Top 10 Netflix Original Christmas Movies You Need To Watch

Top 10 Netflix Original Christmas Movies You Need To Watch

Christmas is very quickly approaching, meaning
that it’s time to get into the Holiday spirit and watch some of our favorite Christmas movies. However, sometimes it can be boring rewatching
the same movies each and every year, so why not check out what Netflix has to offer. So today on Top 10 Beyond The Screen, I’m
going to be counting down our list of the Top 10 Netflix Original Christmas Movies You
Need To Watch. Before we begin though, be sure to stick around
until the end of the video where I’ll be responding to some of your comments. And with that, let’s jump in. 10 Christmas Inheritance
Released in 2017, this Christmas comedy-drama stars Eliza Taylor, Jack Lacy, and my least
favorite actress Andie MacDowell. The film concerns Ellen Langford, an ambitious
heiress who, before she can inherit her father’s business, must first deliver a special Christmas
card to her Dad’s former partner in Snow Falls. When a snowstorm strands her at the town inn,
she discovers the true gift of Christmas. Now, the film itself isn’t incredible, but
it is a strange mix of “it isn’t bad enough to be good, nor is is good enough to be watchable”. Sadly, the list had to be comprised of ten,
and this is first because of it’s sheer boringness. Typically, a lot of original Christmas movies
aren’t the best, but they are entertaining nonetheless. This is one, however, misses the mark, but
it is worth a watch just for comedies sake. We all love a terrible movie that we can drink
our mulled wine to. 9 The Christmas Chronicles
Released in 2018, the Christmas Chronicles follows siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce who
hatch a scheme to capture Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. When the plan goes awry, the kids join forces
with a somewhat jolly Saint Nick and his loyal elves to save the holiday before it’s too
late. Now, this movie was genuinely entertaining,
plus the budget and production value added up to some really exciting moments, plus Kurt
Russell plays Santa Claus and he is genuinely excellent. Now, on the other hand, the movie is extremely
dark, and opens up with an Up-style montage that includes the death of a father and the
main kid committing a literal felony. That’s not the Christmas spirit now is it. Not to mention, throughout the entire movie,
Santa puts the two children in mortal danger from beginning to end for no apparent reason. However, saying all that, without a doubt,
this movie is worth a watch this upcoming Christmas, just maybe don’t let your kids
watch it. 8 Holiday in the Wild
Released in 2019, Holiday in the Wild takes place after Kate divorces her husband, and
then embarks on a solo second honeymoon in Africa. There, she and Derek, a pilot, rescue a baby
elephant. While nursing the elephant back to health,
Kate discovers how much she loves her new surroundings. Now, the film stars Kristin Davis and the
incredibly sexy Rob Lowe in a film which seems like the Christmas version of Eat Pray Love,
and we can definitely expect the two will fall in love surrounded by baby elephants
that’s for sure. 7 Klaus
Released in 2019, Klaus follows a postman who, after proving himself to be the worst
postman at the academy, is posted to a frozen town in the North where he discovers Santa
Claus is hiding out. This animated original comes from Sergio Pablos,
one of the co-creators from Despicable Me, with the film featuring voice acting from
the likes of, Jason Schwartzman, Rashida Jones, and JK Simmons. The movie is charming, and is definitely worth
a watch this holiday season. 6 The Princess Switch
Now, this one is just a classic and Vanessa Hudgens’ finest work. Released in 2018, The Princess Switch takes
place one week before Christmas, and a duchess switches places with an ordinary woman from
Chicago, who looks exactly like her, and they each fall in love with each other’s beaus. Classic. With the Princess Switch, Netflix have perfected
the Christmas movie foruma, and easily offers a little bit of everything, but more importantly,
it’s incredibly entertaining. Slightly ridiculous, yes, but still entertaining. It’s essentially The Parent Trap but Christmas,
and I love that. You will laugh out loud, like when Princess
Vanessa Hudgens reacts to shirtless Kevin. And when they introduced the randon Great
Belgravian subplot. It’s ridiculous, but so damn funny. 5 The Christmas Prince
Released in 2017, The Christmas Prince follows an aspiring young journalist who is sent abroad
to get the scoop on a dashing Prince who’s poised to be King. Now, the movie takes place in an alternate
reality where the royal family of small country called Aldovia is the main focus of American
celebrity media. LOL. The main themes of the movie are actually
less about Christmas and more about The Fake News Media and Hot Royal Gossip. It’s a weird Christmas movie because it
actually doesn’t need to take place at Christmas. Now, I will note that it is entertaining,
but it doesn’t have the holiday feel like the rest of our list sadly. 4 The Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding
A direct follow up to our last night, this sequel was released in 2018, and takes place
a year after the first movie. The plot centers on Richard and Amber who
are set to tie the knot in a royal Christmas wedding – but their plans are jeopardized
when Amber finds herself second-guessing whether or not she’s cut out to be Queen. Now, I should say right off the bat that this
isn’t much of a movie in a structural sense, aka, beginning, middle, and end. But more so a stream of consciousness, almost
like a Meghan Markle fever dream. This movie is essentially about Wedding planning,
and not really all that interesting, however, it is entertaining, perhaps more so than the
first movie. 3 The Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby
Set to be released on December 5th, this is the third installment in the Christmas Prince
franchise, Amber and Richard host royals from a faraway Kingdom to renew a sacred truce,
but when the priceless treaty disappears, peace is put in jeopardy and an ancient curse
threatens their family. Yep, I know, I know. It sounds almost like a christmas movie meets
Sleeping Beauty, Tangles, and Ella Enchanted. Personally, I can’t wait. 2 Let It Snow
This just released Christmas movie is all anyone is talking about at the moment. Simply because it stars Sabrina’s own Kiernan
Shipka. The film takes place during a snowstorm that
hits a small midwestern town on Christmas Eve, bringing together a group of High School
students. They soon find their friendships and love
lives colliding, and Christmas morning, nothing will be the same. The film is great because it feels like the
teen version of Love Actually, arguably one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time. I mean, just watch it for Kiernan, she’s
great. 1 The Knight Before Christmas
Set to be released on November 21 of this year, The Knight BEfore Christmas follows
a medieval knight who is transported to the present day, where he falls for a high school
science teacher who’s disillusioned by love. The film is far-fetched and utterly ridiculous
but I’m so here for it, and honestly, I’m counting down the days until its release. Medieval meets Christmas, what more could
we ask for? Aside from maybe…better actors. But, beggars can’t be choosers, I guess. Well there we have it! Do you guys agree with our list? What is your favorite Christmas movie? Personally mine are: The Polar Express, The
Family Stone, Home Alone, and of course, the greatest Christmas movie of all Die Hard. Before I go though, I just want to respond
to a few comments from one of our last videos, Top 10 Movies You Won’t Believe Are Connected. Collin Featherston said: “I learned a lot
from this video! I actually enjoyed Prometheus.” — Unpopular opinion, I really enjoyed it
as well. Ismail Mayet said: “Lucy you’re special.” — Thank you? JP said: “Lucy smiles?” — On rare occasions. Very rare occasions. Usually holidays and birthdays. If you haven’t already, be sure to give
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  2. My favorite Christmas movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!!🎄🎄🎄 The ones you had on your list Lucy I have never, ever heard of!!!!

  3. I've introduced several people to this channel and they were pleased as well. I freaking love you guys.

  4. Just watched the Christmas Chronicles and surprisingly enjoyed it, though I am over 50. Have found that many Hallmark movies are variations of each other, and this movie was refreshing..

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