Tritton AXPRO 5.1 Headphones with 8 Speakers

Tritton AXPRO 5.1 Headphones with 8 Speakers

Alright, guys, you’re looking at the Tritton AX Pro. This thing is, oh man, so ridiculous, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s almost too much. It’s a little bit over the top. But, if you’re one of those types of people, you know, over the top, this is right up your alley. This is a 5.1 surround sound headset. But usually those things are 2 speakers and they’re emulating surround sound with processing. Instead, these are actually surround sound. There’s four speakers in each cup of these things. You can’t see them, but there’s four drivers in each one. There’s highs, mids, you even got a sub in each ear. Okay? So you get literally the best 3D awareness that you’ve ever gotten from any gaming headset. This is not only for PC. It’s optimized for Xbox 360. It’s optimized for PS 3 network. It’s optimized for your PC, as well. And, on top of that, you can use them just to listen to Hi Fi music. High fidelity stuff if you want to, because they sound absolutely great. They’re gonna give you the clearest, crispest highs, and some pretty grungy base that’s… it’s gonna vibrate your head a little bit. Let’s talk about these a little bit. I got a lot to go over. This is gonna take awhile. There’s a lot of stuff in here. First of all, they look really cool. This lights up orange at night, so it’s gonna look really cool if you’re at a land party, you’re not going to feel like a retard having dumb headsets on. You’re gonna look cool. ‘Cuz these things look really, really sick. They got an adjustable mic, right here. And it’s also removable, so if you don’t want to use it, you simply pull it out right there. And, besides that, they are extremely comfortable and extremely adjustable. You can remove this top piece, right here. And you can also remove these side pieces and install different ones, different sizes, to suit your ear as comfortably as possible. Now, everything about these is awesome, but I’m gonna move on to the stuff that is attached to it. So, first of all, you’re gonna notice that you have this box right here. Now these are Dolby Digital Certified, and they’re also certified for Dolby ProLogic. So, you can adjust your individual Dolby channels, right here. You pretty much… You hold which one you wanna adjust and then you move them up and down for volume. Also, if you push it down you get a mute. So, you can mute your rear channel. Or, you can hold it down and mute all of them. It’s… It’s absolutely crazy. Another thing you’re gonna notice is that you have a mute for your mic down here, and your mic control up here. And also, these are all gonna light up. So, these are gonna tell you, individually adjusted by lighting up. And you even have a key on the back. It tells you red is the maximum. Cayenne is high. White is medium. Blue is low. And then minimum is green. So, you will be able to tell what volume each level is set up at. Now, another really, really cool feature, right here at the bottom. See that right there? That’s a 3 point, looks like a 2.5 mm audio jack, actually. But, that, you use this cable that’s provided and this is for your Xbox Live. So if you wanna plug your Xbox Live into here, you can do it. You just put this right in here, and the other one will go directly into your controller, and boom, you’re talking on Xbox Live with your friends. Another thing that’s really cool about this thing is that you can adjust you master volume. You can adjust your chat volume. And you can also adjust your mic volume. All independently. So if everyone sounds a little loud, you can lower them. If the game sounds too loud you can lower that. And if you want people to hear you, you can increase your mic volume. So that’s extremely cool. As far as connectivity goes, it’s kind of weird. You have a very long 12, I think it’s a 12 foot cable, 12.5 foot cable. And it goes to these proprietary connectors. There’s two of them. There you go. Right there. And this right here is power. Yes. Power. You need to actually plug in a wall jack into your headphones, just to power them. So you’re gonna plug your power in, right there. And this other one is gonna go into your processing box. You actually have a real processing box right here which is almost unheard of. I think it literally is unheard of. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s absolutely ridiculous. There is true Dolby processing in here. So, if you noticed, right here, you can do time delay and dynamic range compression changes. So, if you wanna do volume, you can adjust your volume, right here. Or you can turn your ProLogic on and off. That’s this setting. If you flip it over here, now you’re on your time delay. So if you wanna increase or decrease your time delay to whatever channel you want, you can pick those here. Or, if you wanna do dynamic range compression, you can turn it on and off with this button. So that’s really cool. And then you can also do the time delay on either your surround or your center channel using this little selector. This is your power selector. This is where your USB microphone is gonna plug in for your computer. And this is where your Toss Link cable is gonna come in from your Toss Link card. If you do not have a Toss Link, I’ll put an S/PDIF optical output. You can use these 5.1 surround, 3.5 mm audio jacks for your analog. And this thing will automatically convert. It’s got a digital to analog converter inside of here. So that’s absolutely really crazy. And you literally just plug them up and use this instead, and plug it right on in and it will go straight from there. Or, if you do have that S/PDIF optical, they do give you the Toss Link cable. Or the S/PDIF cable, and that’s all optical, no metal. Really, really cool stuff. And they also give you a second power adaptor. I think that’s the only con to this thing, is that you’re gonna run out of power strip space when you have two adaptors, one for the box and one for the headset. It is again, really, really over the top. I’ve never seen anything like it. You also get the USB cable on the inside, you know, with it. So, this is for your microphone, I mean, this is really, really out of control. And, they’re very, very nice. Definitely intended for gamers. You got the long cord, you can adjust… This is the best controller I’ve ever seen. You can adjust every channel of your… All your Dolby channels on this. So, your front, your rear, your center channel, your subwoofer, they can all be controlled. Through this controller you can adjust your mic, your game volume and your chat volume. Let’s see if I missed anything. 4 speakers per cup. That’s really ridiculous to have 4 drivers in here. They’re superbly comfortable. And, let me see if I missed anything. Not really. Actually, the only thing I missed is the passthrough. This is very cool. You also have a passthrough here. So, again. Let’s say you’re using your S/PDIF optical out to here, you can use this output. It’s kind of like a passthrough to do 5.1 channel audio to your self powered speakers. They’ve gotta be self powered so that can’t use a receiver. But, if you have self powered speakers, like Logitechs, or anything like that, you can plug them right into here, and go from there. That’s really cool. And, gosh, I’m pretty much at a loss for words. This thing is very, very impressive. The Tritton AX Pro Headset. They’re extremely comfortable. They block out a lot of sound. And they sound terrific. And they don’t even look that bad either. You’re not gonna look too goofy at a land party. So, big thumbs up for me. I like these a lot. If you have any questions on them, Email me. And, I’ll see you guys next time. For more information on the Tritton AX Pro 5.1 Surround Sound Headsets, go to any of these retailers and type in: T26-1114 into their search engines. For ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts to “Tritton AXPRO 5.1 Headphones with 8 Speakers”

