Top 15 New Metroidvania Indie Games of 2020 | PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox

Top 15 New Metroidvania Indie Games of 2020 | PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox

we really like our Metroidvania games
here at get indie gaming and looking at the release schedules there are plenty
of great looking games in this genre coming out this year and beyond hi
everybody my name’s Stuart and today on get indie gaming the top Metroidvania
games were looking forward to in 2020 and perhaps the year after let’s get all
this going at number 15 with vigil the longest night it very much wares
inspirations front and center it looks like a cross between the likes of salt
and sanctuary Castlevania and blood-borne headed onto the PC and all
the usual consoles this year with a launch timeline that still to be
confirmed it features a lady called Layla on a quest to save her home from
the encroaches of an evil force that’s investing the surrounding countryside
this 2d action platformer on the face of things will offer a precise and
technical combat and comes with the aim of challenging players in what’s said to
be a high degree difficulty this one comes also with a strong and compelling
overall story that’s full of eldritch horror do you remember already out on the Apple
arcade service and coming to steam as well as the switch at some point soonish
in most is a terrific story driven puzzle platformer where you’re able to
play as three distinct characters all within a marvelously darkened
interconnected story one of the most enjoyable features comes from your
ability to lure your enemies into spring traps which feels most pleasing when
successfully pulled off as for the pixel art well as you can see it’s a fine
looker with the audio side of things being not too shabby at all we’ve played
this already via an iPad I look forward to doing the same again while out and
about on the Nintendo switch up now and with a prologue that’s out on March 26th
with it being free to play unbound worlds apart we suspect we’ll have a
full launch over the course of the year featuring some stunning looking
hand-drawn artwork it will provide a nonlinear story with its core coming
from magic portals which will offer players different mechanics and impact
how the character is able to interact within the game’s environment so what
does that all mean well it feels similar to the types of things you might have
seen in dark where the laws of physics are upended meaning you have to adapt
and rethink how you might go about solving the puzzles you come across
given this has Metroidvania elements some of these puzzles well you won’t be
able to solve them the first time you come across them although you may be
able to do so later in the game once you’ve learned the necessary skills
unbound looks pretty special with its mix of combat and puzzles and reminds us
all of a sharp-looking cartoon dark fantasy story this one’s coming to home
PC first with perhaps other platforms to be announced moving on down this rundown
and at number 12 that guy is a super dark fantasy adventure featuring an
ordinary boy having been turned into a monster while your new form affords you
various monster-like abilities such as running on ceilings to spitting acid
abilities that will also evolve as you take new skills from defeated bosses
you’re also looking to try hold on – what makes you human the guys
is expected out in the autumn on two home pcs up next and in Cova your
players a space mercenary within a narrative driven sci-fi Metroidvania
that appears driven by RPG elements you’ll join one of three factions each
having their own perks missions and dialogue options with you also able to
undertake naturally enough various quests and side missions to earn credits
to upgrade your skills ship and weapons the most curious aspect of kona comes in
what the team are calling a combat control system which takes aspects of
first-person shooters and pairs it down for 2d with you able to fully aim and
control your projectiles Cova is expected out at some point onto the
PlayStation for the PC the switch and the Xbox one quite literally swinging
its way into the number 10 slot biomass with its sword and lightsaber gameplay
is having played a recent demo one of the hardest games we’ve played in recent
months with it being utterly devilishly difficult we’re talking Sakura and Dark
Souls levels of hardness that in all honesty well it’s probably above what
our sadly aging reflex and coordination skills are
more used to that aside though biomass with its pixel art is a stunner and
comes with a deep and rich lore which seems finally created and giving much
back to those who fancy taking a look into it as for the boss battles each of
them has a hidden phase triggered by various requirements and if met will
deliver their own distinct rewards biomass is also out towards the end of
April so if you fancy having a crack at this monster of a great looking game
there’s not too long to wait before it comes out on own pcs and number nine Flynn son of crimson
will see you place Flynn a young man having been orphaned as a child within a
beautifully handcrafted 2d pixelated world that’s all threatened by a looming
darkness it comes with an emphasis on player
discovery and with a nonlinear exploration system it also seems to have
more than a decent overall combat and boss battle thing going on with it
Flynn’s son of crimson should be coming to home PCs this year alongside the
PlayStation 4 and Xbox one another success from the Kickstarter funding
service they’ll and is clearly looking at creating a tribute to the
action-adventure games you might have seen back within the 8 and 16-bit days
of old although it’s also looking to add current and modern elements to keep it
fresh whilst offering something new the pixel art looks particularly striking as
to the backgrounds and in-game environments each using a huge color
palette and exquisitely put together character animations as the player well
you’ll be able to wander this open world and travel from one town to another all
while speaking with NPCs and doing the usual things you do in such games combat
is customized by way of your choice of weapons with you naturally enough being
