TUTORIAL: $10,000/Month with Print On Demand (By Choosing the RIGHT Designs) – Printful Tutorial

TUTORIAL: $10,000/Month with Print On Demand (By Choosing the RIGHT Designs) – Printful Tutorial

Hey, guys. In this video, I’m going to show you the secret
to picking winning Print On Demand products that can make over $10,000 a month, like this
one. Here’s another example of a winning Print
On Demand T-shirt that we’ve highlighted on this channel before. This design made well over $10,000 every month
and this pillow made over $10,000 every month, and we transplant it onto these shoes. This design also made over $10,000 every month. This is going to be an information packed,
step-by-step tutorial. One, the secret behind Print On Demand products
that make over $10,000 every month. Why is it that this T-shirt was so successful
and a five figure a month product, yet most people who try Print On Demand T-shirts fail
at it? I’m going to explain what makes that shirt
and this shirt here different from the ones that most people try to sell, which will also
explain why most people fail at this business. Two, how to find and copy winning designs. I am then going to switch back to my computer
and show you step-by-step how you can find your own potential winning designs. As you’re going to discover, you don’t need
to go out there and hire a designer to make them for you. There are plenty of great designs that are
already out there that you can just copy and use for yourself. As part of this, I’m going to be showing you
something crucial. I’m going to be showing you how you can use
Facebook to check whether a design is worth testing or not. Three, how to add Print On Demand products
to your Shopify store using Printful. As you’re going to see, it’s actually really
simple, so let’s jump straight into it. One, the secret behind winning products. Unfortunately, when most people attempt to
create Print On Demand products, they choose the wrong design from the very start, which
dooms their product to fail. Now, there are two tried and tested methods
of creating winning product. The first is to target trends. Personally, I’m not a very big fan of this
because it feels like you’re always on a treadmill chasing after the next big thing. The other way is to target super-hot, passionate,
under-served niches that don’t have many products already, and the easiest way to do that is
to create your own super hot, passionate niche. How do you do that? Well, you cross two super-hot, passionate
niches together. This shirt does exactly that. It crosses pug dogs with coffee. That’s exactly what this shirt does as well. It crosses gothic fashion with candy skull
themes. See, let me show you something. I went to Facebook, and I took a look at the
pug Print On Demand shirts that people were trying to sell. Unfortunately, most of them were only about
one thing, pugs. Inevitably, unless these shirts have some
[inaudible 00:02:40] twist to them, they usually fail, and the creators of them are often really
confused. They’re like, “Oh, but people love their pugs. I picked this super passionate niche. What went wrong?” Well, frankly, they fail because that’s just
not enough. It’s extremely lazy. When a pug owner that loves their dog sees
this, they’ll think, “Ha-ha, that’s true. I love my dog,” and have a mild to moderate
emotional reaction, but when a pug owner who also loves coffee sees this T-shirt, they’ll
go, “Pug snuggles and coffee are the two things that I love most in the mornings. I’ve never seen a shirt like this before. Take my money.” This isn’t just a mild to moderate reaction. This is a strong emotional reaction and emotions
are the key to getting people to buy from you. With Print On Demand products, you want the
product to feel like it’s speaking to them, that is in embodying them in a unique way
that they have never seen before. This is how you get them to take out their
credit card. Two, how you can find your own winning designs. How can you find these cross-niche passion
designs? Well, I’m going to switch back to my computer
and show you step by step how I found my one. As you can see, I’m here on Shutterstock. This is an amazing place to find artwork for
Print On Demand products. I really like that you can just immediately
buy whatever you want and start testing the designs immediately today without having to
wait for a designer to make it for you. Since we’re looking for underserved, cross
passionate niches, we don’t have to worry about using an over saturated piece of art. Start off by looking exclusively for illustrations
as these usually look the best when printed onto products. Once you’ve [set 00:04:15] that, come and
type in just one passionate niche. For me, I typed in pug dog, then just do a
search for that. I find it’s pretty easy to brainstorm and
come up with one niche that people are super passionate about, but being able to think
up two niches that cross well together is a bit of a challenge. What I prefer to do is look up just one passion
niche and scroll through the art that people have already made and to use that as my inspiration. I scroll down, and I look for artwork that
crossed pugs with another passionate niche. I saw this one, which is a cross of two niches,
pugs and unicorns, both of which have really passionate fans. Something like this is way more likely to
be successful when correctly targeted on Facebook than these two other designs next to it. Something I also do want to highlight fairly