  1. @MRLarsUlrich535 Can you tell me some good headsest in this price range ? im searching for one i should be better than the turtle beach x11 but not too expensive. Im playing on the xbox

  2. I see myself as good with wires.. But I can't stop thinking "hoooly s**t, if I buy these, will I even be able to use em properly?" They look awesome, but daaamn, it seems like they're complicated

  3. i actually just got these yesturday and trying to learn all its features but i love the headset so far, an absolute amazing headset and worth the money only 1 little thing could have been nice but not a big deal is u cant hear urself speak like u could with the turtle beach x31 but not a big deal, the headset is flawless

  4. the only thing i wanted to really know was what does front rear centre and sub specifically do on the in line volume control

  5. @MRLarsUlrich535 can you give some examples because i'm in the market for a PC/ xbox gaming headset and these seem like my best option so far. I would love the help.

  6. @itzMoTioNZ95 it works with an optical fiber cable, so unless you're tv has this, i'm afraid it won't work

  7. @longpp123 maybe you should return them to get a little sony headset because this is too much for you

  8. @xlBlaZzZe it looks like the processing box has a usb out for the mic, so im guessing you use that and change some settings in the ps3 voice settings

  9. @MRLarsUlrich535 can you tell me a better headset that will work for pc and xbox within this price range?

    genuine question, Im not being a knob πŸ˜‰


  11. Could you please explain in more detail on how the control box works, for EX: the time delay and the DRC. what are they use for……I'm very confused on that part

  12. this guy really doesnt know what hes talking about i know more than him then him just from looking at the description on trittons website

  13. @Joynson67 not really the box doesnt have anything to do with the product…. most of the time .. but not with tritton and why would need a carrying case for a headset you use with your xbox/ps3 when you use those AT HOME

  14. I got the trotton AX 720, i love them, great sound and soundwhoring in games =P…. in Norway the AX pros are 85.93 more (500kr) then the AX 720…..

  15. Guys i have a question.

    I've connected my PS3 to my TV using an HDMI cable, and lets say I connect the Tritton headset to my PS3 using an optical cable. Will i be still able to have the sound come out of the TV??

    This is useful when i'm playing with friends online using the Tritton headset and people in my room wanna watch the game and enjoy with sound.

    Help please.

  16. @Khajakkodian im not sure what that dudes talking about.. but yes man, you can indeed hear in the headphones, as well as the tv, at the saammmee tiiimee!! u just go to ur audio device setting, and there will be an option, that says something about multiple audio outputs or something.. and you just change it to "yes". aaand then ur set. idk wtf splashy44 is even trying to say… lay off the crack buddy.

  17. @king65462 you clearly didnt set it up properly. its your fault, not the headphones. they ARE, true 5.1. and you ARE, retarded.

  18. @GoodFellows420 then why do i have a masters in computer science from mit bitch i know they are fuckin 5.1 that why i fuckin bought them

  19. @PhotoShopChannel 8 speakers = 7.1 (7 channels + 1 efx) but thease headphones aims on doing 5.1 since they need 1 efx and 1 center in each cup = 2 extra channels. So if they were going to do 7.1 they would need 5 speakers in each cup.

  20. You sound like your advertising not a good video and you didn't even hook them up to any of the platforms and on half of it you sounded like you had no idea what you were talking about.

  21. wtf got one today and the both controlers are different,in line controler didnt work,i cant even find the one i got in thier web,madness

  22. I've got a pair and to be honest, the sound quality is pretty fucking bad… Not impressed at all unfortunately πŸ™

  23. does some1 have this headset? is it worth to buy it? and is it good for gaming,? πŸ™‚ like in css and bf3 for example? πŸ™‚

  24. @sovzaaa Yeh it's a quality headset. Those who dislike it generally haven't set up the sound settings on the headset correctly. Easiest way to do that is youtube it!

  25. My headset just does not turn on. I have all of the cables plugged in but the headset does not light up and I can't hear anything out of it. The decoder box is on and so is the mic, but the in line controller and the ehadset do not light up.

  26. To be honest I'm pretty disappointed with my pair…
    The sound quality is not great. Get a set of sennheisers or even the ax720. The 720 sounds noticeably better.

  27. PLZ respond fast should i get tritton or turtle beaches? i cant decide? people say tritons are cheaper and just as good but idk? plz tell me

  28. @DaCamell i ive one of this model and let me telu ther way beter than turtle beaches
    and the revised model as only one power adapter that conects both

  29. The tritton ax pro's are wayyyyyy better than the turtle beach px5 I got my tb at christmas and 4 months down the line I've had 2 pairs and both broke so I swapped them for the ax pro's and the sound is so much better and they just look plain old SEXY

  30. true, but what if they are trying to get a headset for their son or daughter and is looking at reviews…

  31. this guy is worse than a manual why not talk about it while setting it up he made everyone even more confused about these

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