45 thoughts to “Truth About Dating In Our Modern Social Climate – Importance Of Consent, Non-Judgement, Social Media”

  1. The world is changing. In some aspects it's better, in some aspects it's worse. The only constant is CHANGE. I always keep a positive attitude, no matter what the change. I never waste time being negative. I stay pragmatic and find solutions to enjoy my short life on this planet. In this video, I point out some areas that we've ALWAYS taught and cared about – most importantly, the emphasis on "consent" in dating in our modern social climate.

    This has ALWAYS been important and we've always taught it (despite any silly joke locker room humor we sometimes clown about – that will knowingly be taken out of context in the media). Our position, however, has always been crystal clear and taught at our events – CHECK IN WITH PEOPLE and explicit consent is both mandatory and THE LAW. While I truly believe that every viewer of my content is a good person and knows this, it's still worth reminding everyone of the importance of this aspect of dating and meeting new people. If it saves even one person from a problem in their lives, it's a worthwhile endeavor.

    Going beyond that, I like to focus on opportunities that we see evolving in our society. One such opportunity is the fact that there is WAY less judgement around meeting new people. When I was younger, for me to date someone always had the obstacle that they may feel "judged" for being with me. That has gone away to a huge degree. It means that wild, crazy nights of fun and adventure are common place for most people who are single in the dating pool. Which can be lots of fun … but at the same time, it can be harder to get into a relationship – since people don't necessarily want to give up their options.

    Lastly, is the importance of social media. TO BE CLEAR, I have never "DM'ed" someone who I dated and met them online (literally in my life). I always meet people in person. That will always be my passion (real life interaction) and what i teach. The difference is that whereas in the past i would follow up with someone by calling them and often leaving an answering machine message. And later I learned to use text messages. Whereas nowadays I just exchange social media.

    Social media produces far, far, FAAAAAAR better results, because it 1) vets the right people, and 2) allows you to follow up with hundreds or even thousands of people at a time. You get to show them your personality and interests. And you can see theirs as well. The result of this is people showing up to dates already knowing they're into you. You still want to "check in with them" and have social awareness, but they've often made a lot of highly positive judgements about you before even meeting up. Makes things very natural and low key – super super good.

    Anyway I hope you enjoyed this summary, and the upcoming videos will be covering a low of "how to" as far as meeting people — on a level I've never covered in the past. Very subtle aspects of social dynamics that will be a huge transformation in your life. Thanks for your viewership and be back with more SOON! -Tyler

  2. Social media has created a lot of fleeting, meaningless relationships. Great for sex and hanging out 😀👍, bad for love and true friendships

  3. Quality production, and structured great advice! I like the chess shirt as it shows how we need to move about carefully and consciously in our social interactions.

  4. One thing I do these days is look at everyone that passes by even to the the point of when I'm driving looking at other people driving the other way. I heard this guy on youtube saying that people are walking around in a coma. Its no wonder that there is such a cult of zombie films and games. I don't mean to go against what you are saying but that is the essence that I am getting. That media shift doesn't come about for no reason. Its not the so called incels that are bringing that into tv and games. Its people that are smart. I get a whole dictoinarys worth of negative responses. Its time people actually did start getting nice for a change. Its no irony that the word nice has come to mean the reverse of what it means in some circles now. I've tried tellin some women how ugly they look and it just didn't work.

  5. Im equally as impressed by your lack of social anxiety walking through all these crowds of people and talking about these topics as all the other things under your belt, lol! My brain is wired in the opposite direction, always looking for threat while you seem zoned in on yourself.

  6. Hey Owen. What would you recommend for guys dealing with depression but still working on themselves? Should they still game and look for a partner? Or deal with depression first? Problem seems to be that once in a relationship, depression episodes make the guy not his best, and the girl expects too much and doesn't care enough to understand or help, instead decides to fight and look for reasons to break up. This then lowers the guy's self esteem and deepens the depression and so on. What's the best way out? A great connection would help a lot, yet can't show people your best self while depressed. Catch 22.

  7. i noticed the shift in this newer generation as far as girls being more promiscuous now than before… Back then game was funer because it was a challenge to see if girls would go off into the night with you. Now a days, its kind of expected and the thrill of it is almost gone. I see chodes that dont "game" take girls home..i see fewer marriages, and less relationships.. and alot of single parents now too .

  8. I feel like social media has become a cancer to society. We are more connected technologically, but less connected deep down. We have very surface level connections. You can have a great interaction with someone and add them to your network, only to never communicate again. It can be very isolating. Social media is also not an authentic representation of who you are. You can totally make up your "online persona". It's one big popularity contest and a race to how you can one up each other. How you can kiss ass and seek validation from those with higher followers, so you can boost yourself up. People use each other for their own selfish desires. It's a neverending cycle of chasing that dopamine rush of validation to feel popular, cool, wanted, etc.

  9. Owen, I just want to thank you for everything. Just by your free content alone I have grown so much in 4 years. I see a sad occurence where in online PU communities the black pill is spilled more and more. And although there is definitely truth to looks being important, your videos always make me feel motivated and happy about a changing future. Much love and keep on doing what you´re doing. I love how you keep up with the modern era bro. Much gratitude

  10. This is why I always try to establish high social status wherever I go, even the downers get on my side like sheep lol.

  11. This kind of sucks for me b/c I’m not interested in anything casual. I want something serious but always with past relationships they always get scared of that type of commitment. With dating apps and casual sex being so easily accessible and judgement free why would anyone really want to commit. They don’t have anything keeping them accountable. They did it before so whats stopping them from doing it again. It’s like women now take men efforts for granted b/c they don’t want to submit and they can get the same treatment from other guys unless it’s a necessity like being with someone who has lots of money and can support. These types of people are definitely not marriage material and shouldn’t lie to get what they want

  12. How do I even start an Instagram if I've been going through rough shit lately and cut off everyone I knew out of depression?

  13. tyler, what's the best thing mystery has ever said to you and what's the worst piece of advice anyone has ever given you

  14. Can someone give few tips for college freshers? How to be at a higher status than other guys?
    Been watching many tips from dating coaches but very rarely they mentioned about college life

  15. Does the judging goes both ways?, I've seen women judge men all the time and it seems to be ok, i agree that neither party should feel shamed, judged for their sexual/relationships wants. Thanks

  16. This video is very cleaned up, language wise, to get more mainstream appeal and pivot from the classic PUA scene, but if you know how to listen you still get a lot of value out of this, great work Tyler!

  17. I just need help getting my ex back she left me because i wasn’t making her happy. She left to be with someone she was with during our 1st breakup.

    We had plans on marriage and she quickly was posting how much she loved her new boyfriend. I tried dating others I don’t want anyone else but her


  18. I'm not sure that the radical left can be appeased, to say the least.

    "Me Too" is not so much about protecting and empowering women as it is about hating men and portraying them in a certain way.

    A certain group of them are simply never going to like the fact that you're improving men's sexual market value. They prefer a society of weak men whom they can dominate.

    I'm sure that, like the Julian fiasco, you have your reasons for making this PR move.

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