quickly is this passion. Just a quick tip. These passions are amazing and convert super
well for Print On Demand pillows, so if you’re looking to sell pillows, focus your attention
on cool prints. That was one cross-niche, but what I really
wanted to find was a cross-niche that I knew a lot about. I find most people, and myself included, find
it easier to find items and things that they like or are passionate about. For many reasons honestly, I’m not passionate
about unicorns, so I keep scrolling down. Of course, I found this design, so I was like,
“Aw.” All of our Wholesale Ted subscribers know
my obsession with coffee, but this design is terrible for Print On Demand, so I open
up this listing to check for other designs that this artist has made. Of course, I found this design. I really like this design because it can be
printed onto lots of different colors and the text is large enough and clear enough
to read. This is especially worth testing on mugs and
coffee accessories or is it? I thought that these two cross-niches had
potential, but thinking it might just isn’t enough. We need to check that there really is demand,
so to do that, come to Facebook and set up a new ad. It doesn’t really matter what type of ad you
create. We just want to check the fan base with a
targeting tool, so make sure that you have the United States targeted and if it’s relevant
to your cross-niche, select the gender. Then, just come down to targeting. Now, what we want to do, is we want to see
if we can cross our two niches together and find an audience of between 100,000 to 500,000
people because that size is small enough to indicate that it’s highly targeted towards
people’s passion and interests, but it’s big enough to have plenty of buyers, which of
course is what we want. Start out by typing in the primary niche of
your cross-niches. For me, that’s obviously pug. Now, I have several options to choose from
here. Pug, pug lovers, I love my pug. This one is a bit too small. 270,000 is quite narrow and the audience is
only going to get smaller when we narrow it with coffee, so I went and selected pug lovers,
especially as this is more specific to the people that identify with, well, loving pugs. Then I went and clicked narrow audience and
selected coffee from the interest list and boom, we have a reach of 110,000, which is
what we want. Three, how to add products to your store. You’ve found some great cross passion niche
designs and you want to add them to your store. Well, we’re going to do that right now and
we’re going to be using the free Shopify app, Printful. Before I switch over, I just want to give
you guys a quick tip. Before you go and purchase a design, I recommend
downloading a free preview image and testing that on a product first to see if it looks
good. That’s what I’m going to be doing in this
tutorial. Also, keep watching because I’m going to show
you something pretty cool. You see, once I made the proper T-shirt in
this example store following these instructions, I went ahead and, of course, ordered a sample
for myself. Did you see how my store logo, Brewed Treats,
was on the package? This adds an additional layer of professionalism
and it also further enhances your brand. I’m going to show you how you can do this
as well. For this tutorial, I’m going to show you how
to add it to a T-shirt since they are the most popular products to add to a Print On
Demand store, but to be honest with you, I probably would be more excited to test this
design on coffee products. Anyway, let’s switch over. Okay, so come to Printful in the Shopify app
store and click get. Just let that page load. It might take a few seconds, just be patient. Okay, so once it loads, click the install
app button. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to create
an account. I’ve already made one, so I’m just going to
click continue. Then, you need to let it load. It’s going to take a few seconds. It might even take a minute depending on your
connection, so don’t rush it. Just be patient. Finally, it will be done and then you just
need to click the add product button. Printful has tons of products, the shirts,
mugs, phone cases, tote bags. I’m just going to show you how to add a T-shirt
for this tutorial though. Just come and click, choose file, and then
come and click upload and select the image. Again, before you buy a design, test it using
a free sample image like I’m actually doing here because you don’t want to go and buy
a design only to find that it looks terrible when printed onto a shirt. Once it loads and you edit it, you can expand
the image out to see how it looks. At this stage, if you like it, then you can
go ahead and purchase the large file for it, but for the sake of this tutorial, I’m just
going to continue now by clicking on the proceed to mock-ups button and double check that all
elements of this design, especially text, are visible and not too small. Then, click the proceed to description button. Of course, on this page, you can update the
text that will appear on your product listing for it, you can change the title if you want,
you can change the description, whatever you like. When you’re done, click on the proceed to
pricing button. On this page, you can change prices in two
ways. Firstly, you can set individual prices for
each shirt or if you are too lazy, you can just add whatever profit margin you want on
