TUSA Dive Computer Altitude Error – Replaced with Genesis React Pro

TUSA Dive Computer Altitude Error – Replaced with Genesis React Pro

Hey guys. Today we are looking at yet another failed, unfortunately, Tusa DC Hunter computer. And it’s a fairly common failure. It’s an altitude error. You can see the flashing lights, I’ll give you a better look pull the cover off. And the three triangles up in the upper right those are supposed to be mountains flashing. That’s how you know you’ve got an altitude error. And, unfortunately, there’s no fix for it. TUSA is aware of it. This computer is old enough that there’s not much you can do. Again, this is a DC hunter otherwise known as an IQ 700. It’s a good nitrox capable computer. It’s very intuitive. The Tech support people essentially have said, you know, this thing’s essentially too old. Now, I’ve had two of these and one was replaced on warranty. So this is the second one the first one made it 70 dives before displaying this same error message. And this one made it about 70 dives, and there’s really no fix. You can pull the battery out and what you’ll see is there’s quite a bit of capacitance in this computer. Because with the battery completely out it still displays for a little while. And I can tell you right now that I pulled this battery out for several days and put it back in and it made no difference. Now in the back, you’ll see there is a little black reset button on the back of this thing. And it’s that’s pretty clearly labeled and it’s intended for just that; resetting various parameters of your computer – date, time, what-have-you. But, unfortunately, it has no effect on the altitude error and, of course, I’ve read others who have had this same issue and there’s really not much you can do. I even tried a fresh battery. And I can show you what that looks like. So, you know, with a fresh battery and press that reset and it really doesn’t do much for you. But I would really like to comment on this gauge console. I really like it. You know this TUSA console is one of the best computer consoles. You’ve got a nice side window for the compass here that you can see. Everything’s compact. You flip it over. You’ve got your high pressure air gauge on there, so I would like to keep this. And my previous computer was a Genesis. It was a Genesis React Pro nitrox capable. This is their new generation of the same thing. As you can see, it’s already got a face protector on there and it’s unfortunately a different diameter. So, these things are not fully standardized, but I’d like to use it with this gauge console. But it kind of falls right out of there. So, what I did was I took a strip of neoprene from an old cold weather seven mil glove that I had and it just snugs in there perfectly. And what also works well is the I guess you call it a faceplate or the gauge protector here from the TUSA. It’s got interlocking feet. It actually snaps right into place in this gauge console and fits right over top the Genesis while still allowing good access to the two control buttons on the Genesis. So it’s an excellent excellent fix. I get to keep the same gauge console. Which I like and a little bit of glare here, but you know once it’s underwater, it’s very visible. And one of the beauties of this is when you want to remove the computer Believe me, that TUSA was tough to get out of there. You just pull the neoprene strip and boom, you’ve got your computer out. So, let’s go ahead and see how it looks under water. As you can see the Genesis, I’m already in my safety stop and it’s automatically begun the countdown once it saw 20 feet. And so we’re sitting at 18 feet doing a countdown. Good visibility, good access to the buttons, and I just thought you know if this helps anybody else out, but I really love the way this Genesis works out in the TUSA console. Dive safe. Have fun. Talk to you guys later.

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  1. Я так и не понял это хороший компьютер или нет и подойдет ли он для фридайвинга ?

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