able to learn new skills and abilities which you’re able to access part of the
map previously unaccessible failings should come to steam this year with
possible future releases on the usual consoles at a point that’s to be
determined coming up next at number seven and
something we’ve not really seen before dark lighters plan to come out an early
access later this year with it being an action-platformer within a cyberpunk
world full of supernatural beings we’re truly taken with how all of this looks
the graphics particularly and the characters to the overall environment
design where they’re so very vivid in their animations and vibrant and the
choice of colors at play the other aspect of note comes from the enemies
you’ll face we believe most if not all are invisible to your character’s naked
eye and are only visible from the light coming from a drone that accompanies you
within the darkness expect it out on the switch PlayStation 4 and via Steam
originally this coming summer over the past few days as this video airs towards
the end of March 2020 developer pixel art studio have announced be shooting
with its ninja platforming action elements will now be coming out over the
summer of the year off next Ashida n– is looking very much a classy
affair with this hand-drawn pixel art more than it’s eight different levels of
platforming and scrapping gameplay the delay is said to enable the team to
fully deliver upon the game’s expectations and rather than rush it out
before it’s ready they’re taking the time they need to get it all done moving
onwards and into the top-5 anew the distant light is a single-player
side-scrolling action adventure game all within an open world that’s full of
puzzles surprises and mysteries successfully kick-started in 2017 with
it being featured in our monthly Kickstarter showcase back in March of
that year we’re really looking forward to see how this one is able to tell what
seems to be a pretty unique kind of tale using visual storytelling alone a newer
distant light is inspired by classics such as Metroid limbo and Cave Story and
will likely appeal to such fans with having around 40 plus hours of gameplay
all within what appears to be an exotic and surreal looking environment
this looks really rather superb it’s coming to pcs first and perhaps at
consoles at some point in the future announced as coming to the switch during
the Nintendo indie world event held back in late 2019 axiom verge 2 will be out
first on the platform sometime this year by all accounts Tom Happ the creator and
developer began working on the sequel as long as four years ago with players
discovering the origins of the axiom verge universe within this upcoming
sequel much like the original we’re expecting the heavily pixelated
side-scrolling game with heaps of power-ups and upgrades of plenty
with also lots of platforming action adventure based challenges with all new
characters abilities and a fully revamped gameplay system this drops at
some point later in the year we’re thinking around the time for the
holidays one of the hidden gems from the recent Steam Spring Festival of games
carrion comes in at number three this one’s been dubbed the reverse
horror game rather than playing as the usual hero a person with the
responsibility of taking down the usual monster or bosses in this one you’re
playing as the monster with you escaping from a lab all the while harvesting and
munching upon the humans you find as you go about your killing spree the more you
gobble the bigger you get which in turn means you’re more powerful and able to
cause all the more destruction as you can see it’s incredibly graphic and gory
with it expected out this year on home PC the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox it’s
also published by devolver digital so that’s another hallmark of quality right
there in the runners-up position we have recompile a game we’ve unashamedly
featured here on get indie gaming a good number of times already to be honest it
looks better each time we see it and speaking with people who went to the PAX
East event back in Boston in March it’s looking even better than the footage we
have on screen at the moment this apparently comes from what we understand
to be an older build of the game if you’re new to recompile your playing as
a sentient piece of AI code with your task being to escape deletion or within
what seems to be one heck of a action shoot platformer like others in
this countdown we’ve had a decent hands-on time with a few demos and well
initially the platforming seems simple enough the difficulty ramps up fairly
quickly and we think this one will offer players a stiff and all-round solidly
hard challenge we’re expecting recompile to launch this year onto home PCs by way
of steam and would love to see it out on consoles at some point as well at number
one and for many people who watch this channel given the levels of interest
this will come as no surprise hollow knight silk song is the sequel to the
much-loved and multi award-winning hollow knight with it expected out at
some point this year or what seems more likely with it rolling into 2021 this
time you players Hornet or within a fully revisited game with all new powers
abilities and a hundred and fifty more beasts monsters and Knights for you and
Hornet do battle against we’ve been lucky enough to have hands-on time with
silk song at a couple of events over the past six or so months and from what we
played of it so far it delivers more on what made hollow Knight so popular but
also a few noticeable tweaks and changes as to better make use of Hornets
differing abilities as for the music well the composer of the hollow Knights
core is back working on silk song 2 yet again we’re expecting something that’s
already utterly magnificent so if this is expected out when it’s good and ready
hollow Knight silk song will be out first on PC and the switch with perhaps
other console launches to follow that’s just about it for this rundown hopefully
you’re all keeping well as best as you can out there and please let us know
which Metroidvania is you’re most looking forward to seeing down in the
comments as always many thanks for watching and we’ll see you back here
soon for more indie game videos