top of it. Like, say 50% profit for each sale. Then, come to product collections and select
the right one. Then, just click submit to store. That’s it. You’ve successfully added your first Print
On Demand item. Well, almost. You’ve got to be a bit patient and let Printful
finish loading it into your store. Of course, once it’s finally imported, you
can then open up the listing and see what it looks like in your new store. Now, we’ve added products to our store, but
we need to make sure that we have set up so that let the customer comes in and buys a
product, that we are able to pay Printful for the order. Let me switch over to my computer and show
you how to do this. Come back to the Printful dashboard and click
the billing button. There are different types of payment methods
you can use. You can use credit card or PayPal. Just click the add payment method button and
then select the safe payment method button. Printful will take a few moments to create
a secure connection. You’ve just got to be patient. What I’m going to do is I’m going to blur
this part of the video, since I obviously don’t want to give you guys my credit card
details, but of course, you just have to type in your credit card details here and you need
to give y our billing address. Once you’ve done that, scroll down and click
the save payment method button. Then, just be a little bit more patient and
let Printful load. When it has, that’s it. Alright. Of course, as I promised you guys, I’m going
to quickly show you how you can add your store logo to the shipping labels. This adds an additional layer of professionalism
and, of course, it strengthens your brand, which increases the chances that you’re going
to get repeat buyers. It’s actually really simple. In the settings page inside the Printful app,
just select packing slip from the menu, and then click select image to upload. Find your store logo image file and open it. Of course, once again, just be patient. A little bit more loading. Once it’s done, just click save and boom,
you are done. Remember, if you want to have happy, repeat
customers, it is crucial that you give them an awesome product. Here are some tips to do that. One, upload an HD image, so that your customers
will love their shirt. If you upload a low-quality image, then it’s
going to look pixelated on your product and your customers are not going to be happy. To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you,
upload your images in 300DPI. DPI stands for dots per inch, so a 300DPI
image has 300 dots per inch. You don’t need anything higher than 300DPI. The minimum it should be is 150DPI. Anything less will come out pixelated. Luckily, Printful will tell you if your image
is lower in quality. The best types of files to upload or PNG or
PSD. If you upload anything else, like a JPG, then
you risk your image becoming messed up during the conversion process. A lot of great images on Shutterstock are
going to be in vector form because this is generally the standard for a lot of illustrations,
so be sure to convert it into PNG. Keep in mind that for shirts the maximum image
size is going to be 12 inches by 16 inches when printed onto the shirt, so ensure that
your image is big enough. Two, avoid images that have backgrounds. Do you remember earlier when I was browsing
through the pug images on Shutterstock? I found this picture. It sparked the idea that pugs and coffee could
work well together in a design, but that was it. I did not want to use this picture. Well, the reason for that is it’s on a brown
background. To me, even if you managed to match the shirt
color with that same brown, it would still be a big no no. Because of the printing process, you’re going
to end up with a line around the image on the shirt. Not only will it look terrible, but there’s
a chance that Printful will actually reject the order and put it on hold. Three, remember that you can print onto more
than just shirts. As I said earlier in this video, with this
design, I’d be more excited to test it on coffee products instead, which of course makes
a lot of sense, but did you know that you can print onto all sorts of different products? Wine glasses, blankets, clocks, pillows, even
shower curtains. Four, avoid getting sued by using the right
image license. Don’t forget, when you are using Print On
Demand to print an image onto something and then go on and resell it, you can’t use the
standard license. You need to purchase the enhanced license. As always, thanks for watching and be sure
to subscribe. If you would like even more training when
it comes to Print On Demand, then I recommend that you check out the free training that
my friend Michael is running. He is one of the best in the world when it
comes to this business. It was, of course, him that created this shirt
that made over $10,000 each month. His gothic fashion candy skull store made
over one million dollars in total in the past year, so he has had enormous success in finding
lots of winning designs and products. I will link to that training in the video
description below. If you are interested in even more free training
about selling online, then you should be sure to download our free eBook, which teaches
you the six steps that six-figure drop shipping stores follow to make over $10,000 every month. To get that for yourself, simply click on
the link and the video description below.

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