100 thoughts to “Trevor Noah’s Mom Doesn’t Care He’s a Celebrity”

  1. Wow….. the only celebrity his mom cares about is Jesus!!🥰
    No wonder her mother is blessed with such an amazing son.😊

  2. Men Trevor is the best. He wasnt.born in money but now a very popylar celebrity. Money didn't chnage him unlike other celebrities.

  3. I used to download my grandma's colombian novelas, whenever she missed and episode.
    She always asked if police would come asking for me XD

  4. Trevor is so fine with his cute baby face and his cute dimple. His smile is like a ray of sunshine. Literally lol.

  5. My love for this guy went from 99% to 1000000000000000000000000000000%

    that computer story is the greatest celebrity story I've ever heard, granted I'm a little bias being a programmer :')

  6. ah… Trevor… still so young
    when i was in year 9 our school got it's first… and only… Wang computer. our math teacher had control of it and if out math grades were good enough he'd let us write and run our own programs. these were recorded on cassette tape and had to be rewound before the program could be run again (before DOS). when i was 8 my uncle ran a computer in a university that filled two rooms, the programs for which were still run from punch cards. i sat and watched him beat the computer at chess once or twice.

  7. I want to like these shows so much but Jimmy Kimmel cuts his guests off constantly and Jimmy Fallon just think he's the celebrity. They all do. Let us hear the stories PLEASE.

  8. Why is Jimmy Kimmel so popular?
    I mean he doesn't look smart to me, he's not funny, he looks ok but he's not hot, so what is it.?

  9. I could see Jimmy unknowingly alienating him. It’s a habit white people have. “YOU DIDNT HAVE A TV?! 😲” I remember when I was in an interview for a job and the lady told me “Welcome to America.” I’ve been living here since I was 4 years of age. I don’t have any memories passed America… I don’t know why white people do this but please stop lol

  10. Wow, when Trevor was 12, it was 1997! I remember we had old school home computers here in the 80s. In another interview, I remember him saying they didn't have indoor plumbing for a long time. I like hearing his stories about growing up in South Africa. 🙂

  11. Trevor Noah is just so intelligent good-looking and the very best comedienne talent alive today. I think Jesus has blessed him for his mum's sake? Poor Kimmel he knows he is in the presence of a superior talent he just cannot handle it, so he keeps on interrupting him lest given an opening he might simply steal the whole show. That combination of Swiss vanilla and African chocolate was a great combination.

  12. Open your ears society. celebrities are just other peolpe doing what they love and have a chance to have a camera on them. others are just not looked into well enough to know. i respect Trevor's mother because she didnt get brainwashed by the media.

  13. Oh my God. Used to have this guy try entertain us during corporates in Pretoria. Boring. What does USA see in him? How did he get there? Why are they paying him so much? Anything?

  14. The beginning of computers is supposed to be Pentium 3 running DOS. Really? Windows was on the go long before Pentiums let alone Pentium 3. Might have been his first.

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