TRIANGLES [Meme] + GAOMON PD1161 Pen Display Tablet review

TRIANGLES [Meme] + GAOMON PD1161 Pen Display Tablet review

Hello guys today I’m going to review another graphic tablet that I got from Gaomon company This time it’s a pen-display tablet Gaomon pd1161 I have never used a pen-display tablets before so I’m glad that I finally had the opportunity to tell you about this type of product I think most people including me will be interested to look at this The first thing you find in the box is a tablet itself The tablet comes with a pen, a pen holder with extra nibs, a two finger hand glove, a power adapter that has two types of sockets and a cord Also you have a info card, a user manual and a card that includes driver download links The first thing I can say is that the tablet looks nice and it turned out less than I expected It has very nicely sized 11.6inch and the working area is 25 by 14 centimeters The tablet has 8 customize hotkeys There are also 5 buttons on the side like a power button and the other for display settings It has 4 rubber feet at the back so the tablet does not slip on the table when you use it It would be much better to use a stand but this part is not included You can take the tablet anywhere because of the small size and you don’t need to put a stand every time A pen has the battery free technology and needs no charge or battery so it’s allows you to work continuously Also your hand does not get tired, because the pen is not heavy 8192 levels pen pressure allows you to draw freely and the pixel-level pen resolution 5080 LPI ensures more delicate lines The cable has three ends one side with USB, HDMI and power cables and the other side has the cables that connect to the tablet Also I want to say that one of the cables is connect to power adapter Be sure that you read the instructions before you start connecting the cables because I had problems due to a wrong connection, but I quickly fixed it I always loved to use a glove but this time I prefer to draw without this The matte surface of the tablet really don’t need it Make sure all cords connected and no painting software is open on your computer Only after this you can install the drivers You can find it easily on the homepage or follow the link from card It makes my work comfortable and honestly It’s different than any tablets I had used before I can also say that this tablet has a good price and not too expensive as other pen-display tablets I think the main disadvantage of this product is the lack of a stand So if you need a stand, you will have to buy one separately I recommend this tablet to both beginners and professional artists If you want to know more about this product, then you can find all the links in the description

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  1. This looks awesome and this animation is freaking cool keep up the great work and here's a hug (つ≧▽≦)つ

  2. Wow Suprise for meeeeee!!!!!! This is so smooth aaaaa!!! U are improved soo muucchhhhh I proud of uuuu!!! Wwoowwwww I rlly don't have any wordsssss aaaa!!! I wuff it! UwU

    This job is rlly adorable!


  3. + aw shet, here we go again with Vi’s amazing videos-

    + I have to go to the eye doctor a lot because of you since you make me watch your videos all the time dammit- stop being good at animation >:00

  4. I have never clicked on a video so fast!! Thank you!! You have made my day!! Awesome work!! Keep it up!! ✧(>o<)ノ✧

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