Top $25 Adjustable Desk For Laptops And Tech ► The Deal Guy

Top $25 Adjustable Desk For Laptops And Tech ► The Deal Guy

Huge savings on a laptop desk with built-in
fans. Hi I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. You might know me from your local TV station
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for today. $25 for a fully adjustable laptop desk good for use in bed, at a desk, two built-in
fans with USB power. Lauren, what’s the verdict on this strange looking desk? This desk is
really cool. You can put it in any position you want like these things here so fully adjustable
from each angle? You can adjust it at any angle you want, it has the angles right here.
So whatever is comfortable for you and you know how your laptop gets a little over-heated?
There are fans under here and it cools off your laptop. (Matt from off camera) And they’re
actually quiet because I can’t really hear them. (Lauren): it feels good. (Matt laughs).
All powered by USB. So as you can see. I just came from the couch and this literally took
me just 10 seconds to set-up on this table. There you go and now I feel the cool air cooling
down the laptop. Definitely a keeper! So there you have it and if you just want to take a
look up close, these are the two fans. This is the USB power source. It does unplug so
if you’re worried about straining the cord, that is a good feature that I think accompanies
this particular deal. Remember everything I show you is located right under this video
window and if you want to get not necessarily this freebie but many of the other huge freebies
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36 thoughts to “Top $25 Adjustable Desk For Laptops And Tech ► The Deal Guy”

  1. That's an awesome laptop desk. I have a laptop desk, but it's not as flexible as this one. Looks like I'll likely be purchasing this

  2. Matt, I don't know how you do it, but you always find the coolest deals. You are like the modern-day Sears Wish Book – I want EVERYTHING! I enjoy looking at your deals even when my budget says no way. But way or no way, I'm going to be getting this laptop desk, even though I don't have a laptop LOL. It looks like it would work with a regular keyboard as well, even though it might be a tight fit. I love the idea of being able to lean back lazily … uh … comfortably in my chair while I am typing or transcribing (all day long). or otherwise working on the computer. Perhaps it will even inspire me to push my desktop to the side and get a new laptop – via one of your deals, of course! I've actually been looking at similar portable desks for years, but they were all either way too expensive or not available by the time I was seriously ready to order one. But OMG, $25 – and endorsed by you? That's such a no-brainer price! Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. Hey Matt, I just purchased this laptop desk and found a coupon code to get an extra dollar off at checkout. It is: FREEYUGBUCK

  4. That is amazing. It sounds as though it is made of plastic so I'm wondering how sturdy it is. I have a 25 year old son that isn't known for treating things daintily. Think it could stand up to his wear and tear?

  5. Hey Mr.DealGuy i allways watch your videos to find the best deals and i like how u always find the best deals i wanted to try to get a freebie and i dont know if its random or if you pick either way thank you for posting the things you find and keep it up.

  6. Quantity Description
    1 Fully Adjustable Aluminum Foldable Laptop Desk w/ Cooling Fans
    Subtotal $24.97
    Total $24.97

    If you have any questions about your order, please Contact Us.

  7. Matt, are you able to provide the exact dimensions of the desktop surface and, even more important, the width of the expanding "legs"? Are they adjustable (width-wise)? A few folks have asked about this after I shared the link, and that info is of particular interest to folks suffering from "secretary spread"! Thanks!

  8. Thank you, Matt, for sharing all the good news about discounts. We all need help in stretching our dollars. May you be rewarded handsomely for helping thousands of folks all over the country. Be well ~

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