Top 10 Minecraft Texture Packs for 2019

Top 10 Minecraft Texture Packs for 2019

Minecraft has been a massive success since it launched and I don’t know if anybody’s noticed but it is starting to make a Resurgence in a big big way it was never not popular, but it is actually starting to climb again I’m sure everyone knows that but what part of keeps the game so relevant even to this day is the constant evolution And the updates both from the developers and from the community in itself One of the most popular forms of community updates is the texture pack and today We are going to go over the best minecraft texture packs of 2019 if you have one that doesn’t make this list feel free to put it in the comments section I always thought it was really cool to take a base game and just make it something completely different in terms of visuals When it comes to these packs, so let’s get into it Kicking off our list today is the LB photo realism this texture pack has been extremely popular for a long long time and it’s still actually worthy of the hype here in 2019 the LB photo realism pack will alter your games visuals to be as realistic as possible while still maintaining that signature blocky Minecraft aesthetic and despite that sounding like an impossible feat the end product of this Well, it looks incredible take a look A number nine we have glimmers Steampunk now steampunk is a very very popular style of science fiction. That is an emphasis on steam-powered Technology raise your hand if you’re steampunk fan what better way to improve on an already expansive and explorative game like Minecraft? Then make it steampunk steam craft Maybe I don’t know the glimmer steampunk texture pack will change a lot of the textures and lighting to make it feel like an entirely New game if you like the steampunk style you owe it to yourself to Install this texture pack and mess around with it for a while This month’s giveaway is for a brand new Playstation 4 console All you have to do to enter is like the video make sure you’re subscribed to the channel turn on those Notifications and tweet me why you want to win it with your Twitter handle including a Number 8. This is one of my favorite ones because I’m a huge medieval fan myself Creative ones medieval texturepack now. I will also put a link to all these texture packs in the description for you guys as well It’s kind of a mouthful of a name but it’s still deserving of a spot on today’s list You’ll find that a lot of the texture packs on this list make very subtle changes to the game But still have a huge impact on the way it feels this is another one creative ones medieval texture pack will make little changes to the textures of the blocks the buildings the trees and it’s all more to make it feel like something straight out of an Elder Scrolls game and make it feel really really worn and Very immersive the things that people have made with this texture pack are absolutely insane Another one that is a fan favorite of mine because I’m a huge fan of the series and my favorite game of all time is Legend of Zelda linked to the past Zelda battle arena raise your hand if you’re Zelda fan there have been tons of game crossover packs of Minecraft due to how much you can actually do with it and one of my personal Favorites is the Zelda battle arena pack once installed and activated this texture pack will change many of the default minecraft textures to those fitting in the aesthetic of The Legend of Zelda universe and will Even reskin and rename all the weapons to fit in that setting Zelda battle arena will also introduce a few items not in the base game, but Recognizable to avid Zelda players. So if you’re a minecraft player who is also a fan of Nintendo’s adventure series You need to check this one out This next one at number six is just plain cool retro 80s The NES was perhaps the most influential and important console in the history of gaming as it pretty much single-handedly Revived the North American gaming industry but one thing that a lot of people remember the NES for Was it it’s really awesome visual style that a lot of games had due to the new graphics tech at the time The NES had that signature nostalgic style to the visuals with bright colors. Smooth edges sharp corners. You guys know what I’m talking? well I hope you know what I’m talking about the retro NES texture pack brings that signature Nintendo aesthetic into the already blocky world of Minecraft and it fits like a glove the textures are altered a bit to appear more two-dimensional as if they were in at NES and many of the colors have been altered to make it more like what the NES had To offer at that time while it may sound like a step backwards in terms of visual quality It is an excellently crafted pack that brings back tons of nostalgic feelings from that era of gaming At number five mine wars It’s hard not to make a Star Wars texture pack in a game like my craft seems like if the Annie game can be modded It’s only a matter of time before people start bringing Star Wars into the mix and I don’t blame them. It’s awesome So free Star Wars fans out here who play Minecraft I present to you mine Wars the Star Wars Texture pack this pack will obviously change a lot of the textures to fit in with the Star Wars universe But it will also change the weapons and the sound effects to fit the sci-fi world We all know and love Star Wars is one of the most creative worlds in all of fiction So it’s only natural because someone brought that over to the creation tool that is minecraft At number 4 adventure time craft Adventure time is actually an animated TV show that debuted in 2010 on the Cartoon Network and it was kind of a surprise hit Thanks to its unique humor. It’s good riding in its unique art style. Well, it was unique at that time At least now I mean the show was good but I don’t think anybody expected it to blow up as much as it did but whether you like Adventure Time or not you cannot Deny that the visual style is pretty fun and cool to watch that is where the Adventure Time craft Texturepack comes in this pack will change the textures to better fit in with the style of that show But it will also alter a lot of the colors that make a game a lot brighter as a whole It features more yellows purples and bright greens and blues So even if you’ve never even watched the show or you hate the show This texture pack is still worth an install because of how cool it makes the game Look at how well it recreates Adventure times art style Next up is pure BD and craft comic books have a very very distinct aesthetic style, too. It’s hard to describe What a comic book style is but you guys know what I’m talking about brighter colors, but darker darks I guess smoother edges and overall just a very vibrant feel to it That is where pure BD crafts texture packs focus on this texture pack does its best to make Minecraft look more like a comic book and it’s actually pretty Successful at it like many entries on the list the changes there. They’re subtle at first but when you start and you compare the original and the pure BD craft version side-by-side It is clear which one is which and it can be hard to choose which one looks more appealing, honestly At number two for all you cyberpunk fans upcoming cyberpunk 2077 Keanu Reeves Whoo, samurai blade cracked? Okay, very very popular cyberpunk is super popular Thanks to movies like Blade Runner and games all kinds of games Okay But what happens when you take the style of cyberpunk and you put it into a game as big as Minecraft you get leg craft a texture pack inspired by the 1982 movie Blade Runner and that Transforms the textures the lighting and the sky effects to match that of the movie when you’re talking about texture packs that make Minecraft feel like an entirely different game This one is probably the best example it is crazy how much impact just changing the textures in the lighting in a game? can actually have If you’re enjoying the content make sure to drop a like on the video make sure you subscribe to the channel with post notifications on so you always get alerted when a new video goes up and you can Get that elusive first comment And at number one good old Faithful for those that don’t want to change too much of the original minecraft. Look But just want it to look good as possible here. I give you the faithful texture pack This has been one of the most popular texture packs on the market for years and with update after update. It’s only gotten better So what does it do exactly? well Very little the faithful texture pack makes a ton of subtle changes like smoothing textures out slightly changing colors that sound unnoticeable on paper But then when you boot up the game and you see it all in practice, it makes the game look so much better It’s also a good introduction to texture packs for newer players since it makes such small changes and kind of lets you learn the ropes Of what a texture pack is for it’s insane popularity, and it’s great great quality Honestly, I’m gonna go ahead and give faithful the number one spot on Today’s list and there you have it That is my list for the 10 best minecraft texture packs in 2019 If you guys have some others that should have made the list Definitely let everybody know in the comments section. If you enjoyed this video drop a like make sure you’re subscribed Turn on those post notifications And I’ll see you soon You You

