, we begin the tutorial. here we will enter edit mode !! here. well, this tutorial we will make bolts, on the CPU !! first make the line, press “Ctrl + R” !! If we have pulled up to the place we have set, here !! ok, we make the lines again !! then we pull here !! well, like this. let’s make four !! Here are already two we make again here !! briefly !! one more we make !! well, like this. here we will make the bolt. we enter vertex face !! we have this selection !! then we press the “E” shortcut or extrude !! well, we can be here at once !! since there isn’t a line here yet, let’s make a line below it !! ok. selection!! this is our selection !! we do the same !! try the same. if we already press the “E” shortcut or extrude to the outside !! This is enough. then we enter vertex edge !! we selection !! here one by one first yes, we make it !! “Ctrl + B” ok, we re-selection the edges !! “Ctrl + B” ok, it’s round. then we enter the vertex face !! we selection facenya !! then press the “E” shortcut or extrude, then press the “S” or scale scale shortcut !! like this, then press, for a moment !! well, let’s just push it !!! oh, we press the “E ‘shortcut or extrude again, but just a little !! ok, already. do the same thing on the last three, what we made huh !! “Ctrl + B” we are selecting again !! briefly, we are too wide. It seems like it’s going to be oval. before that we cancel first !! we cancel !! we put it down first !! we press the shortcut “DEL” or delete !! face. ok. here. we just pull it here !! because this is not a straight line, so eat it slanted. then we selection !! we press the “F” shortcut or face !! Well. we pull it out again !! ok. we select the edges like before !! press “Ctrl + B” then we selection again !! “Ctrl + B” well, like this. ok. we enter vertex face again !! press the “E” shortcut or extrude !! then, just a minute !! we cancel !! press the “E” shortcut or extrude, then press the “S” shortcut or scale !! then push in a little !! before that we press the “E” shortcut again inside !! then we go inside !! ok. do it again like before !! “Ctrl + B” wait a minute, this is too small. we repeat !! “Ctrl + B” ok. we select the edges !! “Ctrl + B” again !! ok. be patient, we repeat !! “Ctrl + B” ok, oops. don’t be so ok, ok just like this !! we selection facenya, then press the shortcut “E”, then press the shortcut “S” or scale !! if so, press the “E” shortcut or extrude again in !! don’t be too deep huh !! ok. well, here we should shift first. because it will be oval like the one before. we remove it first !! then we make the facade again, press the “F” shortcut “F” shortcut. we selection, then we push !! there was an error, sorry. well, we push !! oopp. we select this, press the “E” shortcut again !! we take it out !! well, then we make it like that !! selection!! “Ctrl + B” selection again !! press “Ctrl + B” again !! ok, we selection facenya !! then press “E” then press “S” !! then press “E” again, then push !! too deep. well ok. bolt ready. it will be better yes, because there are bolts. ok, for the tutorial this time we will finish first !! Then we will make bolts here again, dipower supply !! thanks for watching, don’t forget you guys … subscribe, like, and comment if there is a problem turn on the bell button so you don’t miss the next tutorial !! thank you 🙂

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