23 thoughts to “Top 15 New Metroidvania Indie Games of 2020 | PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox”

  1. Hi there! So which Metroidvania are you most looking forward to play? Let us know here or over on Twitter via @GetIndieGaming. Thanks everyone!

  2. Many great title here! Looking forward to Inmost, and the top 3! The one I was looking forward the most was Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and that game went above and beyond my expectations, so the hype is building, especially for silksong.

  3. At this point it’s probably more fair to say “Over 160 New Enemies” based on Team Cherry’s latest blog post. Considering they’ve been stretching beyond their initial promises in the Silksong reveal trailer last year, it feels to me like an indication that the game isn’t too far off of completion. (They’ve also mentioned having some crunch periods once every few months at the end of 2019, making it sound as if they’re keen on getting things wrapped up.)

    I suspect that we also probably won’t see many more content teasers, given how much we’ve been shown so far and the fact that they’ve been spaced further apart each time. Perhaps one more if Silksong manages to release this year (around Autumn, I’m guessing), or two more if it goes into 2021.

  4. Without your channel I wouldn't have found gems like Carrion, tried the demo, a sure buy for me.
    I also like the new display in the corner.

  5. Silk Song might be the most awaited metroidvania right now but my eyes are set on Carrion, I tried the demo and loved it!

  6. Without question, I'm most excited for Silksong as well! Your top 3 are spot on! Gonna be a good year for indies!

  7. Has the title of the game been on that corner always? It´s the first time I notice it. Great addition if it´s new.

    If Axiom Verge 2 is half as good as the first one, that makes it a gem already. And by all accounts, it seems like it will be better.
    And of course, Silksong is obviously my most expected game of the year. Honestly, up there with Breath of the Wild 2. Hollow Knight is such an incredible game. The golden standard for modern Metroidvanias and indies.
    I wonder what happened to Heart Forth, Alicia…

  8. Nice selection, metroidvania is my favourite genre! I follow many indie games and yet some of these I hadn't heard about. Just a small correction though: number 15 should be Vigil, without an "r" 😛

  9. putting game title and platform permanently (and in this beautiful manner) on screen is a great idea! i love it and hope you keep it this way! 🙂 EDIT: for these kinds of videos, of course. whenever possible and fitting 😉

  10. That one title where you become the monster looks awesome!! Also Hollow Knight Silk Song is my most anticipated game of 2020.

  11. Kova and Dark Light are going onto the wishlist… well, Kova isn't because no Steam page yet. That one reminds me of Dex, and I loved that game.

    Vigil: actually has a demo out. might check that one out soon.

    One that's really looking interesting is Savior. Of the ones you haven't listed that'd be my pick.

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