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  2. In the Past youtubers thought about things like which information could be usefull after i saw this video. Something like links to the texture packs in the description. But time has changed and all we need to think about is how to advertise our chanel the most

  3. I actually don't like realistic texture packs. I like texture packs that just make blocks more smooth or just a littlebit nicer blocks.

  4. I honestly don't get the appeal of Faithful. It's okay but it just takes away that unique style and makes Minecraft look like a parody of itself

  5. just saying, but it helps more for when you make videos like these, to leave the downloads for the texture packs in the description

  6. What's the one with the sword slash when you hit that YouTubers have, or is that the original one lol?

  7. Thank you for leaving the links for each texture pack in the description. Most authors don't do this, and that is one of the reasons I liked this video.

  8. Blade craft texture pack was the furthest from cyber punk a texture pack could ever get.

    The PDcraft texture pack doesn't even resemble a single comic book to ever be published.

    Why are you such a shill?

  9. Omg yes, finally! That last one was exactly what i was looking for. It still maintains the same shape of things but just looks better! Nice vid and thank you. You saved me alot of time searching for one.

  10. i personally use pureBDcraft. i think its great it pairs really great with shaders. if you use minecraft bedrock edition you can buy it with minecoins in the store 🙂

  11. To me. Canvas deserves to share the First spot with faithful they look really close. Both smoothing the default minecraft.

  12. the one thing I didn't like about most of the texture packs was that some of them tried to hard to get into realistic details of putting the whole theme of minecraft

  13. If I was to put one on this list it’d be mizuno’s 16 craft, with shaders it looks almost cute and I can’t put it into words but I just love it, I’d give it a try if I were you.

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